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Study Guide Exam 2 Metabolism

by: Dora Nguyen

Study Guide Exam 2 Metabolism BIO 122-223

Marketplace > Ferris State University > Biology > BIO 122-223 > Study Guide Exam 2 Metabolism
Dora Nguyen
GPA 4.0
General Biology 2

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About this Document

These notes follow the study guide posted on Black board. This will aid studying for the exam unit two.
General Biology 2
Study Guide
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This page Study Guide was uploaded by Dora Nguyen on Friday February 19, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to BIO 122-223 at Ferris State University taught by Spain in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 99 views. For similar materials see General Biology 2 in Biology at Ferris State University.


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Date Created: 02/19/16
tw I 5T0 D GUIDE E7WM 2 METBO 19 I 3 V 9AC4 gcmdud 3 Ecgcmemvrksgt 9 AC1 gt Thrmdymamfcallg maxo gt law0amp9 14m moi 9AC2L gt 77ceW oynam124 y 76mm be u 7 wy 4 gt Pmcw hat6 655 6M9 H mamkg ewe9y Wm mmeez W 4 7 ltA L 7 Mpgggg f LizZ a a fPlm fwf 5 mka eaM sz A 9 I14 MWZ Inga2414ZP 1 DZIQjyQ 79232 awh wenmc r v a u omWZL fiM l gt 19an 111096 ha 7 7 61 E71214 mg L Wzzd39 va ahayak C W Ame 9542umgs bug mk mfaw enemy 7 0 721M xx Lquot Mel19 ghWM 7 1 5477 9 Ehzgwg do no ovemjj AG 1 4 14 39 A quot9 I a I AA L TemppH fringe X6 4m mug enzyme Qw ion WWI Mpp 6 29 ne temp Q11 Met 1 1 5 7 M Fi e av w ea when Mk 0 5 when enziym Ewm wm 44042414j bc 3391 5MUCVW f6 4924 AWw de V a d Rado v xon V WNMWM L eeox f X Mvoue v I w Qr 6F QQC39ILI U145 A 73 5e oxidized s 091 e hhquote Habm 1 9 ww e cwmr ama recuth agenv A 4 fa A reduced amed9e 3 6 w e ee37 and OXI di Vy age47 OXI39amL o 1395 wop c any zed5242b AMEDL NA 1 H k JETHEWQT camer molecule i5 W k V44D7 f6 WlD Wo elechnm M M20 466976 e H becomes xMD i cam86 3 H Lgt LECT20VI4 CEPW2 I 950 Mm u OXIb ZZea szam mgegan Lquot 50 AM DH is gagM decalsans Wuurww wavy t wk 0 4 4 7 h V k L C7 3 9513613 H I W le giapla L bu Maj 7 x c112 regtguczkg L9 H1914 814293 IZt z MeCIQVLE SLLa Zf t 24 9 PMQQ f 2 5W0 4 2 WADAfoWf 4477 2546 2 I 639pr l gX al w 39 gnawy Co ca1 4 lt5 mum 4 LFADH Jr 2 ATP L Oxggw GAMMA BOT Via no dimddg vtvah d Fme MM eF Nz are e donor H Jm ETC ETC 9 2 er ggWH Q is L wlm TWMV mmmbm op MIFoch 39gt Windquot TFngwaed from Y QdOtHondP 61 ETC s lmy mq laf 4 1 and QLMC q ov l o pmHsm 9Mfgvt r 4 tamaocrsz H70 ATP N41 3 1949 14 AT j L M Mme via ATP gamma W L 07 MoIVE LC oak a5cLQM mm o ETC The W bi ewa blw aubeWke dei 2 om QWXQVLOYB L gubm Au2A vaobe organ eubW QOXQGOJHVQ bOE39 a NOT 1vN v QVBMELQQW P Anaembic EDEPW QHOV l anaerob c beech 4 an M hQQd om Qgtnst gt rm17M e 602be 01 Meme 0W1 40 De Mm m Mow394 010 02 a w Mew we ve39va Vi 5467591721 0y z39KfuWe 39I QO39UC I39Vg Myer21 C02 0a harz 090145 5 7W Fame4an PM ways 9 Lad 4 0 rm Fyra vav f5 film 9quot accepww f 4496sz x 402175 Me recVeeo end pmo ocv 2 3ampZwmmndo ivtg ghgcgkgsi Amm 3quot m dm 39 39 4 M61 farm AceMJdehyagwi 0MW1zi hmg A g quotm Mb H w n u r39 c rmggg 4afy C045 mfg3742 g e ogiweoz m 77mm e h 547 Pmdodtfcm e t h 4 A th 206 mewbz c ampegt 339 ATP LATE v M Ls Wmv fb mt 4 E Om qua lt LOW f a WWW H I 02 I C0 C07 4 01639U 3W39 A CCpU QQQ 3quot 062 QWZORY GG 1 Co C131 4 0 H79 M u r O r Warf Ar m A Car m amp Wn 1Lka 090mb 1 1 yak919 omn Oc wW 7 awv29 C A ne214 5 d b elm07quot 4m maes do ckz g J s mtgyam K L CVW aQ f J L gvlnMx m 2207343114 mav erZL 3QQ mmHan M a o Map77M 7749 Li H u m1quot 74 y f 39 VT ILL WM 1hth um v a k m My 1 AWN H W 9 J Wum hay m iPAgm a m a nmm n a Qymmhbn pha e b7 whpmzwfkya aza sz ma a 221 3ampme m K I v huhmwn4 7 Lgt Pmdacj w0zmA MDPH Anc 26 4 equot dam7 A PECZFICA LLY mag027 j f LQQQmAELmigm C PA KT TWO OF P HQTCfolV WM 4 Arv u A 4r1lw 4 M A n mwquot L9 ix carbon mew ma 2 WEQEEWW L9 092 1amp1me 44pr 75mm L5 Pmdod u f N24 DP 1 AD RuBP n 9 gt mmmmwmmyz 46 Lgt 3365750 rim 4 V l Q 4967 l l 1AA rvvquot 9 47 Ip p v x a IDAWavy 0157 G 6 A 1 1 OF phOf thS I A 39Sgt Calumag c A


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