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*Context Info* Study Guide

by: Savannah McNealy

*Context Info* Study Guide ART 316

Marketplace > Colorado State University > Art History > ART 316 > Context Info Study Guide
Savannah McNealy
Art of the Pacific
Dr. David Riep

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About this Document

Contextual Information for exam slides, Midterm 1
Art of the Pacific
Dr. David Riep
Study Guide
Art History
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This page Study Guide was uploaded by Savannah McNealy on Sunday February 14, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to ART 316 at Colorado State University taught by Dr. David Riep in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 63 views. For similar materials see Art of the Pacific in Art History at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 02/14/16
Context Info Study Guide Midterm 1 Thursday February 112016 1251 PM Trade routes include routes to china india etc also responsible for bringing relions Western prescence emerges later on with mainly the portuguese Dong Son Vietnam 750200 BCE Bronze Drum o Motifand medium sharing between cultures expecially in textiles You can determine that pieces are from this part ofthe pacific because of horror vacui fear ofspace in the composition in their art Artistic Conventions ofSE Asian culture 0 Media 0 Wood stone cast metal architectural sculpture Saucerlike eyes tendrils rounded legs and arms Squat posture hocker represents ancestor HottorVacui fearof space scurvein parallel rows vegetal fillers Gendered arts 0 Textile arts are always done by women 0 Metal arts are always done by men 39 Metal arts ON LYdone in this area 39 Arts of status INDONESIA Independence in 1949 up until that point starting with colonization is heavily under the control of other nations 0 World39s most populous islandzJava Largest Island country includes thousands of islands 0 Common Style Elementsmotifs o Arc shape representing fern coils ships water buffalo horns bird39s wings 39 Boatmovement of people both in this life and another I Birdsintermediaries between this realm and another 39 Houses saddleshaped roof line III Architecture earning the right to use specific motifs so when someone sees that motifon something of yours they know you39re important et Feasting to honorone39s ancestors helps earn these motifs ltgt fyou can afford to really invest in remembering yourancestors it gives you credit in the afterlife 39 Water buffalo a part of feasting and utility o Utilized frequently in house roofs dance posesjewelry weapons altars sculpture 0 Subjects rider and mount squatting elbowknee figure composite zoomorphic animal stinga 39 Mounts with riders high ranking human or spiritual being 39 Composite animals high ranking dieties Sumatra 0 Fifth largest island in the world 0 Had a written language before european influence 0 home ofthepeople 39 Batak are divided into 6 sub groups 39 Spiritual Concepts III 2 souls tendiand begu Tendi spirit ofthe living 9 Begu potentialy harmfulspirit released at death unrequited ancestor spirits 39 one of the 6 sub groups Art and the Cycle of Life III When an individual dies 9 999999 9 Lay out hisher sleeping mat Reverse the body to confuse the begu Thumbs are bound Rubbed with oils All orifices plugged with kemfir Wrapped in white cotton cloth Placed in a wood coffin sealed by resin and then the coffin is taken to the burial site A few years later you go get the body and it is placed in a stone sarcophagi tugutombak in a bone yard with the rest of your ancestors III Sigaegae O O O V Funerary puppet Usually one large puppet with a smaller one that accompanies it Wood cloth metal pigment l Al AIMAIAlln mumlumlluAAAn A 4 LEIEIIIUHY pUpUIpUISC39pULU When the begu gets where it39s going it maintains its status and you want it to be satisfied so it doesn39t come back Children are vital in the enacting of rites of death if there are no surviving children of the deceased the sigaegae stand in The puppet is mounted on a box with the strings that control it a little ways away so it appears the puppet is moving on its own Sensual naturalism III Datu religious specialists Always male 0 High ranking socially second to village leader 0 Control over knowledge b Ritual processesknowledge Pustaha book of ritual knowledge usedunderstood only by datu Very book is very different someone has to explain it to you Made of Bast type of bark cloth Accordian style Records wo has owned it Resin based ink No punctuation or spaces Carved wooden covers on each end for protection 999999 F Substances F Apprentice system Objects passed down from master to apprentice Toba Batak Staffs TungagapanauanUarge O 3000 Madeused by the Datu Wood cloth feathers hair Used when overseeing a significant ceremony Use staffs to connect with beyond anffc fhomcnlunc hmln 1 nrncnnrn V ULUIIJLIIUIIIJUIVUJIIUVUUVIUJUIIUU o Intricater carved with stacked figures 39 Top two figures are usually human TungkotMaehatshort 0 One figure on top of a smooth shaft 0 Figure filled with magic Puk Puk 39 Kidnap kid from another culture bury him upto his neck drill a hole in his head pour molten metal into his head while alive and it melts his brain and that creates Puk Puk 39 Anytimethere39s unbalance you need to get Puk Puk Container for Magical Substances Perminangken Toba batak indonesia sumatra Wood Chinese trade ceramic Pagarfigu re with pupuk holes 0 Hang from rafters in communal houses 0 When you39ve plugged the holes after filling it with pukpuk they become magnets forspirits Linked with status 0 The stopper is always carved out of wood mounted rider 0 Singa 39 Sanskntforhon 39 Composite figure III Buffalo horse naga mythical serpent dragon of the underworld 39 What the rider is mounted on the stopper 0 Also used to support living space like gargoyles Architecture Bale meeting hall 0 House levels 0 Roof sky 0 Living space earth 0 Piles underworld Textiles Ritual textile o Tampan o Pasisir peoples 0 Used when important rites of passage stages of life Ceremonial Banner l Iv ovo u o Paepaimaju Lampung peoples Reserved for nobility o Stylized abstract Ceremonial Cloth Pua kumbu Borneo malaysia ban people Warp ikat cloth 0 O O O O 0 Spin cotton into thread Master dyer makes dyes Dying III Th reads tied with a resist material III Dipped into dye III Some resist material removed III Dipped into another dye color Weaving III Dyed warp threads are strung on a back loom III Weft threads strung on a are passed under warp yarns The first time you do this you are considered a woman The process is considered to be immensely dangerous Textiles are protective things Patterns have been passed down Elder female weavers get a warrior tattoo Mosttextiles madeforwomen Woman39s Ceremonial Skirt Tapis Indonesia Sumatra Lampung peoples Worn only by high ranking woman Sylized figures Unborn generations Lampung Wedding Ceremonies Can last for days Ceremonial textile Dodot ndonesiaJava Javanese Pennle O O O O O O v 39Vl39vlllvvvl Vvlvlv Linked with ceremonial dress Weddings can take weeks Horror vacui The parts of the textile when worn properly that you can39t see when worn are unadorned 0 Visual expression of the whole of creation 39 Every part of the textile means something In this part ofthe world 0 Gold comes from the sun 0 Silver comes from the moon Iban Female Textile Artists 0 Engkaramba figures protectorates 0 Patterns passed down from mother to daughter Ceremonial Hanging Porionjiong 0 Indonesia Sulawesi o Toraja people Ear ornament or pendant Mamui o ndonesiasumbaisland o Sumbanese people 0 Connection with our world and beyond 0 Male pendants have quotfeetquot women39s are less adorned Molucca Islands 0 Leti Islands Peoples I Ancestorfigu re Yene III Represent specific individuals III Temporary homes for the spirits of the deceased before they head to the next realm III Functions as a point of communication III The exact ways these are utilized varies from culture to culture Immensediversity Artistic Themes New Guinea Sculpture and painting generally used in religious contexts Images or symbols of supernatural beings Arts almost exclusively linked with men39s activities initiation hunting rites war agricultural increase OOOO Ancestral Figure 0 Pnnlln pr Gninpn I urluulvuvv VUIIIIHU Sawos people WanWaken NOT newly deceased ancestors foundingfathersmothers of a particular culturefamily 0 Viewed as dangerouspotent 0 Typically associated with warfare agriculture 0 Physically has the ability to impactchange life 0 Kept in the men39s ceremonial meeting house 0 Known by name Arts ofthe Asmat Indonesia Papua Province Ochre white black Fumeripits first being carver Yeu mens house Jamasj battle shield Bisj pole memorial sculpture Jipae masqueraders ofancestral spirits Praying mantis represent headhunting Dagger Ndam Pisuwe 0 New guinea o Asmat people 0 Cassowary feathers Bisj Pole 0 New guinea Asmat people Points spirits out of this world Carved by men out of a mangrove tree 3 components 39 Main section figures 39 Base typically looks like a canoe 39 Projecting part cemen represents male fallace 39 Numerous images of deceased individuals AsmatSieldsjamasj 0 Wood pigments 0 Male artist 0 Motifs head hunting symbols I Praying mantis l Fluina 39Fny OOOO I IYIIIB IUI 39 39 Sshapeimage cut made in victim39s stomach 0 Symbols meant to frighten the enemy Ancestor Boards yamante New guinea Kamoro people 0 Geometric shapes 0 Energetic rigidity o Represent individuals who have recently passed away Ritual Boards abstract hocker figure Wenena Gerua Papua new guinea The use of color is earned Siane People 0 Sculpture is rare here 0 You put it on yourhead o Linked to specific families quotPig Festquot 0 Hosted by specific clans every 3 years 0 Honors ancestors o Synchronized with lunar cycle 0 Full moon 39 Moon linked with women 39 Full moon linked with pregnancy 39 Continuity cycle 39 Ancestors are returning to the spirit world 0 Pigs are the main sacrificial animal 39 When a physical entity is killed spirit goes on 39 During the feasts the pig souls are going on with the ancestors 39 Success ofthe pigs in the afterlife are linked to physical herds of pigs Male Figure Yipwon New Guinea Yiman People quothookfigurequot 0 Combine human figures with hook shapes 0 Primordial beings among the yiman people there are two sizes A Inran we 39 Innermost part ofa men39s house 39 Owned collectively by clans quotpublicquot Small 39 Owned by individuals 39 Charmsforhuntingsuccess The sun came down to the earth made the first men39s house pieces of the material used for the men39s houses came alive and became the sun39s children yipwons they killed the sun39s relative the yipwons are so scared of the sun they became wooden and when the sun left the earth he left them here to help humans They are inanimate objects but you can call spirits into them


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