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Geology Quiz review chapters 11, 13

by: Vraj Patel

Geology Quiz review chapters 11, 13 1122k

Marketplace > Georgia State University > Geology > 1122k > Geology Quiz review chapters 11 13
Vraj Patel
GPA 3.6

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About this Document

CHapter 11 chapter 13 questions and answers The time at which significant amounts of crustal rocks formed is the A semi-coherent mass of sediment and rock moves slowly down slope, leaving a hea...
Introductory Geosciences II
Hidalgo Odio
Study Guide
The, time, AT, which, significant, amounts, Of, crustal, rocks, formed, IS, A semi-coherent, mass, sediment, and, Rock, moves, slowly, down, slope, leaving, a, head, scarp, top, failure, surface, . This, type, movement
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Vraj Patel on Tuesday February 16, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to 1122k at Georgia State University taught by Hidalgo Odio in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 71 views. For similar materials see Introductory Geosciences II in Geology at Georgia State University.


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Date Created: 02/16/16
Chapter 11 Geology Quiz review questions • The time at which significant amounts of crustal rocks formed is the: o Archean Eon (from about 3.85 to 2.5 Ga) • Evidence of ancient orogeny is found in the rock record as o Metamorphism, folding and faulting, unconformities, and igneous activity • The earliest evidence of life on earth dates to at least o 3.5 Ga • Crustal regions where broad areas of stable Precambrian rocks are exposed are called o Shields • The great Oxygenation Event, which added abundant oxygen to the atmosphere beginning about 2.4 Ga was due to the: o Evolution of photosynthetic organisms in oceans • The Cambrian explosion of life began about 540 Ma. What is noteworthy about that event? o Rapid diversification of life forms occurred • The rise and fall of global sea level leaves a distinct series of deposits. This geologic record is called o Stratigraphic sequences • Which of the following is NOT part of an idealized stratigraphic sequence that is supposed to show sequences of rocks? o Metamorphism • The Appalachian Mountains in Eastern North America formed when o The North American Continent collided with northwest Africa • Geologists have determined that a meteorite landed on the north west coast of the Yucatan peninsula about 65 Ma, causing o Extinction of dinosaurs, chixculub crater, K-T Boundary Event, extinction of 90% of plankton’s species in the oceans and 75% of plant species Chapter 13 quiz • A semi-coherent mass of sediment and rock moves slowly down slope, leaving a head scarp at the top of the failure surface. This type of mass movement is called a(n) o Slump • A moving slurry of mud, pebbles, and boulders is called o Debris Flow • Which of the following can trigger a mass movement? o Earthquakes, clearing vegetation on a slope, adding water to a slope, and wave erosion steepening coastal slopes • A lahar is a special type of mudflow originating from which process? o Volcanic ash mixed with water • What is the difference between an avalanche and a debris flow o A debris flow is dominantly solid fragments, while an avalanche is dominantly fluid • Why is the southern California coast especially susceptible to mass movements? o It’s a tectonically active region, It’s a region of high relief, the weak bedrock is heavily weathered and fractured, and climate in the region has hot, dry summers and may have heavy winter rains • True or False? Mass movements cannot occur under water. o False • Which of the following can be triggered by a submarine mass movement? o Tsunami • Which of the following factors influence mass movements? o Slope stability, Angle of repose, downslope force, resistance force • True or False? Mass movements only occur as a result of human modification of the landscape o False


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