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Exam 1 Study Guide

by: Alli Petit

Exam 1 Study Guide GEOL 21080-002

Alli Petit

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About this Document

These are questions and answers that will be on the test.
Nicholas Bonini (P)
Study Guide
exam 1 study guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Alli Petit on Sunday February 14, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to GEOL 21080-002 at Kent State University taught by Nicholas Bonini (P) in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see ALL ABOUT THE OCEANS in Geology at Kent State University.


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Date Created: 02/14/16
▯ Questions to consider: ▯ ▯ TRUE/FALSE  Longitude lines go from the North Pole to the South Pole…TRUE  Latitude is a function of time…FALSE  Navigators were able to keep accurate time at sea with a pendulum clock…FALSE  More water vapor in the atmosphere increases the greenhouse effect, which leads to higher temperatures and accelerates evaporation. This is an example of a positive feedback…TRUE  Water infiltrates through clay faster than sand…FALSE  Earth rotates in a clockwise direction…FALSE  Vegetation causes the rate of runoff to decrease…TRUE  The ocean floor is mostly flat and featureless…FALSE  The thickest sediments in the ocean are found near ocean ridges…FALSE  The lithosphere includes only the upper layer of the earth’s crust…FALSE  The thickest sediments in the ocean are found around active margins… TRUE  Most of the land masses surrounding the Pacific Ocean are passive margins…FALSE  In general, sediment size in the ocean increases away from the shore… FALSE  The deepest trenches on the earth’s crust are found in the Pacific Ocean… TRUE OTHER:  The first accurate clock to work at sea was perfected in the year…1760  List the steps of scientific inquiry in order… o 1. Make observations o 2. Formulate hypothesis o 3. Conduct experiments o 4. Confirm or refute hypothesis  Which of the following is NOT an international ocean drilling program… OCEAN ACCESS DRILLING PROGRAM (OADP)  The earth bulges at…THE EQUATOR  Isotopes have the same number of PROTONS but a different number of NEUTRONS  Match the source of water to its reservoir… o Water vapor – atmosphere o Plants – biosphere o Lakes and ocean – hydrosphere o Glaciers and sea ice – cryosphere o Groundwater – lithosphere  List the four major oceans in order, from smallest to largest, based on surface area o 1. Southern ocean o 2. Indian ocean o 3. Atlantic ocean o 4. Pacific ocean  Nearly 70% of Earth’s fresh water can be found in…GLACIERS AND ICE CAPS  New crust in the ocean is formed through a process called… CONVECTION  The theory of continental drift was suggested by ALFRED WEGENER  The youngest rocks in the ocean are found…NEAR MID-OCEAN RIDGES  The largest supercontinent to form was… PANGAEA  An oceanic plate being sub ducted beneath a continental plate occurs at a… CONVERGENT BOUNDARY  The ocean floor is about 5,000 meters deep  List the order of oceanic features along a passive margin, in order from land to sea o 1. Continental shelf o 2. Continental slope o 3. Continental rise o 4. Abyssal plain  above the carbonate compensation depth, supply IS GREATER THAN dissolution ▯ ▯ 2


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