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Psych Exam 1 Study Guide

by: Caroline Duksta

Psych Exam 1 Study Guide PSYS 001

Marketplace > University of Vermont > Psychlogy > PSYS 001 > Psych Exam 1 Study Guide
Caroline Duksta
Intro to Psychological Science

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About this Document

Match the word to the appropriate description.
Intro to Psychological Science
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Caroline Duksta on Friday February 12, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to PSYS 001 at University of Vermont taught by Rudiger in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 94 views. For similar materials see Intro to Psychological Science in Psychlogy at University of Vermont.


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Date Created: 02/12/16
in fwtkml uggama allth an Maegan 9 encru akl r mamm a 1951 53331 i WH cm remua m a bra 11 Wm Forum lm u mamw a 4 HIMm Jr f I ha I it Tm men emf VI 7 5 Wr 3 hm s ml em m i mh w ahl Emahm m hg w1 I quotQ Oiiucc5 E V L Cfquot 0 19th gm 1 i 7 i r u x r u an 535M Mammy 49 539 L99 THEE mvthW39j WW GITW5 i v r I g rah 1 H gt 7 machmi s mha r s m i 3quot 1th ii k hr Wao f ii a aa o m w quot 3 as Ems Emma Wau tg aceam 39 quot Lwn a New km mh39 Gum s a Dcsw neha l Fam m quot39 39 V 7 39 quot V 39 Haw m me m Wow Mm 39 7 mi9 3 mamh mu m vnthM 9quot M u a g Slgq fj ms quot 6x3 mum39mrs 39 ma a wqj DJ A WE m fayJeri R M39gaa39 if I r 7 Sum wag has in nan w Eu Word Bank Endorphins Lobes of the brain GABA Glutamate Neurons Dopamine Acetylcholine Transmission hli H13 W in quotem quot quot l gphk 1 in 7quot hquot 39 39 4 in 39 39 I1Ihw 39Fef w i mlMEquotM an WHEWJ mid quot 39 a 39quot LEW Mhmhh In quot 12le 3 39DE EH M39 V 39 39 M Whh Mruul d W u 4 in m f Emil 39mw i J ML l 7 Lugmu hitN m39l i awmm my 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1ia1ehaViora1 Neuroscience Social Individual DifferencesPersonality ilmiw 4 m many it atmmlt M Cum be mass bulk quuij tr lq 39 a mum aima or Stacim 1mg Mg EWLQ quot9 nun mx hwy 95quot h OBJELM j JPd1 qnghkoj s maxi lam4 shah h Mummar 00115 anghw E ng i a si 3lj cog inkin ngmtxtt w h Mumrub fggu h y l l Muv m J r W gt v gtiw1j 30 qufJi 77 Fm 4 9 1 1 i Ebh b aha SkaMW u 11 2 i OlNQELCHJ MMwN Shhw J H faA39al skunkwk H 3 390 GE i n we g micPx m gm 1quot sa hma min Imam gawk twig w 3mgmx or antth ix mgehm Una 52m fWHCiQ AH 3915 I I 7 r A m an O wm ha t has vita2N3 ef gy m3 39 f iBmI quotMm mseiw quot u SMCMM EM If t at inm i lt hmi T 39 mum 5 quotquot W39W H BMW 1quotquot mmwau a NS 5 I1 139 3 ing39md akinn we l u f gal ct Mk hm m m gt r 7 Word Bank Differences VS similarities Automatic VS Controlled Mind Vs Body Behaviorism Cognitive Structuralism quot R a wum Mh IE w l 5 a quotHt wmam mm one n mh uui quot hwwmu it Mm Ir i i we rrm as hwy t n dmkh is t quot1 hhx ituhmh 0539 a 7 h J i l m 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emanates 1 7 3 fee HEW mm Mosul2 1 I I 1555 quot Word Bank Empirical research Memory Experiment Common caal variable ong term memory procedural memory Word Bank Learning Learning continued Skinner box Priming Law of effect Skinner box 39g 91 hum3 musing g m 3 quot new MU it ifsIcy MHWUS GE Waitw mJ w MVG LR Elmirang on a 97 in 1 at mama mm an award Emma AL 1 39 WW meme swim t a M Pita talkie 1 LW L3 as yei g a i w 1 1 warm Ema mdwj hm hm eran pk f o RLWQ mew 7 oJk M mqmmhhh Hr N W I 0 a V 15 Fan 1an Qum wndl M mi rum 1 le waistL a QiMh5 7 a mac lnrb gmm Eur M K T I i m MWFLWL mst all rir lquotquot ampp Wt Lama 77 39 quot 51 a g V w 7 r M M WW 0 5 i 7 quotl 3 quot H sm h Slum a aw a tinxmi 39 ch39 39cs win US 39 ng mummy imamman 2 43M Haan i mhms w Mgng m hmot Dtxr39u mm mr hi Maw39339 ar lj I ml SI39Mi tM 90 1 a Y quot a H nr l t5mWn gtMm it a en E L Glam amid I frmw W 7 mama nunj l I M r EMR wasnth Word Bank Classical conditioning Continuous reinforcement schedule Operantconditioning 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Psychological Repression Dreams Sleep needs by age Denial F V 7 h at axww m 59mm 5199 V m ar 3 quot1quot kinrt rm Emak hUmMHXI tap t 11 Tugmquot 39itQCI w rgmn whim hums WW LI Quin an mw awUh glu C1hquotthl 39 S51 1 bmm u Fatwks a m NAN W Wl 1 33 mm musk 39 7 I V 39 7 VIJ quot V r 39 7 7 I 39 V 339 i r 1 r 7 7 7 7 b e quot DAmmmsk aw5 I 7 1m m jluEtwcupuwnap1xwgx m Magma Im iii57 39 rm 5quot k9 5 Lv94w 0 Rf umk it 5 lwi tj l quot 39 un Jmv a s l a 5 3953 ea a wwHAr m i was V r Wtud hie 5 5k Wkh L1 l miniquot r DUI39HVAE i r anyquot 1 H 9t Lg lc i 39 lem gaw mg k 39 pi MsR w am We ENL quot M quot55 a mommx i Lmo Jm 7 q I NIH1253 95th nevhwhj hwiwi m39wlmimlf i I r 7 r r amt 9quot mmtm lamg If Jan s sic1 l I d bdd og mg k ghz W megbw mwiwhl 9 unit s 4 5W imam V mares w l 1 M ith un ld c m m 7 3211mmquot W 939 at 7 N1 S EEMWW it Sim mll39 u39m39inj Aim mug HT WT r I 39l 39 Wm FUR Egg m a lots 3 a h wt PtMS at a V l39 39 391 hmmul aw 9 E 39kl y d l L Viiquotmin E I 39 E I Ew 5 J u e hq 1 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Psychological Development What is the APA Clinical Developmental Pearson Correlation Coefficient Types of Variables ConceptualMeasure Research Hypotheses Scientific method Theory Research design Research design continued Reliability Experiment Empirical research Common casual variable Memory Long Term Memory Procedural Memory Learning Learning continued Classical conditioning Priming Skinner box Law of effect Operant conditioning Conditioning continued Classical conditioning Continuous reinforcement schedule Partial reinforcement schedule Shaping Reinforcementpunishment Latent learning Learning by understanding PTSD Dualism vs Monism Consciousness Psychological repression Phobias Denial Dreams Sleep needs by age Activation synthesis theory Brain waves Sleep stages Sleep stages continued Sleep disorders Insomnia


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