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Ascent of Europe

by: Sophia Shore

Ascent of Europe HIST 031

Sophia Shore
GPA 3.65
Ascent of Europe
Benjamin Nathans, Thomas Max Safley

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About this Document

Study guide for the assignments for Ascent of Europe.
Ascent of Europe
Benjamin Nathans, Thomas Max Safley
Study Guide
history, europe, Renaissance, Exploration
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This page Study Guide was uploaded by Sophia Shore on Tuesday February 16, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to HIST 031 at University of Pennsylvania taught by Benjamin Nathans, Thomas Max Safley in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see Ascent of Europe in History at University of Pennsylvania.


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Date Created: 02/16/16
Sophie Shore Ascent of Europe Assignment 1 This segment is essentially a petition meant to set the stage for a later court case between two Florentine merchants Aldobrand Tanagli and Francis Cattani and their retailer in London Given that the petition has been set out in the quotfifte yere of the rein of oure soueraign lord the kyngquot it is assumed that the year of concern is 1490 the fth year of the reign of Henry VII of England The house of Bardes is said to be at the time on quotSeynt Clementes lane in Londonquot where a negotiation supposedly took place between the two merchants and their retailer as to the price of a canvas of goods The problem is that a third party a Mr Cok is said to be disputing the sale of the cloth to a different party than himself The Italian merchants are in turn defending by saying that Mr Cok aimed to delay their payment which would have rendered the deal void The merchants lost a previous case and are petitioning to have this one looked at again Thus they wrote this petition to have a second go at Mr Cok This document details the relationship between merchants of prominent Florentine banking companies and their English counterparts some time before the exploration of the Italian John Cabot in North America in 1497 It is just an example of the commerce that took place at that time speci cally the nature of negotiations between the two groups Sophie Shore Ascent of Europe Assignment 2 The document pictured here is a map of some kind most likely of the expeditions of a commissioned explorer during the 15th or 16th century It was most likely used with the navigation of the Atlantic during this time as it is broken into zones with lines that look like those of early latitude and longitude corresponding to sporadic blue red and greenmarked points The words that mark the outline of the map s zones are probably areas of interest to the explorer that used this On a different note this map could also be the network of trade and transport for a major ltalian banking rm most likely from Florence There are several key points within the map or network and those could be the major hubs at which trade took place or at which there were key clients or retailers and the words that mark the outline could represent places where business occurred However given the key that is at the bottom of the piece I am more inclined to say it is a map used for exploration at the height of the Renaissance Sophie Shore Ascent of Europe Assignment 3 This piece is a letter written by Amerigo Vespucci a noted Italian explorer to Pier Soderini Gonfalonier of Florence in 1497 as an account of his first voyage The initially groveling letter was written at the request of fellow Florentine Benvenuto Benvenuti insofar that this friend of his wished an account of his four journeys on behalf of the Portuguese royalty Soderini seems to be a friend of Vespucci s though the latter referring to the former as your Magnificence seems to hold him in incredibly high regard They appear to have been educated together by Vespucci s uncle Friar Antonio of the Monastery of San Marco in Florence He tells of his vacillating fortune as a merchant in Spain and that he took up exploring as a way toward a more noble profession As for his journeys he traveled from Cadiz to an island westward where the North Star was at 16 degrees from the horizon or One of the more interesting aspects of this letter is his description of the naked race natives He describes them as overly aloof and therefore dangerous and makes a point to note their aversion to hair Every account Vespucci gives notes the natives as otherworldly this is especially clear when he later visits their village and describes their traditions as barbarous dances However Vespucci clearly appreciates if not expects the esteem bestowed upon him by the natives as if he is aware of what he perceives as his own superiority Overall however he seems to hold the island in great esteem as if it itself is the most pleasant of new worlds The birds foods and surprising orderliness leaves him bewildered as does a second settlement of 400 men that is discovered during the 13th month of the journey This does not prove to be a fruitful encounter as a war was waged that injured many explorers but killed and enslaved many natives destroying their village in the process This piece is what could be considered a stereotypical encounter between natives and explorers proving to have led to great discovery for the latter but devastation for the former Although an explorer wrote this account to great praise of his journey a native account of the events would have been much different


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