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Study Guide for Gen Psych

by: Carson Lopez

Study Guide for Gen Psych PSY 100

Marketplace > Psychlogy > PSY 100 > Study Guide for Gen Psych
Carson Lopez


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About this Document

Here is a little review I've put together
General Psychology
Dr. Jisook Park
Study Guide
review, Study Guide, Psychology, dr park
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Carson Lopez on Friday February 12, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to PSY 100 at a university taught by Dr. Jisook Park in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 37 views.


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Date Created: 02/12/16
Review for Exam #1 Remember: Exam format: 100 points 40 multiple choice 4 short-answer Read pages 53-57, 66-74, and 77 Q. Which psychologist was the first to  advertise deodorants  offer free samples in return for filling out a questionnaire  encourage coffee break in ads to sell coffee  use indirect testimonials to advertise products  made demographic surveys to target particular population A. Dr. Watson Dr. Watson  Changed methods used in psychology with Behaviorism  Made connections with the real world outside the laboratory Q. Which psychologist thought that mental illness is a result of unresolved unconscious issues? A. Freud Q. What are the 4 Lobes of the brain called and what do they do? A. 1.) Frontal -higher cognitive executive functions -memory -inhibition of inappropriate behavior 2.) Parietal -touch, sensation 3.) Occipital -visual information 4.) Temporal -Emotion, language, memory Q. What is Broca’s Aphasia? A. Inability to form cohesive sentences Q. What is Wernicke’s Aphasia? A. Incapacity to understand language Q. What is Prosopagnosia? A. Inability to recognize faces Q. What are the physiological symptoms of addiction? A. Withdrawals and physical dependence Q. What are psychological symptoms of addiction? A. Mind craves it more than body does, one may think they need a drug for social confidence or relaxation when really they don’t Tolerance: -process by which repeated exposure to a drug produces a decrease in sensitivity to the drug Q. What is Homeostasis? A. Body needing and creating its own balance Theories for Taking Drugs: -Reinforcement -Genetic predisposition -Physical dependence Two types of psychoactive drugs 1.) Depressant 2.) Stimulant Q. What does alcohol do to the brain? A. Calms neural activity and slows body functions; disrupts processing of recent experiences in long-term memories Q. What does cocaine do to the brain? A. Blocks reuptake of dopamine **Nucleus Accumbens is the pleasure center that causes the cocaine high** Effects of MDMA:  Increased self-esteem  Confidence  Closeness to others  Constant release of serotonin until there is no more left and consumer is left feeling very depressed Q. What are sensations? A. Biological process of taking physical stimuli and coding that into neural messages so the brain understands it Fovea is the highly sensitive area of the retina responsible for precise, focused vision composed largely of cones ~~For anything that is not covered in this review or my notes, feel free to email me and ask questions or see the page numbers listed at the top~~


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