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Study Guide for ECE 2300 with Professor Shattuck at UH


Study Guide for ECE 2300 with Professor Shattuck at UH

Marketplace > University of Houston > Study Guide for ECE 2300 with Professor Shattuck at UH

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About this Document

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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Friday February 6, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to a course at University of Houston taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 41 views.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
We are about one lecture behind my schedule for this semester although I would point out we are closer to being on schedule than I usually am at this point Itried to save time in the coverage of meters in February and many students expressed real concern about that implying that I needed to spend more time on meters You should also know that in the past 18 years we have cut out a signi cant amount of material from this course and added nothing Speci cally in the Fall of 1985 we covered everything that we cover now plus Chapters 8 12 and 13 We cut out these other subjects in an attempt to do a better job with what we do cover Many similar courses at other universities cover everything that we cover plus chapters 5 and 8 I do not believe that we can afford to cut anything else out So no I do not think that what is happening tells me that the material for this course is more than what it should be I think there must be a problem other than that I do not want to rush Chapters 9 and 10 and have been attempting to move more quickly to that end However I have tried to honor my commitments to answer questions from the class and to slow down when the class does not seem to be getting the points I have tried to accelerate my coverage of the theory reduce the number of anecdotes and increase the number of examples I perform in class since that is what students have said does the most good Perhaps I need to make more changes or change our class rules Should I limit questions Should Itake out the 3x5 card comments altogether Should I eliminate all of the anecdotes Is there some other solution that I have not yet mention here There are many possibilities I would like to solicit your comments I am open to ideas of reaching our key goal we want as many students as possible to do well on the exams There may be a number of ways of getting to that goal Let me know what you think Thank you in advance for your input Dr Dave ECE 2300 7 Spring 2003 7 Shattuck Section Questions and Answers March 18 2003 Three related and important questions or comments were posed on the 3X5 cards on March 18 2003 I will give the questions and comments here and then make comments and observations I am doing this by email to save class time If you have ideas about these things please do not hesitate to talk to me or send me email or give me a call Thanks Dr Dave 713 7434422 Shattuckuhedu Student Comment 1 Did you notice that by 450PM class was yet to start That bothers me especially when you say that we are already one class behind Student Comment 2 Since we are behind in the material of ECE 2300 are we going to rush at the end so we can catch up Student Comment 3 Since you are always behind in ECE 2300 in the past doesn t that tell you that the material for this course is more than what it should be Reply First I need to say that these are important observations I appreciate the students taking the time to write them up this is why I use the 3X5 cards Thank you to the students who asked them Second I feel like I need to clear up some things We lost some time on the 18Lh with the announcements of new policies in ECE since these are really important changes I did spend about ve minutes on 3X5 card comments from last time In recent semesters based on previous feedback from students I have cut back signi cantly on the time I spend on these comments After that I started to take questions from the class In the aftemoon section these questions took a fair amount of time running until about 450PM However I consider the time we spent answering class questions as part of class time So I guess that I would disagree with the statement that we didn t start class until 450PM Rather Ithink class started about 25 minutes earlier than that I would contend that the question and answer segment can be much more important than lecture time especially since you can get the lecture material off the web anyway I would also note that we got just as far in the aftemoon section as I did in the morning section of the course In any case though it is still a valid concern about the pace of the course I am troubled as well I was fairly stunned when in the problem we started at the end of both of my sections of the course the class seemed to be unable to tell which way current was owing through a resistor when the polarity of the voltage across the resistor should have been obvious While the course material is difficult this should have been an easy question Yet in both sections when I asked it almost no one answered and of those that did half got the wrong answer Why


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