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ANEQ 102 Master Study Guide Bundle

by: Lauren Caldwell

ANEQ 102 Master Study Guide Bundle ANEQ 102-001

Lauren Caldwell
GPA 3.8
Introduction to Equine Science
Ryan Michael Brooks

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About this Document

About 400 questions to review lecture material. Spans the entire class with answers provided for the last three units. Saved four of my friends grades!
Introduction to Equine Science
Ryan Michael Brooks
Study Guide
ANEQ 102, Study Guide, Ryan Brooks, intro to equine science
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This page Study Guide was uploaded by Lauren Caldwell on Sunday February 14, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to ANEQ 102-001 at Colorado State University taught by Ryan Michael Brooks in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 81 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Equine Science in Animal Science and Zoology at Colorado State University.

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Date Created: 02/14/16
Quizlet clipping quotEndoquot Harrowing How does deworming lead to resistance How does parasite control include environmental comtamination control how is clipping helpful for inhibiting endoparasitic contamination TF Small Strongyles are the most problematic parasite for yearling horses Things that can be done to inhibit comtamination What are some impacts of Stronglyles on horses What are the two typesof Stro nglyles What is thromboembolic colic Where are Large Strongyle prominent in the body AN EQ 102 Endoporosi res Lecture Study online at quizlet coml jxi54 13 Where external to the horse39s body can oen nd Cyathostomes buzzing overgrown pastu res With in spreading manure 14 Why should one av0Id overstocking bedding material Here39s an example you kill off 90 ofa population of parasites The remaining 10 will go on to reproduce creating a new population that is 99 u naffected by the previous deworming Thus we should only treat when needed and with an appropriate dosage Where do the eggs in fecal matter end up Spread across fields the long grasses maintain good temperatu re for larvae buzz it all False s cyath ostomes are the most problematic parasite for adult horses in tod ay39s world Hygienic care of stables provide clean dry bedding remove feces protection of water from fecal contamination bedding material should be composed before providing it to horses Colic Th romboembolic colic Large 5 vu lgaris and Small 5 cyath ostomes Colic caused by blood inhibition to parts of the intestine Without blood flow this part of the body will die The Large Intestine in pastures and paddocks Bc contaminated matter may lead to the spread of more lavae or eggs Quizlet Androgen aka testosterone comesfrom and does what At what age does a lly become sexually mature At what age does a lly hit puberty At what day can we see a fetus39s heartbeat At what day can we see a placenta At what hour must the placenta be out ofa mare before she is killed by it At what point can we tell the gender ofthe foal Endocrinology Estrogen comes from and does what Example ofa Glycoprotein Example ofa simple protein FSH Follicle Stimulating Hormone comes from and does what GnRH Genadotropin Releasing Hormone comes from and does How do hormones typically travel through the body How longisgestation How many days does cycling usually take lnhibin comesfrom and does what In mare management what is the difference between Estrus and Estrous The gonads regulates the hypothalamus39s production of GnRH G n RH decreases for both males and females Anywhere between 35 years Between 1215 months giveorta ke day 25 giveorta ke days 3840 Fou r hou rs giveorta ke any time after 50 days The study ofthe Endocrine system The gonads it regulates the hypothalamus39s GnRH production GnRH decrease in males GnRH increase in females alphabeta subunits GnRH The Anterior Pituitary Gland it stimulates steroid production in the gonads The Hypothalamus it stimulates the anterior pituitary gland creating LH and FSH Th rough the blood stream Anywhere within 335360 days with an average falling round39abouts day 340 21 22 days where Estrus is usually between days 2 and 8 The Ovary Follicle it stops FSH production Estrus is a noun a period of sexual reproductivity Estrous is an adjective in referring to estrus the state 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 ANEQ 102 Reproduction Uni r Study online at quizlet comllg2ny LH Luteinizing Hormone comes and does The oviduct isa 39convoluted tubule39 what does this mean Progesterone comes from and does what Prostaglandin F2Alpha comes from and does TF A mare can control when she goes into labor TF A mare like every other species hasa cortex on the outside and the medulla on the inside TF Cholesterol isfat soluble TF Diestrusiswhen the follicle becomesa CL TF Glycoproteins are water soluble TF Nonfertilized oocytes shed out of the mare every time she cycles TF The Cervix is the glans penis of both genders The Anterior Pituitary Gland it stimulates steroid production in the gonads The Pineal Gland it stops GnRH and is stimulated by extended periods of darkness thus actually decides the breeding cycle The shape of the oviduct is a little awko taco in that it wiggles back and forth but it never folds over itself The gonads actually is really only measurable in the ovary and min uet amou nts can come from the placenta regulates the hypothalamus39s production of GnRH Gn RH decreases for both males and females The uterus it stops progesterone production thus allowing a mare to cycle again Actually true more or less A mare can stop going into labor iffeelings stressed out False horses are again unique in the fact that they have a reversed orientation for their cortex and medulla True thus it CAN enter the cells without a h itch However they require transport proteins when in the blood False It is d u ring Metestrus Truethus they have no problem entering the blood stream However they cannot enter a cell easily False Oocytes collect in the oviduct until they are shed when the mare actually becomes pregnant False The Clitoris is the glans penis of both mf horses this means that it is the mare39s eq u iviolent of the pen is an erectile tissue 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 TF The Endocrine System is composed of bodily excretments that come from pores TF The natural body temperature ofa stallion istoo cool for sperm TF The Oviduct isa convoluted tubule which implies that it will wiggle back and forth but wont fold over itself TF The scrotum has the thinnest skin surrounding it on the horse39s body TF The Uterus contracts TF The uterusis responsible for prostaglandinFZAlpha production TF We only need to breed a mare every three days when trying to ensure pregnancy TF When the foal is born it is moderately protected against disease There are three glands the Ampulla the Vesticular Gland and the Prostate Gland associated with the stallion39s reproductive abilities What does the Ampulla do There are three glands the Ampulla the Vesticular Gland and the Prostate Gland associated with the stallion39s reproductive abilities What does the Vesticular Gland do False Its everything that doesn39t come from pores The Exocrine system is composed of the goods that come from pores saliva sweat False The body is actually too hot thus the testis hang outside of the horse39s body True True True this helps quotselectquot the good vs the bad sperm as the contractions help the sperm that swims the fastest to the endgame True Its also I guess responsible for NOT producing this when not pregnant False Sperm can last for up to two days so its every two days False Where you listening in lectu re Foals are completely 100 vulnerable to disease at birth We honestly don39t know The best guess people have is that it stores semen Th is is the most active of the th ree glands and will increase about 4x times their resting state d u ring sexual excitement lt contributes material to Presperm liquid the Seminal Plasma and Jell Fracture 41 There are three glands the Ampulla the Vesticular Gland and the Prostate Gland associated with the stallion39s reproductive abilities What is the duty ofthe Prostate Gland 42 Track the route ofan Endocrine response through the body 43 Veins carry oxygen blood while arteries carry oxygen blood 44 What are all steroids derived fro m 45 What are alphabeta sub units 46 What are some signs of Diestrus 47 What are some signs of Estrus 48 What are Spermatogonium Alkaline secretions for the seminal plasma and presperm cleaning the urethra to stabilize pH levels the Bulbourethral gland is associated here we know it secretes mu cou slike substances but other than that we don39t really know Most likely addsto seminal plasma stimulus gt hormone gt blood gt heart gt dispersal everywhere I only say everywhere as everywhere is literally possible however for most hormones that are released they have no need to go to every corn er of the body deprived rich Cholesterol quotAlphaquot refers to what TYPE of protein we39re talking about quotBetaquot refers to signaling the receptors what to do as the fu nction stems from the beta deggn disinterest tail clamped down kick general aggression attempt to flee tail raising in the presence ofa stallion frequent urination posturing spreading legs a little bit with a dip in the mare39s back actively seeking stallion winking of clitoris Pregerm cells 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 What are the four types offoaling monitors What are the parts ofthe mare39s reproductive tract from the outside in What are the three classes of hormone What are the three parts ofthe Epididymistop to bottom What are the three parts ofthe stallion39s penis from the base to the tip What are the three parts ofthe vagina What are the three regions ofthe uterus from out to in What are the three regions ofthe uterusfrom out to in What are the three stages of Parturition What are the three ways to heck ifa mare is pregnant What are the two types of protein hormones Milk tests check the Calcium levels in the mare39s milk NOT her blood Recumbancy Monitors a halterharness alarm system that goes offwh en the mare lies down Vaginal Thermometers Vu Ivar Magnets alarm goes off when the magnets separate in the vulva Clitoris gt vulva gt vagina gt cervix gt uterus Proteins Steroids and Fatty Acids Caprut the head concentrates sperm Corpus the body maturation of sperm Cauda the tail stores sperm Radix rootbase Corpus Glands flowers as an increased nerve supply The Vestibu le gt the posterior region Vagina Proper gt fu ll of secretory cells for lu b rication an d is th e largest section Fornix Vagina gtaround the cervix Perimetriu m con nective tissue that keeps the uterus39s shape gt Myometriu m muscles for contractions gtEndometriu m makes n utrients for the embryo Perimetriu m Myometriu m Endometrium Myometrial Activity Expulsion of the foal and Passage of the placenta Cheapest see if she falls back into Estrus Do an ultrasound exam between 1216 days before ovulation Do a blood test the least recommended way since there39s a lot of room for error Simple proteins 1 0 amino acids or less and Glycoproteins everything above 10 amino acids 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 What can impact sperm production What chemicals do Follicles respond to What chemical signaler stimulates erection for a stallion What doesa follicle become What does Autocrine refer to What doesa Yellow Body respond do What does quotBicornuatequot refer to What does 39bicornuate39 refer to What does 39Bipartite39 refer to What does quotBipartitequot refer to What does quotcorpusquot mean What does quotgonadquot refer to What does Paracrine refer to What does Parturition mean Age he gets better with age Production peaks between Feb and July Generally most prod uctive if collected every other day Exercise a safe place to stay Proper nutrition LH and FSH Oxytocin A Corpus Luteu m aka a quotYellow Bodyquot A cell signaling to itself LH and PGH2Apha with positive and n egative feed back respectfully Two quothornsquot quottwo horn squot in class this is a reference to the shape ofthe uterus The horns and the body ofthe uterus are approximately the same size The horns and the body ofthe vagina are relatively the same size which is unique to the horse quotBodyquot think about it for the most part when we break down any given thing in this chapter its the 39middle39 section Examples using this root Corpse eww dead body Corps a military team or the Green Lantern Corps for the DC nerds outthere like me D In both genders it is the umbrella term for the reproductive quotjewelsquot the horse is born with Celltocell communication between neigh boring cellstissu es essentially any commu n ication that doesn 39t req u ire the blood as an intermediate tool quotExtrauterine existence aka life outsode ofthe uterus 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 What happens to dead sperm cells What isa Corpus Albican What isa Corpus Hemorrhagicum What isa Follicle What is an Oocyte What isaYellow Body What is Ovulation Whenwhere does it occur What is Parturition What is the design of the cervix What is the difference between Presperm and Seminal Plasma What is the difference between Puberty and Sexual Maturity in a lly What is the difference between the Exocrine and Endocrine systems in the Testis What is the duty of the Ovary What is the duty of the Oviduct What is the duty of the Oviduct What is the duty of the Paminiform Plexus Essentially they get pushed out the 90 way with everything else A possible outcome ofa CL a CA is a sh riveled white collection of tissue A blood clot that develops a Corpus 91 Luteum A blisterlike structure that is never lost but can change its form and with that its function 92 Primarily It contains the Oocyte An egg or ovum A Corpus Luteum it produces progesterone Ovulation occurs when a follicle ruptures becoming a Corpus Luteu m and occurs at the Ovulation Fossa A contraction to push a foal out 93 longitudinal folds this helps sperm get a straight shot at what th ey39re looking for 94 Presperm is a clear flu id that comes out before the sperm Seminal Plasma is a plasma su bstance that contains the sperm Puberty marks the beginnings of when she can get pregnant sexual 95 maturity marks the age at which a filly reaches genetic potential for physical SIZE 96 Exocrine prod uces Gametes makes sperm Endocrine produces hormones makes testosterone 97 To produce oocytes and hormones To prod uce transient organs 98 To transport oocytes from the ovary to the uterus and transports sperm to the oocyte To transport Oocytes from the ovary to the uterus To transport sperm to the ooxcyte with the help ofCilio It39s a quotradiatorquot of a sorts It is composed of multiple blood vessels wrapped arou nd themselves for cou ntercu rrent h eat exch ange 102 100 What is the duty ofthe vulva What is the Endocrine System What is the Estrous cycle from beginning to end What is the function ofthe Cremaster muscle What is the scale for a horse39s nutrition What is the Scrotum What is the technical term for 39mareapause39 What muscle is responsible for allowing the body to inch when a y lands on the abdomen What part ofthe female horse will quotwinkquot when in heat What part ofthe mare is responsible for recognizing a pregnancy Where does recognization ofpregnancy occur in a mare Where is the speci c site of fertilization Which ofthe stages is the longest the Vu Iva is two folds of skin that protects the rep rod u ctive tract from invasive bacteriaoutside forces Any prod uction from d uctless systems of the body in ou r context its the rep rod uctive system Estrus when ovulation occu rs Metestrus out of heat before completely annoyed by a stallion Diestrus if impregnated pregnancy is recognized by the mare in this stage Proestrus back into heat then back to Estrus it contracts to bring the testis closer to the body 12 toothin 34 moderately thin 56 optimal somewhat fleshy the ribs are covered and the back is level 79 calm down your horse is fleshy and obese t houses the testis epididymis and spermatic cord An estrus The Tunica Dartos muscle Th is guy is also responsible for keeping the nuts from hanging too low The Clitoris The Ovid uct Horses are the only mammal that we39re aware of where it occu rs here In the Oviduct Only mammalthatwe know ofwhere this happens here Trick q uestion We actually don39t know the SPECIFIC site its somewhere in the oviduct Diestrus 103 Which part ofthe mare39s reproductive tract is considered quotthe gateway between the uterus and the vaginaquot The Cervix Quizlet Are Chlorineions positive or negative charged ions Arteries carry oxygenpoorrich blood while veins carry oxygen poorrich blood As a general rule of thumb the lowerhigher the ber concentration the lessmore the energy As horses are Continuous eaters how much long they naturally eat a day Ca to P ratio in a horseisz De nea Nutrient Enzymes enter the small intestine from the andthe Explain Thumps Heat generally bringsupdown the quality offeeds Ho do you calculate Cardiac Output A horse breathe out when galloping when on their hindlegsforelegs Ahorsewill lose more ClNa than they will ClNA per work out How can colic come from drinking problems AN EQ 102 Nutrition Digestion and Exercise Fitness Study online at quizlet comloiu8t Clare anions Rich poor higher more 1820 hoursa day 11 or 21 at most quotAny feed type that su pports the body39s necessary fu nction s Pancreas and Liver Lots of sweating th us lots of electrolyte loss where the nerve that runs around the heart is stimulated by the crazy pulse rather than the actual nerves so the body looks like it has hiccups down stroke volu me x heart rate forelegs CI Na d rin king too little or d rin king too fast 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 How does sodium help the horse How do we write Maximal Oxygen Uptake How fast does the Wild Horse population increase per year How is Glucose absorbed How many ATPS are released from breaking down NADH The difference between glycogen and glucose How much is the basic care for a horse cost per year How warm should water be Lactate is the product ofwhat list the order ofthe muscular system39s tissue from biggest to smallest list these animals from slowest to fastest greyhound human horse camel List the structural elements ofthe Tendon ofthe digestive system comes before the stomach while falls behind the stomach Ofthe heat produced by a horse is energy used up to convert molecules to useable energy and is lost in heat to the environment Ofthe two major types of bersl and II which is more bene cial for sprinting For tb racers for long distance runners Its critical for the skeleton blood pressu re regulation and acidbase balances within the body VOsubscript 2max average of 20 per year Its taken in through blood vessels in vii and is converted into useable energy by the liver 3 ATP 2 ATP 18k to 36k a year thus the number of unwanted horses grows every year 3540 degrees ATP p rod u ction without oxygen Muscle Bundle gt Muscle Fibers gt Myofibrils gt Myofilaments camel human greyhound horse Fasicle gt Crimp gt Fibril gt Subfibril gt Microfibril gt tropocollagen 37 63 25 75 3939 I I 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 ofweight loss is water in a horse TF A horse can die from taking in too many nutrients TF Concentrates are generally more starch based TF Everything beyond a particular point ofingestion is unused TF Human digestive enzymes can easily break down cellulose TF older horses are known for drinking more water than theiryounger counterparts TF The ner the grinding of the corn the more energy can be absorbed by the horse TF Vitamins are NOT fat soluble TF you should let alfalfa dry out before being bailed Trace the respiratory system ofthe horse from entrance to oxygen transfer within thebody TrueFalse A horse has a gall bladder True False An exercising horse will have an increased StrokeVolumne at up to 15 where Heart RAte will increase up to 5x True False horses are generally rougher on pastures than cows TrueFalse Hypertermia can lead to seizures and is when the body heats up too much TrueFalse Hypertermia is the case ofa horse with a weak pulse 90 True True these are the commercial feeds True thus protein quality is based on the availability quality and variability ofthe amino acids in it False horses and grazers can digest cellulose well because they have bacteria in their digestive tracks False TFUE increases SU rface area FALSE True Nasal Passage gt Pharynx gt Giottal Cartilage gt Larynx gt Oesophagus gt Trach ea gt Lungs gt Bronchioles gt Alveoli False Heck no An exercising horse will have an increased Stroke Volume SW at up to 50 where Heart Rate HR will increase up to 1 Ox True this is because ofthe Selective Eater mouth type horses have True False Th at39s Trachyca rd ia 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 TrueFalse it is estimated that the number ofunwanted horses in the US exceeds the resources available for them TrueFalse Sodium levels have no effect on circulation TrueFalse There are more registries to thejockey Club than any other breed of horse in the US TrueFalse the Tendon is structurally the same as the Ligament What are Capillaries What are CHOs What are examples of non structural CHOs What are important health elements to note for hays that you have in storage What are Kinematics What are proteins important for What are proteins made of What are some causes of equine obesity What are some examples ofCHOs What are some examples of common NSC grains What are some examples of Fat soluble vitamins What are some examples of Roughages What are some examples of supplements What are some examples ofwater soluble vitamins True False Low Na levels leads to low circulation False There are more registries to the AQHA True the point of exchange in tissue of oxygen it also takes out the waste products of cells Fiber Polysaccharides and mon osaccharid es poly many mono one that you have proper storingbailing ofhay and no molding or dusty smell luminescent dots are puton a horse and a computer analyzes the movement growth lactation and gestation amino acids Think about it and it39ll come toyou Pasture grass and hay Corn oats and barley Vitamins DA K and E Hay pasture grass beet pulps proteins minerals nutraceutricals and lipids Biotin Choline Vitamins C and B6 Riboflavin Thiamin Niacin and Folic Acid 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 What are some general Feedstuffs What are some important MACROminerals for horses What are some important MlCROminerals for horses What are the 4 aims of training programs what are the six classes of nutrients What are the two elements involved in the Respiratory Exchange Ration RER What are two duties ofthe mouth when it comes to digestion What cells are responsible for absorption What does AML stand for What does Biotin do in the horse What does TDN stand for What do we mean when we say a horse is a selective eater What do we mean when we say water is Ad Libitum What do we usually measure the horse39s length in Rough ages con centrates and su pplements Calciu m Potassiu m Sod iu m Phosphorous Sulfur and Magnesium Zinc iron copper iodine and cobalt note cobalt is a precu rsor to Vitamin B12 To reach exercise capacity to offset the time of on set of fatigue to maximize performance and to decrease the risk of inju ry Carbohydrates energy Lipids crude fats Proteins crude proteins Vitamins Minerals Water C0202 Reducing particle size and to have saliva break down what it can villi cells little hairlike guys in the small intestine Appropriate Management Level hooves and hair coat Total Digestable Nutrients for horses this is from 50 hay to about 75 grains The horse has a quotparrottypequot mouth that allows it to pick and choose the general feeds it wants to eat letting them dig into fields it is constantly available to the horse at all times Inches 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 What equation were we given to calculate body weight ofa horse What factors can impact the quality of bers What Fatty acids are produced in the Cecum What four elements are considered in Physiological status What happens when there are too many horses in one concentrated area of land What in the Cecum is responsible for forage ber break down What isacommon name thing of Electrolytes What isafuel cell of ATPs What is a good source of ber for horses What isa horse expressing when they have Hypoosmotic problems What is an example of a high protein feed What is an example of a legume What is another method for Vitamin D intake What isa nutraceutrical What isa ruminant Can you give an example heart girth2 X body length 330 cellulose hemicellulose lignin wood pectin a waxy coating Acetic Prop rion ic an d Butyrate acids Maintenance of the horse fthe horse is a breeding stallion Gestation and GeneralAge not enough for them to eat gt the land is ruined gt the horsesenviron ment starve Microbes salts NADH Beat pulp they refuse to d rin k soybeans these are usually given to younger horses Alfalfa its absorbed through the skin in the form of sunlight Thus planets and never letting a horse outside will lead to a Vitamin D deficiency quotanything that may be added to impact health or nutritional value A ruminant is any animal that uses fermentation to break down matter fermentation supplied by microbacteria in their digestive tracts An example is a cow 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 102 103 104 What is Cardiac Output What is higher in nutrition hay or alfalfa What is Hypertrophy What is Nutritional Wisdom What is quotRed Cellquot What is responsible for the primary absorption of nutrients in the digestive system What is responsible for water re absorption What is quotTeeth Floatingquot What is the Cecum What is the difference between Starches NSCs and Cellulose SCs What is the difference between tendonsand ligaments What is the normal stridetobreathing ratio when galloping or cantering What is the Pendulum stage of breathing fora horse What is the percent ofrecommended intake for fo rage roughages What isthe Piston stage of breathing fora horse how much blood is being pumped out of the heart at any given time Alfalfa it has less stems and move leaves The overuse of bones tendons or ligaments Its a theory that animals know what to eat You nger horses don39t really know the 39do39s39 and 39donts39 of eating so they have to learn from the older horses an iron supplementoften given to racehorses The Small Intestine The small colon of the large intestine it takes in whatever the large colon cant You float teeth by taking a funny looking file to the teeth to grind them down a little bit Itsa part ofthe hindgutand is responsible for forage and fiber breakdown Their structures tendons attach muscle to bone ligaments attach bone to bone 11 When the horse is on the hindlegs the pressure is released and the diaphragm expands 1 of body weight When a horse is down on its forelegs the intestines come down on the diaphragm forcing air out 105 106 107 108 109 110 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 What is the preferred ber source fora horse What is the primary energy source for a horse What is the process in making Processed Feeds What is the source for most of the horse39s vitamin intact What is the standard drinking rate of water per 100 kgs What is the standard intake of water for a horse What is the umbrella term we give to senior feeds What is Timothy What makes up a carbohydrate What parts ofthe body require protein What percentage ofbody weight for a horse should be taken in per day What percentage of oxygen is transferred directly to muscles when at rest What percentage of oxygen is transferred directly to muscles when exercising What three levels are there for athletes Can you give an example ofeach What three things MUST be taken into consideration when establishing required nutrient levels for a horse What two elements are involved in determining muscle ber types Beet pulp rice bran is also used but not as much Carbohydrates pressure and heat presses elements in the feet mixtu re into pellets grazing takes in Vitamins D A K and E 5 liters 100 kg 12 gallon per 100 pounds Complete feeds a type ofgrasses horses generally pick this over other grasses Starches and simple sugars tissues muscles metabolism and general body fu nction s More or less protein is uber important 153 of body weight generally 2 is a good estimate for most horse classes 15 80 Light western and English pleasure horses moderate dressage ranch workjumping heavyintense racing polo cutting Body weight activity level and physiological status classification how much 02 can be absorbedwhat the muscle fuel is and distribution 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 What vitamins is synthesized by the Large Intestine What was it that brought athlete physiology to the world39s attention Whenabouts should grasses be harvested When ATP is broken down what molecule remains When considering what percentage of body weight a horse should take in per day are you considering absolute feed or dryfeed Where can you nd pectin in a grocery store Which is easier to break down Starches or Cellulose BVitamins the 1890 Olympic games Before there is a lot of budding in the plant where there are still leaves and stems but nothing is particularly outnumbering the other ADP and a lose Phosphate DRY FEED its the waxy coat put on apples to make them shiny Starch however horses are grazers who naturally eat a heck of a lot of cellu lose so they have to adapt to digest a lot of it as well Quizlet The Agouti gene Aa or AA can either be a dominant or a recessive gene What is a horse dominant in the Extension gene supposed to look like In the recessive Asageneral rule ofthumb ifone leg has issues what happens to the opposing leg Does the mitochondrial DNA come from the mother or the father The Extension gene E or Ee can either be a dominant or a recessive gene What isa horse dominant in the Extension gene supposed to look like In the recessive Extensor tendons are on the backfront side ofthe leg while Flexor tendons are on the backfront side ofthe leg Give an example of Medial to Lateral Force quotHooves are the ofthe horsequot The horse39s genome is than the dog genome and than the human or the COW genome The horse39s phenotype is created by the interaction between the and the How doesa high hoofangle impact breakover time How doesa hoofgrow Dominant bay Recessive black Itwill make up for the imbalance or said inability to make up for the uneven weight distribution ONLY the mother Dominant nonchestnut Recessive chestnut Front Back ex you extend your leg by straightening it out and you would use musclestendons on the foreside ofyou r leg to achieve this you would flex your leg curl it by using your calf Its what makes you r leg slip outfrom underneath you when you step on ice Fou n d ation bigger smaller genotype environment It decreases it but can cause inju ry to extensorsuspensory ligaments From the coronary band down top to bottom of hoof 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 How is stridelength impacted by lameness How long should boarding agreements last for How many variations ofthe equine genome exist How tall should fences be at min How wide should agate be ls HERDA sexlinked or sex limited ls HYPP visible at birth Is the sole ofthe hoof concave or CODVEX Lower angle gt take more heel A low hoofangle increasesd ec reases the ti me of breakover ofthe foot should be behind the apex ofthe frog and ofthe foot should be in front ofthe frog Raise angle gt take more toe T The sole ofthe hoofis about how thick Tendons connect to There are three ways to describe the stride describe what Breakover is AN EQ 102 Hooves Welfare GENETICS and stuff Study online at quizlet comlqso60 Sometimes a shortened forward phase of the stride comes from lameness Aka a horse that is not natu rally this sh ort strid ed in theforelimb has pain in his heel Seriously not all that long A few months maybe but avoid yearlong commitments 3Eunab1Eunab2 Eunab3 5quot taller for stallions 812 Neither actually Sex has nothing to do with it No It is a developmental disease Concave this helps with concussion and keeps weight bearing as a job for the wall ofthe hoof leave toe alone horse will naturally trip a lot without help increases aka slows it down which causes tripping 23rd s 13rd as a side note the heels are often trimmed back to the wid est point of the frog leave heel alone about 38th an inch thick Tendon gt bone to muscle Ligamentgt boneto bone Breakover is when the leg rises from the grou nd to the point when the toe touches the ground again 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 There are three ways to describe the stride describe what Impact is There are three ways to describe the stride describe what Loading is There are two phases to a stride name then and describe them There isa lameness grading scale What doesagrade of1 mean There isa lameness grading scale What does a grade of2 mean There isa lameness grading scale What does a grade of3 mean There isa lameness grading scale What does a grade of4 mean There isa lameness grading scale What does a grade of5 mean TrueFalse Colorado has a branding law for horses True False every time an organism has two alleles for the same trait they express both alleles at the same time True False Hooves can be worn down in unusual ways thanks to the unusual footfall of horses that have conformation problems Impact comes immediately after the foot hits the ground and a lot of fiber force rises th rough out the leg Loading is when the fetlock extends upon hitting the ground In class she gave the example of a thoroughbred racehorse39s forelimb extending when it lands The Cranial phase is when the stride is in front of the opposing foot the Caudal phase is the stride where the moving leg is behind the opposite foot inconsistent lameness in a circle inconsistent in a straight line and lame in a circle consistent lameness in a straight line obviously lame at the walk Nonweight bearing lameness where the horse doesn39t even want to put its foot down True False this actually is pretty uncommonJust because an organ ism has two alleles doesn39t mean they39ll express both at the same time one will however be passed to an offspring random selecting ofwhich on e mind you True 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 TrueFalse joints can get infected by lactation build upinthebody TrueFalse Lameness is the most common career limited condition found in performance horses TrueFalse Long hooves delay breakover which causes excessive tripping and stumbling TrueFalse Simply Inherited Traits are often categorical TrueFalse The black coat color is dominant over the chestnut coat color TrueFalse The canter and the gallop both have a period ofsuspension TrueFalse To spay neuter is according to believers of animal welfare aviolation ofanimal rights TrueFalse You can tell when you have a HERDA horse when the foal is born TrueFalse You can39t rely on hearing a difference between a sound and lamb limb TrueFalse You don39t need to have your brand overlooked or 39registered39 when creating your own brand True False you generally want your walls to being just below ground level TT or tt is considered a pair while Tt is considered a pair Two copies ofSabino gene One copy NO copies What are cases where a Brand Inspection is required for a horse True Remember where lactation comes from True True True These traits are often either black or white yes or now true or false A or B however you want to look at it True False The Trot and Canter do according to class FalseAnimal RIGHTS believers believe this False this is a develop mental disease that emerges and is visible in later years Actually false the acoustics can often tell you a lameness is present in your horse False it needs to be run by other brands to prevent unnecessary similarities True this will prevent horses from successfully digging underneath their stalls and causing problems with their neighbors h omozygou s h eterozygou 5 two copies mostly white horse one copy sabino pattern no copy no sabino 39 change of ownership transporting over 75 miles 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 What are clips used for What are fence materials that are generally frowned upon What are non coding genes What are protein coding genes VVhatare Regulatory Sequence Features What are safe methods of exchanging money in transferring horses What are some causes for differences in animal welfare and animal rights believers What are some core elements ofequine speci c welfare They stabilize horseshoes and keep the shoe from coming off Barb wire high tensile Genes that are transcribed into RNA but never translated into proteins Makes up about 80 of the genome The most widely studied aspect of the genome makes up about 2 3 ofthe genome though They control which gen essequen ce features are used at any given time in the horseAka they maintain levels of expression in terms of the rate of transcription and translation Cash money order or certified funds Wire transfers seem to work as well just try to avoid personal checks Animal Rights believers generally are not farmers or ranch owners thus are known for looking at all animals as pets and thus 39members of the family39 not necessarily a bad thing but it gets in the way of how you should treat and manage livestock health and disease management nutrition pain management euthanasia 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 What are some differences between Animal Welfare and Animal Rights What are some elements to proper re safety What are some elementsyou should look for in picking ooring for your facilities What are some nonbranding methodsin CO What are some ofthe biggest dif cultiesin buyingselling horses What are some ofthe paperwork elements you should have when exchanging a horse39s ownership What are some ofthe tendons found in the hoof What are some gnsof in ammation What are the bonesin hoof Believers in animal WELFARE but emphasis on the humane treatment of animals both in research and production agriculture Supporters believe that use ofanimals for foodmed ical research is essential yet animals should not be abused or mistreated in any way All creatures should be as quothappyquot and comfortable as possible while alive Believers in animal RIGHTS believe animals have similar rightsthe same rights that humans do thus say animals should not be controlled or used by people at all Sp rin kler systems being aware of electrical storms and wiring problems and NOT storing your hay inside ofyour barn The material should be durable non slippery absorbent easy to clean and resistantto pawing Good photos with accu rate descriptions of coloration and all markings of the horse Lack of writing or the written guaranteespromises amou nt to nothing or people take to long to take action Literally Get down to it The bill of sale any registration documents of the creatu re pu rchase agreements with down payments pu rchase agreements with escrowed fu nds The Superficial digital flexor tendon and the Deep digital flexor tendon Heat pain swelling effusion and gait alteration Proximal Phalanx Middle Phalanx Navicular Bone Distal Phalanx 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 What are the conditions of HYPP What are the jointsin the hoof What are the main signs of HERDA What are the Riley Rules What are the three types of water devises What are the two genomes involved in the equine quotblueprintquot What are three elements of the genome What are three exceptions to Mendel39s Laws What breeds primarily have HYPP What direction do winds generally come from What does Caveat Emptor mean What does quotdynamicsquot mean What does Eumelanin create What does G stand for Sudden unexplained muscle twitches that can cause sudden collapses temporary paralysis muscle weakness or heart arrhythmia Caused by high levels of potassium in blood plasma The Coffin Pastern and Fetlockjoint fragile thin slowhealing skin that scars easily Try to avoid business with family or significant others as emotions tend to ru n high with human beings and thusthe situation can turn messy Float Paddle and Balance waterers The Nuclear genome and the Mitochondrial genome Proteincod ing genes noncod ing genes and regulatory seq uence featu res Sex influenced traits sex linked traits and incomplete penetrance QHs and QH related breedsx39s arabs appaloosas American paint horses etc NorthN orthwest quotLet the buyer beware An animal in motion It is the most common form of MCl R and produces quotBlackquot and quotBrownquot subtypes of coat colors GenotypicValue 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 What does quotkineticsquot mean What does P u G E mean in common Eng sh What does Pheomelanin create What does Prima Facie mean What does quotstaticquot mean What do we mean when we say the horse 39follows the weight ofthe shoe What do we mean when we say we quotquickquot a horse What four factors in uencethe rate ofgenetic improvement What gait do we put horses in when checking for lameness What gene is responsible for the Sabino coat color What horse can HERDA be traced back to What in the genetic code is responsible for HERDA It describes the forces involved in motion Phenotype equals population mean plus the genotype and the environ mental effects it creates quotredbrownquot polymers the less common form of MCl R quotBased on first impression accepted as correct until proven otherwise A still animal Ifa shoe is weighed unevenly and more weight is on the outside for example the horse will move its leg following the weight in th is example it will move its leg outside more than it natu rally would the nail ofa horse shoe is put in a bittoofar Selection intensity generation interval genetic variation and accu racy of selection The trot the KIT gene Poco Bueno1944 A single basepair change occurs for an unaffected horses they should have a G HERDA horses have an A in this one spot Th it causes a failu re for proteins to fold prope y 95 96 97 98 99 100 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 What isa difference between Gene Combination Value and Breeding Value What isa down side to having straw for bedding What isa down side to having wooden walls What isa down to having wooden oors What isa Fetlock Drop What isa gait What isa gene VVhatisa joint VVhatisa Locus What is an Agistment What is an Agisto r39s Liens What is an allele What is an example ofa Pleiotropic gene effect What is Animal Husbandry GCV is NOT transmitted from parent to offspring it is the result of dominance and epistasis BV is the value ofan individual39s genetics transmitted to offspring where one half ofan individual39s BV is passed to the next generations Horses generally eat everything within reach th ey39re monsters in their own rights and will munch away at straw quotHorses are termitesquot Itcan get slippery and requiresa lot of maintenance ifyou want it to look nice The fetlock or quotanklequot drops more on the sou nd limb bearing a lot of weight A characteristic limb coordination pattern based on foot falls A locus of DNA that encodes a functional RNA or protein product Getyour head out ofthe gutter its the place between where bones come into contact A region of a chromosome A boarding agreement on the horse39s care and feeding Its a manipulative situation where the facilities owner claims part ownership over the horse aka don39t waive rights under Agistor39s Lien laws A variation to which how a trait is expressed for example the difference between coat colors type of hair cu rly v straight etc This is the opposite of Epistasis as one gene has an impact on multiple traits for example Appaloosas are generally blind at night than ks to the gene that codes for their coat color The use ofanimals and the connection of animals to civilization quotHusquot quotBondquot animalindividual is bonded to thefamily 109 110 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 What isa sign of hindlimb lameness that is not a sign of forelimb lameness What isa Simply Inherited Trait What isa stride What is Biomechanics What is Complete Dominance What is Duckett39s Bridge What is Electro myography What is Epistasis What isGregor Mendel39s law of Independent Assortment What is Gregor Mendel39s law of Segregation What is HERDA primarilyfound in What is ideal for fences in general What islncomplete Dominance What isjoint Motion Parameters Hip dropping or Hip Hiking the point of hip Tuber Coxae typically has greater elevation on the bad leg A trait controlled by a single r very very few gen es A complete quotseq uencequot or foot fall pattern ofa gait A branch of Kin esiology with a focus on mechanical movement of the body When one allele completely masks the other and only one is truly expressed The widest part ofthe foot everything is pretty much centered around that quotElectricquot quotmusclequot quotwatchquot focused on understandingthe muscles and their use in movement When many genes interact to produce a single trait but not necessarily a happy quotmediumquot between the two for example a black and a white horse will not produce a mouse grey not necessarily but maybe a horse with both whiteblack pigments Everything in the chromosome is capable of separating and being passed on to the next generation independent ofthe other genes ofthe organism aka any allele combination can occur from the parents to create any number of possible outcomes Of the two alleles an organ ism has only one will be passed to an offspring Quarter Horses sturdy strong and EASILYVISIBLE even along the topline they should be five to six feet tall higher for stallions with divides between pastu res being at least 45 feet Neither allele masks the other and they are both expressed For example the roan coat color The full range of motion a joint can have 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 What is Kinematics What is Kinesiology What is No Dominance What is Overdominance What is the Bering Surface What is the cause ofthe most lameness in the horse What is the difference between sex in uenced and sex linked traits What is the Duckett Bridge What is the equation for phenotypes we were taught in class What is the equine genome made up of A branch of biomechanics that describes motion involved everything from the shape ofthe body to the length of stride The science of movement Exactly HALF of the given trait we39re examining is contributed by one allele aka exactly half of the trait is expressed with one allele while the other half is expressed independently For example heterozyG OATS I thought that picture was actually quiet hilarious Two alleles will actually piggyback off each other and the dominant allele is taken to an extreme for example a horse that39s 17 hands breeds with a horse that39s 14 hands and the offspring is19hands The tip ofthe shoe Most of the horse39s weight is on the foresection of the body In sexinfluenced traits a male and female may have the same genotype but the traits will be expressed differently for example fat distribution in human bodies In sexlinked traits a pattern of in heritance where particular genes are carried on and passed across generations the catch here is those particular genes are carried on the X or Y ch romosome th us the opposing gender may have a difficult time getting the other39s traits A center line the bisects the horseshoe is also the center of rotation in the short fetlock P u G E or Phenotype equals population mean plusthe genotype as well asthe environ mental effects 46 gt repetitive seq uences 40 unique sequences for that organ ism actually cod es about 13 for proteins 8 heteroch romatin centromeres and telomeres 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 What is the ideal hoof angle What isthe ideal slopefor land where you build your equine facilities What is the ideal type of soil for ideal equine facilities What is the key when installing rubber brick or mats What is the Lamina What is the minimum barn alleyway size What is the minimum stall size What is the order of appearance in coat colors for horses What is the purpose of horseshoes What is the Viscoelastic Structure What kind ofan angle is the coronary band at when the foot is balanced What makes up G The dorsal hoofwall should be parallel to pastern angle and the shoulder angle 26 Degrees Sandy as it is easiest for drainingmaintenance The key here is while they are really absorbent you need to be aware ofwhat is underneath the mat since all ofthe 39stuff39 you are absorbing is going to be hitting whatever is underneath There is actually two Lamina the insensitive Lamina is where nails of horsesh oes goth rough and the White Line divides the sensitive lamina from the insensitive lamina 9quot wide 8quot tall and a 12 x 12 length by width Bay gt black gt chestnut tobiano sabino gt bucksin silver protection decreases energy absorption of the hoof itself should be able to expand the heel and can help correct how a horse walks a Digital cushion for the horse The frog can expand from the bottom expanding the bottom of the hoof itself th us distributing the impact ofthe weight Trick question the coronary band is supposed to be straight when a foot is balanced G Genotypic Value is composed of breeding value and gene combination value 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 What material is the LAST thing you wanna use for bedding What should be taken into consideration when installing fences What three elements are used to measure electro myography What type of horse usually gets larger stalls What was Newton39s Third Law When a horse is lame how does their head bob When did mankind begin using animal husbandry When did the animal rights movement begin in the US Where is the most common place in the horse for lameness Who began the study of kinesiology Who signs the bill ofsales Who was the horse sequenced for the equine genome project Why do we shoe horses Black Walnut The activity cu riosity and excitability ofthe horses in the pasture Amplitude of the EMG activity muscle timing and duration of activation Well larger horses or brood ma res Every action has an equal and opposite reaction The head rises as the horse lands on the lame leg and falls as the horse lands on the sound leg In truth people have used animals as long as we39ve walked on the Earth From hunting and clothing with the rise of civilization ca me the controlling and maintaining ofanimals 197039s The forelegs Edwuard Moybrudge he originally studied marching soldiers then went on to study horses and camels Both the buyer and the seller the paper should be dated and should have been witnessed by a legal resident of the cou nty where the transfer took place ALSO note the method of paymentth at took place A thoroughbred mare named Twilight Shoes provide protection decreases energy absorption in the foot influences particular movements should be able to help expand the heel and more 158 Why should hay not be stored inside ofa barn 159 Why were horses originally domesticated 160 quotYou should never change an angle more than degrees going down per one time but can go up to degrees when trimming shoesquot They spontaneously combust like teenagers To eat th em 510 What is the de nition of anatomy De ne what the term quotidealquot means Explain the placement of the eye and how its essential for the horse What is a Pig Eye What is a Glass Eye Why is it important for the width between the jaw to be big What is a parrot mouth What is a bulldog mouth What does a narrow throatlatch lead to for most horses hint it has to do with breathing ability 10What is the ideal de nition of the ideal for the neck 11quotThe neck should be and with a slightly topline and a underline 12How can a thick throatlatch negatively impact a horse 13De ne an Ewe Neck a What happens to the horse39s vision when it has an Ewe Neck 14What makes up the whithers 15What two vertebrae make up the peak of the whithers 16How does the shape of the whithers impact the rider 17quotthe withers should be level with or than the Croupquot 18What is the croup ls collection for a horse easier for a horse with a short back or a horse with a long back 19TF the length of the back is de ned by the number of vertebrae 20What is the loin 21De ne Impulsion 22What are the faults of having a long loin 23Point to the Barrel on a person 24What is the Heartgirth 25Why is it bene cial for thoroughbreds to have a greater heartgirth 26What is the ideal for ribs 27What does it mean when we say a horse is slabsided 28Expand on why most leg injuries occur on the forelegs 29What is the ideal angle of the shoulder 30quotThe degree of the shoulder is measured from the a natural line in the scapula that nearly bisects the bone to the point where it connects to the 31What is a general way to measure the length of a horse39s stride 32What is the Point of Shoulder 33What is pigeon toes and how does a pigeon toed horse track 34Same thing for Splayed Footed 35What is generally considered more dentrimental to the horse splayed footed or pigeon toed 36The length of the back should be the length of the underside 37What does the nickname quotfamily horsequot suggest 38Between what two points do we consider the length of the shoulder 39What is the scienti c name for the knee of the horse 40What is it about the elbow that makes the horse39s toes point forward 41What makes up the Forearm 42De ne Knock kneed Bow legged Bench kneed Calf Kneed and Buck Kneed PWFQP PWN 43What is the cannon bone between 44What is the pastern between 45The pastern is about to the length of the cannon bone 46What is the point of buttock 47What is a camped under horse 48A camped out 49What is a sicklehocked horse 50Did I already ask what the croup is 51What is the sti e 52What is the baskin 53The basking is than the high but still pretty long 54A ong gaskin leads to a greater distance between which to parts of the body 55Straight hock long gaskin short cannon 56Anged hock short cannon 57Why is it harder for a horse with high set hocks to collect 58What was the Tennessee walking horse oringally bred for 59What is quotParkingquot 60How much does 1 hand equal 61What coat colors are NOT accepted for a TWH 62What color is unique to the TWH 63What is overstride 64What is unique about the TWH when in motion 65Define over stride 66What gait is unique to this breed 67What is the nickname of the American Saddlebred 68What are the three types of AS 69Registration for an AS is based purely on what 70What leg part is notably different for an AS 71What is stripping 72The threegaited variation has a walk canter and what else 73How long is a furlong 74TB races are how long 75Give examples of breeds in uenced by the TB 76What is the name of the registration group for TBs 77What was the original name for the Standardbred breed 78What is a hobee 79What are the two types of trotters 80What coat color is dominant for 535 81What is the oldest breed in existence 82What is the forehead budge of the Arab caed 83What is the throatlatch arch called for the Arab 84Give the differences between monocular and binocular vision 85What is the duty of the corpus caosum 86What does the cerebellum specialize in 87Draw a tree diagram for behavior 88What is the difference between unconditioned and conditioned behavior 89List the three events that trigger learning 90TF the rst war saddles didn39t have stirrups 91Who added stirrups to the saddle 92What developed the western saddle 93What is the difference between a western saddle and a California saddle 94What materials can be used to make a Tree 95What is the bars of the saddle 96What is the swellforkpommel 97The cantle 98The horn 99What does the gullet cover 100 There are three taught ways to decorate the saddle List them from cheapest to most expensive 101 What three materials make up saddle lining 102 There are ve variations to the western saddle Name them and their differences 103 What is the Hawaiian saddle 104 What is the difference between a hackamore and a sidepull 105 What is the palate 106 What is the poll 107 Where is the point of balance on the horse 108 Draw a bit and label each part 109 Draw each of the bit styles D Egg Butt Loose full cheek half cheek fulmer hanging cheek 110 There are four shape designs for bits name them 111 Compared to the cutting saddle the saddle has a deep pocket its still a western saddle 112 What is ocking


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