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STC 233: Study Guide for Midter m

by: Natalie Land

STC 233: Study Guide for Midter m STC 233

Marketplace > University of Miami > Communication > STC 233 > STC 233 Study Guide for Midter m
Natalie Land
GPA 4.0

Melissa Jane Barnes

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About this Document

Hello class, here is a detailed studyguide of all the class discussions for our midterm Feb 29, its super detailed goodluck!
Melissa Jane Barnes
Study Guide
Advertising, writing, business, STC, STC 233
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Natalie Land on Saturday February 20, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to STC 233 at University of Miami taught by Melissa Jane Barnes in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 63 views. For similar materials see in Communication at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 02/20/16
Study Guide for STC 233 0 Introduction into business writing 0 0 Account managing basically sales trying to convince a client of x y and 2 External and Internal Environments External 0 Client anyone who hires an agency to work for them lE Colgate Internal 0 Account planner media buyer creative production userexpenence Good Account managers speak to clients up to ve times a a day Account Manager works with both external and internal and main role is communicating and working with the client 0 Tips for Successful Business writing 0 0000000000 Simple concrete language Omit needless words Active verb led by carly carly led by Everyday English no scienti c words or foreign phrases Little emotion especially in an email no emotion Subject pronoun matches your verb limit use of adverbs the producer happily agreed just say agreed know when to use that and which affect and effect affect is in uence effect is result think before and read and reread Do s Plan out outline avoid fancy jargon similes and metaphors share writing with other people Don t s Burry your argument stop using so much uff likes to hear the bad news right awayquot 0 Personal Statement 0 O O O 0 Tips Like a resume but more detailed Not long but can be however better if shorts Don t pretend your rst draft is perfect How do you want to sell yourself Highlights where you want to go bullet points the best features and attributes and achievements An interesting hook Truthful honest personal theme rst sentence is the most important try not to use 0 Three steps to writing it Set the scene and goals personal brand most important accomplishments Advertising potential agencies potential employees hire me understand my creative side and ability to learn tasks quickly 0 Feel positive and con dent with my abilities as an intern Personal brand Most important accomplishments Personal Branding O O O Originated from a quote in fast company magazine What is it and why is it valuable It makes you stand out Should be cohesive Social media logo It s the rst thing no one can take away from you follows you through your career shows leadership if your savvy with your own brand they will think you ll be savvy with them How to create your own personal brand Website build your platform identify your uniqueness be consistent on all platforms share your knowledge be yourself nd your own style identify values Brand persona how people view you message to audience 0 Your emotional appeal why do you think people are attracted to you 0 Tips for Resume Writing O 0000 0000 Reverse chronological order Write a list of your experiences Carry personal branding theme into your design and text Most relevant experience for job your applying to should go rst Use active verbs use numbers when important such as taught twenty students created four yers etc Show yourself as a dynamic person Stand out for yourself Successes you have achieved and been awarded If your work experience is more important than education put it rst 0 Interview Basics 0 Interview prep tips Know about the company have questions to ask about yourself and about the company social media what they have Be prepared as on the clients they are working for 0 Day before interview Get there fteen to ten minutes earlier Call receptionist to nd out the dress code Follow up piece of communication after interview Be con dent approachable engaging and educated Don t use quotteam leaderquot non speci c and vague o How to write 0 David father of advertising First dove advertising was the rst one for the real beauty campaign 0 Write the way you talk naturally o Read it out loud 0 Get to the point no uffy writing 0 Never use jargon words 0 Don t write lengthy 0 Never send something you just wrote re read it 0 Go in person and tell guy what you want 0 Linked in o What is it Professional network connect world of professionals and help you establish profession pro le career opportunities connect with classmates 332 million people on linked in over 300 countries use it Recruiter HR department is in charge of going through all applicants and connected to the hiring department 0 Linked in tips Customize your public pro le url make it resume worthy Background pro le to your photo Personal branding type of picture Professional headshot establish digital trust user makes eye contact with photograph feeling of natural sense to trust you Import contacts Pro le badge for your personal website or blog icon somewhere on website Put key words in your linked in so people can search it Show work samples Get endorsed for yourself 0 Conference Report 0 Meeting notes reports minutes recaps and summaries 0 Must include meeting minutes Why is it important lncase someone missed meeting or to not forget what was said sent to client to show your on same page how business gets done 0 Include what was decided in meeting accomplished and next steps so everyone knows who is going to do what Start with when who what is done 0 Write minute after meeting not during you don t want to miss stuff just fake notes 0 Use positive actionable language don t include embarrassing personal details quadruple check before sending them out 0 Get a copy of agenda if there isn t one make one Writing Successful emails 0 Always have contact information at the bottom 0 Successful email tips Meaningful subject line what is it your after identify yourself at the beginning Proofread a lot Don t provoke and allude to someone that it is there fault Double check for correct attachments when in doubt take it out Edit edit edit Show respect and restraint Why is email so important 0 How many emails were sent and received on a day in 2013 about 189 billion per day 0 It s the predominant form of communication in the business world standard form of communication 0 Now you even instant message clients Additional pointers o What is the point your sending the email skip long intros compliments and details 0 Requested action make it crystal clear Keep it simple use few words ignore personal details pretend your texting but no abbreviations Be personal and professional Keep contact info easy to read Keep questions to a minimum 0 O 0000


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