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Flashcards / 11.2 main ideas

11.2 main ideas

11.2 main ideas


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The selective service act required all men over 18 to register with the government in order to be randomly selected for military service. The 369th infantry was a group for african americans to be in the war.

How did the United States raise an army for the war?

First, the government exempted many shipyard workers form the draft and gave others a "deferred" classification, delaying their participation in the draft. Second, the U.S chamber of Commerce joined in a public relations campaign to emphasize the importance of shipyard work. Third, shipyards used fabrication techniques. Lastly, the government took control over commercial and private ships and converted them for transatlantic war use.

How did the Unites states expand its navy so quickly?

The machine gun, had been so refined that they changed the nature of warfare. Tanks and airplanes had a big impact on mechanized warfare, or warfare that relies on machines powered by gasoline and diesel engines.

How did World War 1 change the nature of warfare?

The physical problems they faced were trench foot and trench mouth. Trench foot is caused by standing in cold wet trenches for long periods of time without changing your shoes or socks. Trench mouth is a painful infection of the gums and throat that was from staying in the trench too long as well. The psychological effects was the battle of fatigue or "Shell Shock" which is when your body is emotionally collapse form which many never recover.

What were the physical and psychological effects of this kind of warfare?

The U.S. troops played a major role in throwing back German attacks at chateau-Thierry and Belleau Wood. In July and August, they helped win the second battle of marne. The tide had turned against the central powers.

How did American forces help the allies win the war?