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laurence coutellier

laurence coutellier


School: Ohio State University
Department: Molecular Genetics
Course: Eukaryotic Cell and Developmental Biology Laboratory
Professor: Laurence coutellier
Term: Spring 2016
Tags: Genetics, Behavioral Genetics, mendel, Inheritance, twin studies, and Adoption Studies
Cost: 25
Name: Psych 5602: Behavioral Genetics (Articles, Class Notes, and Midterm 1 Study Guide)
Description: Articles need to be read for class. Class PowerPoint lectures, and my notes from those lectures. My study guide made from the lectures in preparation for Midterm 1. Everything you will need for Midterm 1 for this class.
Uploaded: 02/17/2016
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Jarrell Schuster (Rating: )

Almost no time left on the clock and my grade on the line. Where else would I go? prows.3 has the best notes period!