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WVU / Journalism Core / JOUR 101 / Who is john peter zenger?

Who is john peter zenger?

Who is john peter zenger?


School: West Virginia University
Department: Journalism Core
Course: Media and Society
Professor: Oppe
Term: Summer 2015
Tags: JRL101, JRL 101, journalism, Journalism101, journalism 101, Dr. Oppe, Oppe, WVU, West Virginia University, exam2, Exam 2, and Study Guide
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Name: JRL 101 Exam 2 Study Guide
Description: Study Guide of exam 2 of JRL 101
Uploaded: 02/14/2016
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I had to miss class because of a doctors appointment and these notes were a LIFESAVER

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JRL 101

Who is john peter zenger?

Exam 2 Study Guide

Chapter 13 and 14


• Published statement that exposes someone to  contempt or ridicule

• Must be these three things

o Defamation

o Identification

o Publication


• Legal defense against libel and holds the  statements from government meetings


• Way of deciding what is good for a society or  an individual

• Way to choose between competing morals  and help people decide in a case with a gray  area

Shield Laws

• Journalist’s laws that give protection from  testifying in court about stories or sources

First Amendment

• Freedom of speech

• Freedom of religion

• Freedom of press


• Showing/ covering events that are lurid and  very emotional.

o Crime

o Sex

o Celebrity slipups

o Violence


• Person’s code of behavior depending on  philosophical principles or religious views.

It is an idea of moral obligation that we should act the way we want everyone else to act . what is it?

Golden Mean

• Ethical behavior is derived from finding a  balance

• Individual must:

o Know what they are doing

o Pick their action with a moral reason

o Act out of good character

Sago Mine Disaster

• 13 miners were trapped in a mine in WV for  two days

• News broke the unconfirmed news that there  was 12 miners still alive

• It made headlines all over the country

• The reporters didn’t have their information  confirmed before they let it leak and only one  miner was alive out of the 13

Alien and Sedition Laws

• Laws that punished anyone who published  anything false, scandalous, or malicious  

against the US government

• When Thomas Jefferson became president, he  pardoned these

John Peter Zenger

• Published a piece in the New York Journal that  accused the governor of corruption

• Governor threw him in jail for libel

• When the case went to trial, Zenger declared  what he wrote was true

• Found Zenger not guilty of libel

Roth vs. US

• Three part test

o Standard for obscenity is set by the  

view of an average person

▪ Neither conservative nor liberal

o Taken as a whole

▪ Whole piece has to be sexually  

explicit, not just a piece to be  


o Dominant theme of the material as a  

whole has to appeal obsessively  

sexually to be obscene

Define copyright act of 1976.

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Original US Copyright Law

• Protected author's and artist’s work for 14  years

o Could be renewed for an additional 14  years

Cameras in the courtroom

• Allowed

o Open trials belong to the public

o Often times people in the courtroom  

forget that they’re there

o Heighten public understanding  

o Judge whether or not it was performed  properly

• Not allowed

o Cameras used to be big and distracting o Some witnesses refuse to be on camera


• Invasion of privacy by a physical trespassing  into personal property, or personal space

False Light

• Invasion of privacy when a journalist  

publishes statements that aren’t true and it  alters that person’s public image in which  they can’t control.


• Invasion of privacy by using a person’s name  or image for commercial process without that  person’s consent.

Hazelwood vs. Kuhlmeier

• Supreme Court ruled that  

o Principal could sensor a student  

newspaper when it was produced as  

part of a class

o Student newspaper is a classroom  

exercise NOT a vehicle for free speech

Morse vs. Fredrick

• Showed the authority of public school’s  administration to suspend students  

promoting illegal drugs at a school event.

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New York Times vs. Sullivan

• Sullivan

o Montgomery, Alabama police  


• NYT had an ad about stopping racial  

discrimination in the US

o Told a story that was about  


o BUT some of the story wasn’t true (It  

made the town and police look bad)

• Sullivan claimed he was libeled by errors and  won the case in Alabama

• He went on to fight Supreme court

o Court said that it was inevitable and  

“papers make errors”

Judith Miller Case

• Jailed for 85 days for refusing to testify in the  Libby case

• Her source then said it was okay to testify  where she got the information

• Accepted the release by Libby from her  promise of confidentiality and testified

Equal Time Provision

• All political candidate need to have an equal  amount of screen time

Gertz vs. Welch

• Magazine ran an article accusing Gertz of  being a communist.

• Question was if Gertz was a public figure • Court ruled that private citizens deserve more  privacy because they have not submitted  

themselves into public attention and are less  able to protect themselves than public figures.

Advertising Council

• The main reason it was formed was in  response to charges of unethical behavior

o Worked to maintain positive image the  group fostered during WWII

Net Neutrality

• Rules that required Internet service providers  to give equal access to all content providers

If you want to learn more check out What does an argument mean?

Categorical Imperative

• Idea of moral obligation that we should act  the way we want everyone else to act

Veil of Ignorance

• John Rawl’s principle of ethics that says that  justice comes from making decisions to  

maximize liberty for everyone and not  

considering what outcome gives us,  

personally, a bigger benefit.


• John Stuart Mill’s principle that ethical  behavior comes from that will provide the  greatest good for the biggest amount of  


Jose Vargas

• Reporter for NYT Magazine

• Publicly announced that he was an illegal  immigrant by writing about it in an article • Controversy: He lied about his immigration  status his entire adult life

Fair Use Doctrine for  

American Copyright Law

• Attributed to Barbara Ringer

• She established the concept and extended the  life of the copyright while overcoming sexism  in the workplace

Copyright Act of 1976

• Basic rights of copyright holders,  

• Codified the doctrine of "fair use"

Progressive Case

• Waned to publish a story on how hydrogen  bombs were made

• All information was found publicly

• Prior Restraint

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