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RL ST 001 Study Guide Exam#1

by: Peter River

RL ST 001 Study Guide Exam#1 RL ST 001

Peter River
World Religion
Timothy Inman

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About this Document

This includes all the answers of questions that will appear on the exam one.
World Religion
Timothy Inman
Study Guide
Religious Studies, RLST, Tim Inman, world religions
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Peter River on Thursday February 18, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to RL ST 001 at The Pennsylvania university taught by Timothy Inman in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see World Religion in Religious Studies at The Pennsylvania university.

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Date Created: 02/18/16
Study Guide for TEST 1 Tues 29 The first section of the test will consist of 34 multiplechoice and trueorfalse questions Each question is worth half of a point for a total of I 7 points You can expect to see a question on each of the checked items below Remember the total points available for each test is 20 and each test represents 20 of your final grade El Culto de Santa Muerte Know the name of the Aztec capital city Tenochtitlan Know the name of the Aztec god of sun and war Huitzilopochtli Know the names of the two figures who merged to create la Santa Muerte La Parca and Mictecacihuatl Know what the different colors of la Santa Muerte symbolize Red Romance love Black Protection Brown Discernment wisdom White Purity Green Justice money Know what a novena is A series of prayers taking place over nine days What the Hell Is Religion Know what theism means Belief that there is one personal God AKA monotheism Know the difference between polytheism and henotheism Polytheism belief that there are more than one personal gods Henotheism belief that there are more than one personal gods but one of them is supreme over the others Know the difference between pantheism and panentheism Pantheism God is all God is everything Panentheism God is all but all is not God Know the difference between atheism and agnosticism Atheism There is no such thing as a personal god of any sort Agnosticism No one knows whether God exists Know the common features associated with most religious traditions Distinguish between sacred and profane Sacred spaces Sacred histories Sacred writings Rituals Rites of passage Theology Comparative Religion amp Religious Studies Know the textbook definition of theology Theology the discipline that describes and explains God and his relationship to the world Theology is a formal reasoned explanation of the beliefs of the faithful people of a religion Know the difference between embedded theology and deliberative theology Embedded theology the implicit theology that Christians live out in their daily lives born and raised cannot always give answers for why s regarding their faith Deliberative theology Understanding of faith that emerges from a process of carefully re ecting upon embedded theological convictions Know what evangelical theology is Evangelical theology is conceptually based on a personal realization of a need for salvation and that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ39s atonement death and resurrection Protestant Know what systematic theology is no comparison Systematic theology is a discipline of Christian theology that formulates an orderly rational and coherent account of the Christian faith and beliefs Scientific Know what comparative religion is Comparative religion is a systematic comparison of the beliefs and rituals of the world s religions It is used when theological comparison is unwarranted Voodoo amp Faith Footnote UU Know that there are 7 principles and 6 sources associated with Unitarian Universalism Know what an oba is The spiritual and political leader of a Yoruba community is called an oba or chief Know the three basic features of the Yoruba worldview Humans forgot their fates creating imbalance in the world Humans should actively remember their fates P Pi Human beings should consult the spirit world in order to restore and maintain balance in the world Know what is meant by the term orishas Orishas Yoruba spirits Deities Ancestors Other spirits Know who the loa are Loa are the inVisible supernatural beings in Vodun Loa includes large numbers of families or nations of such beings Paranormal Investigation Know the four methods of paranormal investigation pseudoscientific technology psychics public records seances Know the four most common talents of psychics Telepathy the ability to read minds Telekinesis the moving of objects using the mind alone Clairvoyance the ability to see events before they happen Mediumship the ability to communicate with supernatural spirits Know what a medium is A person who claims to be able to communicate or be possessed by supernatural spirits Know the three degrees of demonic activity Infestation entity disturbs peaceful functioning of a household Oppression entity in uences the personality of possessed person Possession entity takes over personality of possessed person Know the definition of pseudoscience Pseudoscience is a collection of beliefs or practices mistakenly regarded as being based on scientific method Naskapi Hopi Cherokee Know where Mista peo dwells in each indiVidual Mista peo meaning the Great Man the active living soul of each person dwelling in the heart Know the main uses of the Hopi kachinas Discipline children Know what the Hopi kivas are and what they are used for Hopi kivas are used for underground chambers used to conduct religious rituals Know the Cherokee term for the sacred stories of their origin and relationship with the world Myth Something else about the Cherokee Creation Myth 0 Earth is an island held by four cords 0 Formed by water beetle 0 Procreation by fish slapping Hunting and Corn Myth 0 Kana ti is father of hunters kept game in cave O Selu is mother of farmers stomach corn armpits beans Miscellaneous Know what syncretism is Syncretism is the merging of different religious figures or symbols from different cultures Know what idolatry is Reverence for the image of a deity or spirit Belief that an image of a supernatural being is the physical manifestation of the being itself Know the basic questions associated with worldView What is the nature of the world what is the destiny of human kind what can humans do to reach their destiny Know what animism is Animism is the belief that animals plants and inanimate objects as well as humans possess souls 3 The second section of the test is a short essay which is worth 3 points Keep in mind that this amounts to 3 of your final grade for the course You will respond to the essay prompt below Your short essay should be in simple fiveparagraph form You should include an opening paragraph with a thesis statement followed by a list of three main points The three main points must be full sentences I will count o if you make bullet points or do something lazy like that Each of the three main points will be talked about in further detail in the three respective body paragraphs A conclusion paragraph should be added at the end that basically restates the opening paragraph 0 Explain what is meant by the term syncretism Describe in detail at least two examples of syncretism that we have studied in this class Finally make sure to answer the following question using specific references to what we have studied so far in this course Under what social and political circumstances does syncretism typically arise Syncretism is the merging of different religious figures or symbols from different cultures I am going to talk about some examples of syncretism in the 2 d and 3rd paragraph Then I will be talking about the social and political circumstances that syncretism typically arise Santa Muerte is an example of syncretism La Santa Muerte also known as the Bony Lady the White Lady is mostly likely the merging of the Aztec goddess of death Mictecacihuatl with the Spanish grim reapress La Parca Another example of syncretism would be Ogun one of the principle figures of West African Religion It is the Deity of fire smelting and hunting Ogun is syncretized with St Peter in Santeria St James the Greater in Haitian Voodoo and St George in Cantomble Syncretisms 1 St Peter Santeria 2 St James the Greater Haitian Voodoo 3 St George or St Sebastian Cantomble Warslave trade Many of the Africans who went to Cuba as slaves from the sixteenth through the nineteenth centuries were of Yoruba origin They brought their beliefs and faith in deities with them to Cuba Yet they were baptized as Roman Catholics as required by Spanish law Orishas is Yoruba spirits whose names are used in conjunction with Catholic saints in the New World


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