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MBA 674 Study Guide

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1 review
by: Adegoke Taiwo

MBA 674 Study Guide 21022

Adegoke Taiwo
GPA 3.68

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About this Document

Mid-Term Guidelines by Professor Larry Bridwell
Globalization, New Economy and Ethics
Lawrence Bridwell
Study Guide
Santoro, Hill, Nilekani, O'Neill, Khanna, Robertson, Venkatesan, China, India, Africa, N-11, Growth Markets, Emerging Markets, Reform Era
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1 review
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"I had to miss class because of a doctors appointment and these notes were a LIFESAVER"
Verla Wuckert

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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Adegoke Taiwo on Tuesday February 16, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to 21022 at Pace University taught by Lawrence Bridwell in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Globalization, New Economy and Ethics in Business Administration at Pace University.


Reviews for MBA 674 Study Guide

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I had to miss class because of a doctors appointment and these notes were a LIFESAVER

-Verla Wuckert


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Date Created: 02/16/16
MBA 674 – MID-TERM EXAM GUIDELINES Charles W. HILL – Globalization, New Economy and Ethics or International Business: Competing in the Global Market Place  Two major facets of Globalization.  Globalization of Boeing 777, 787 and its rationale.  Corruption and Transparency International.  Differences among GNI, PPP and HDI.  Singapore’s (Lee Kuan Yew) view of democracy.  Francis Fukuyama vs. Samuel Huntington.  Guanxi.  Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977.  Research Thesis of Jeffrey Sachs & Warner.  Ricardo’s Theory of Comparative Advantage.  Heckscher-Olin, Krugman and New Trade Theory.  Michael Porter’s clusters of related industries.  Two kinds of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).  Trends in FDI since 1990.  Strengths and Weakness of Licensing/Franchising vs. FDI MICHAEL SANTORO – China 2020  1991 Chinese Human Rights Paper –- Three contentions.  Reform Era --- Three Principles.  Fair Share and Corporate Social Responsibility –- Three Factors.  China Poverty: Progress and current statistics – Rural vs. Urban and Migrant workers.  Chinese Pyramid and Corporate Social Responsibility.  History and Future of ACFTU and Worker Rights NANDAN NILEKANI -Imagining India  Globalization, Technology and Education and its impact on the middle class and poor RAVI VENKATESAN – Conquering The Chaos  The three phases of McKinsey Midway Trap and its implications for Multinationals KHANNA  Big Three Dynamics and Swing States JIM O’NEIL - The Growth Map  Emerging markets vs. growth markets vs. N-11.  O’Neill’s view of inflation for the developing world.  Two major forces fuelling economic growth.  Forecast accuracy of GES model- What was Underestimated and Overestimated? ROBERTSON – The Fastest Billion  Four Stages of economic transformation and Africa.  Future of corruption POSSIBLE ESSAY TOPICS  Appropriate role for government and Corporate Social Responsibility in economic development.  Theory of Comparative Advantage.  Recent economic history and future business opportunities in China, India and Africa.  Foreign Direct Investment and the role of O’Neill’s Growth Environment Scores (GES).  Four Stages of economic transformation as it has affected the past and future of the Bric’s and the N-11


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