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Topic 5: Sound Recording Industry

by: Destiny Giebe

Topic 5: Sound Recording Industry MC 101-740

Destiny Giebe
GPA 3.0

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About this Document

Objectives to come...
Mass Comm & Society
Frederick Christopher Jones
Study Guide
mass communication, Jouanlism, Graphic Design
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Destiny Giebe on Monday February 22, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to MC 101-740 at Southeast Missouri State University taught by Frederick Christopher Jones in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Mass Comm & Society in Journalism and Mass Communications at Southeast Missouri State University.


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Date Created: 02/22/16
Sound Recording: Industry So  you  want  to  be  a  rock  star?    Millions  of  screaming  fans,  fancy   cars,  a  huge  mansion  in  Beverly  Hills  with  diamond -­‐studded   toilet  bowls.    Not  so  fast  -­‐  you  might  get  the  screaming  fans  but   you'll  have  to  make  due  with  a  Hyundai  and  a  two -­‐bedroom   home  in  Gordonville.     The  average  musical  artist  receives  a  percentage  of  record   sales,  which  might  work  out  to  $1  for  every  album   sold.    Suppose  the  group's  album  goes  gold  -­‐  that  comes  out  to   $500,000.    However,  the  group  has  to  re-­‐pay  record  company   advances  and  production  costs.    They  might  also  be  charged  for   music  videos  and  unsold  records.    When  it's  all  said  and  done,   each  member  in  the  group  might  clear  a  standard  middle-­‐class   salary.    I  just  hope  Slipknot  doesn't  move  in  to  my   neighborhood. RECORD LABELS Sound  recording  is  big  business,  bringing  in  billions  each   year.    So  if  the  musicians  aren't  making  all  the  money,  who   is?    All  the  cash  is  being  made  by  a  handful  of  record   labels.    There  are  currently  four  major  labels  that  control  85%   of  the  world  music  market.    These  labels  comprise  a  global   oligopoly,  a  term  used  when  only  a  few  companies  control   most  of  an  industry.     Listed  below  are  the  four  major  labels,  as  well  as  some  of  the   small  labels  that  belong  to  each:     MAJOR  LABEL   ASSOCIATED  LABELS   Universal   Geffen,  Interscope,  Island,  MCA   Sony  BMG   Columbia,  Epic   Warner  Music   Atlantic,  Elektra,  Warner  Bros.   EMI   Capitol,  Virgin,  Parlophone     This  leaves  a  mere  15%  of  the  music  pie  for  the  small   independent  labels.    In  order  to  compete,  independents  have  to   take  risks  that  the  majors  might  not  be  willing  to  take.    And  if   they  are  lucky  enough  to  sign  a  successful  act,  they  will   immediately  feel  the  pressure  from  a  major  label.    In  fact,   major  labels  look  to  the  indies  for  new  talent,  buying  out   smaller  labels  to  sign  promising  bands.    For  example,  Warner   Music  paid  $20  million  to  buy  out  Sub  Pop,  the  Seattle  label   that  recorded  pioneering  grunge  band  Nirvana.   Hey  all  of  you  Beliebers  out  there!  DNirvana's  breakthrough  album  "Nevermind"   to  find  the  coolest  new  tunes  from  Juwas  their  first  major  label  release  after  indie   find  him  on  Island  Records.   label  Sub  Pop  was  bought  out.   RECORD PROMOTION   In  the  1980s,  the  listless  days  of  my  youth  were  shattered  by  a   new  cable  network  -­‐  MTV.    Pumping  out  the  synthesized   rhythms  of  Duran  Duran  and  Flock  of  Seagulls,  MTV  sent   teenagers  into  a  frenzy,  convincing  our  fragile  young  minds   that  leg  warmers  and  mohawks  were  actually  cool.     MTV's  impact  on  the  music  industry  was  enormous.    Few   artists  could  find  commercial  success  without  the  help  of  music   videos.    The  success  of  MTV  altered  the  music   landscape.    Artistic  talent  became  less  important  than  look s   and  synchronized  dance  moves.    Imagine  how  successful   Brittney  Spears  would  have  been  if  she  couldn't  dance  and   looked  like  Rosie  O'Donnell.    However,  MTV's  power  is  starting   to  fade  with  the  growing  popularity  of  Internet  music.     Of  course  there  are  seemingly  endless  ways  to  get  music  on  the  and  illegal.    Apple's  iTunes  is  the  current  leader   among  music  download  sites,  but  other  sites  like  Spotify  offer   interesting  alternatives.    Sites  like  Pandora  will  create  radio   stations  based  on  your  own  musical  tastes.       Here's  an  experiment  for  you.    Create  a  Pandora  station  that   blends  the  music  of  Ozzy  Osbourne  and  the  soothing  nursery   pop  of  The  Wiggles.    The  results  will  give  you  chills.     I'm  sorry,  but  this  is  not  the  "Real   World".    Regardless,  MTV  has  been  dora  has  become  one  of  the  most  popular   shaping  trends  in  music  and  culture  net  radio  sites  in  the  world.    My  favorite   since  the  early  80s.   Pandora  station?    Sufjan  Stevens  Radio.    


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