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Notes for STC 102 Midterm

by: Natalie Land

Notes for STC 102 Midterm STC 102

Natalie Land
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

detailed step by step notes on how to do your midterm good luck!
Graphic Design for Strategic Communication
Alexander Heria
Study Guide
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This 7 page Study Guide was uploaded by Natalie Land on Monday February 15, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to STC 102 at University of Miami taught by Alexander Heria in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 130 views. For similar materials see Graphic Design for Strategic Communication in Strategic Communication at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 02/15/16
January 13, 2016 STC 102: Lesson One Notes  Adobe Bridge: hub for looking at any files adobe works on: movies, vector images, indesign files, all shows in bridge o IE: go to downloads folder: double click, everything you downloaded is in the folder o Lower right hand corner of screen you can zoom in or zoom out with slider o Click on one picture it tells you information about the picture  What camera you used, bit depths, dimension and pixels etc  To remove dock hold down control key and click on the line between trash and click turn hiding on  Tool box on right, on top menu bar, underneath menu bar, options bar  To maximize screen on photoshop: click and drag layers button to the workspace  Navigation: command plus zooms in, command minus zooms out, command 0 puts you back to normal o Space bar + command key= cursor changes to zoom key o On the top is open files, just click on them, the tabs: keyboard shortcut= control tab and you can scroll through open files  Car Project o Step 1: go to control buttons on top, menu buttons such as file, edit, image  Image; adjustments:  Step 1: go to levels o Histogram  Graph version of charting where all the pixels in the image are from lightest to darkest  Move them in: depending on gap, in the car picture there is a white gap from white triangle is to where the actual graph begins which says this picture has no real white so drag white slider  Step 2: chose vibrance o Crank saturation to 100  Lookin at pixels and turning numbers up on all pixels makes everything more intense  Vibrance: 100 vibrance is different vibrance only cranks up low colors  To undo everything o Command z: one step o Command option z does all  Also go to image: adjustments o Click on channels’ rgb  Individual channels you can click specificlay red blue or green  Choose the red and move the slider of the white one to the graph  Image adjustment o Color balance  Cyan magenta and yellow: color wheel  Save as: change profile STC 102: Lesson Two  Step 1 o Little Girl  Crop tool: shortcut C  Cursor from outside of rotate and it makes picture straight  Then crop the image from the white background and everytime before you press check makesure you uncheck on the left delete cropped pixels o Step 2  Look for problems in picture in this case of the girl  It looks dull and grey, and pink  Different ways of approach o First get rid of color cast: go to image adjustment color balance  After you do this go to levels and fix contrast  Sometimes first to levels sometimes first to color balance it all depends  Now try another choice o Go just to levels  And channel the colors so red, green etc  Move arrows to where graph starts  Next Step o Fix the brick wall for example  Zoom in to crack in wall  Clone stap tool: click s for clone stamp o Then do option and the area you want to clone click o You can make stamp smaller by bracket right bracket left to collect pictures go on google and click images  IE: paris and rome: when you type in name of place, click search tools and click size larger than : etc  Pictures have to be 6mp and above no less  Then click more tools don’t drag picture off go to view image and then you can drag the picture off of the one you put view image Lessons 3 and 4 1. Set up screen to work better a. Put cursor on layers pallet click and drag him out so hes free floating b. Then go to essentials and put collapse to icons c. To personalize photoshop- go to essentials and click on new work space 2. Layers a. Background with lock on it: eraser and erase on the plate: you get white, b. Double click on background layer: and name it layers c. When you have a solid background everything you put above it is layers i. Checker board means empty space 3. Rectangular marquee tool a. Click on it: cursor turns into plus sign click on plate and drag i. You end up with a squiggly box of marching ants: defining an area that is alive ii. Keyboard shortcut: when you make a selection and want it to be on its own layer put command letter J 1. This gives you layer one iii. Change layer one name 4. Move tool a. First tool on toolbox: click on it and use it to move the object b. When checkered u can put the cursor anywhere on screen and it moves it but not when there is other stuff 5. Elliptical marquee tool a. Circle and ovals b. Make a perfect selection around something: with left hand while still holding mouse push spacebar and push back up c. Then let go of space bar but not mouse and keep fixing selection d. Spacebar: moves selection, without spacebar: expands it 6. Lasso tool a. Three lassos: free hand: draw free hand around object b. Polygonal lasso: when I just need to make a box selection around an object c. magnetic lasso: click once with mouse: leaves anchor point: you go around and it leaves a fairly decent drawing i. refine edge fixes gaps : command r is shortcut ii. you can click on smooth or contrast, to make it more highlighted iii. go to output two and: put new layer 7. Click selection tool make a circle around object: then click option and magic wand tool and it subtracts 8. If you want to move multiple objects: hold shift key and select all layers and move all together 9. Quick selection tool a. Letter w is shortcut tool b. It’s a brush it selects as a brush: with bracket key you can make smaller or bigger 10. Choose one coral hit command letter T: transform tool: if you hold control button and click on box menu appears : command key and hold one corner can distort ur object 11. Layer style box a. Double click on layer: then you can fix shadow by going on drop angle: distance and angle Lesson 4: The travel brochure 1. Adding layers a. Command j b. Click on the original layer: pineapple layer: hit command j: copies pineapple layer i. It says pineapple copy ii. Go to top of layers pallete: you see word normal click on it and go down to middle of long menu that appears : it’s a blend panel: so change it from blend to overlay 2. Group layers a. Command shift and hold all the ones you want to group b. Then command g 3. Clipping mask a. Go to flower 2 psd: take the flower and drag straight up find o4 start it appears on screen : put mouse icon onto picture and it takes it in b. Put cursor onto layers pallete AND MOVE IT IN BETWEEN THE TWO LAYERS i. Hold down option key and click once with mouse ii. PUTS FLOWER INSIDE Hawaii 4. Lock buttons on the layer panel thingy a. The first one locks everything but the ones with pixels January 27, 2016 Lesson Seven  Hierarchy exists in type everywhere, where some words are bolder and bigger and others less important are smaller o FACEBOOK: name is big and type underneath is slightly less  Hit letter p for pen tool:  Choose quick selection tool: to take out velvet edge make brush be size 125 o Click once on shirt and it selects the whole thing o This tool selects by color, click on collar and it selects o Next we do face: click once on neck o Now we do hair: make brush bigger and it all gets selected cuz its all one color  Now we click refine edge: option command letter r o In refine edge: go in view and change to on white o Refine edge selects very well when it sees difference in color o For each color the hair lays on you need to have a different brush stroke  The first one make brush size 50 : refine tool with brush selects more stuff we missed literaly brush over  Now go to view menu and go to black and white: you can see the mask being created to create selection o Whatever is selected is white: and whats not selected is a mask and its black o Grey equals level of transparency so you have to make things more contrast: go down to contrast and raise it slighter  Layer mask situation: where it says output to put new layer with layer mask o End up with layer zero copy: o To edit click on actual layer mask icon o Go to brush tool hit letter b: o D makes it black and white o Hit letter x and it switches flipboard between white and black and one color and another foreground and background flip  We want hardness at 100 for layer mask some parts we want hard so we want on 100 and opacity and flow both to 100 percent  White : shows, Black:hides  How to save layer mask o Click window and then channels  To save it take layer 0 copy mask and click and drag it with the mouse to the little page next to trash can  To give glow u can do hardnes 0 opacity 50 and flow 50  Paint with white on the mask  If layer mask is messed up right click or control click on layer mask and delete it  then go to layer mask copy hold down command key and hold down icon : the guy gets selected  Step two o We like the guy how hes cleaned, now we apply layer mask : hold down control key go to layer mask itself and choose apply layer mask  Makes him chopped out  Now were going to do the puppet warp  Puppet warp o Go to edit menu and go to middle and choose puppet warp  Put the guy with triangles  Go to edge and click with mouse  Last step you go to crop tool Quality control Click once on picture: and you shoud see number by number, should be over 2000 on both sides and then second number should be mb FOR PROJECT Choose pictures and click command and click on bridge click tools it takes it all to photoshop Then window arrange Lesson 8  Pen tool: bessier: doesn’t exist on graph o Lets you manipulate point by creating handles Print: cmyk : 300 dpi Web: rgb Lesson on Billboards  Bring to class layers with photoshop  Upmost layer command shift letter e


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