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The Romans Midterm Study Guide

by: Vienna Clark

The Romans Midterm Study Guide GRC 2102

Marketplace > Temple University > Literature > GRC 2102 > The Romans Midterm Study Guide
Vienna Clark
The Romans
Caitlin Gillespie

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About this Document

Includes all of the quizzes and the prompt options we will need to answer (only 1 of them).
The Romans
Caitlin Gillespie
Study Guide
The Romans
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Vienna Clark on Monday February 22, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to GRC 2102 at Temple University taught by Caitlin Gillespie in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see The Romans in Literature at Temple University.

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Date Created: 02/22/16
The Romans Quiz 1 Name 1 Label each of the following as True T or False F 10 points 1 Livy wrote the only history of Rome 2 Traditionally the Trojan Aeneas founded Rome 3 The first consuls were elected in 27 BC 4 The traditional founding year of Rome is 509 BC 5 Archaeological evidence on the Palatine hill suggests a 4th c BC date for the founding of Rome 6 Romulus was the first consul of Rome 7 Rome was an Empire before it was a Republic 8 Several kings of Rome had Etruscan origins 9 In Livy s history Brutus was an ignoble idiot before going to Delphi 10 In Livy s history Collatinus blames his wife Lucretia for her infidelity II On the back of this quiz define 2 of the following terms and discuss their significance in last week s readings 23 sentences per term 10 points Etruscan Apotheosis Imperium Exemplarity Sabine The Romans Quiz 2 Name Match the magistracy with its description 5 points 1 Consul A Has veto power 2 Aedile B Appointed by the consuls in time of need 3 Tribune C Commander of armies 4 Dictator D Masters of the treasury and law court 5 Quaestor E Organizer of games and markets 6 Name one way in which Cato the Elder is comparable to today s politicians and one way he is different Be specific 5 points 7 On the back of this sheet identify 1 of the following terms and describe its importance for this course 23 sentences 5 points mos maiorum cursus honorum novus homo The Romans Quiz 3 Name Place the following events in chronological order 5 points Earliest Event A Battle of Zama Second Event B The Gracchi brothers attempt land reform Third Event C Cicero becomes consul Fourth Event D Battle of Pharsalus Fifth Event E Julius Caesar dies Match the term with its description 5 points Cicero A Decree condemning men to exile or death Pomerium B Novus Homo Senatus Consultum Ultimum C Dictator for life Julius Caesar D Sacred boundary of Rome Proscription E Decree passed in times of emergency The Romans Quiz 4 Name Define 3 of the following terms and provide at least 1 reason why this term was important in the transition from the Roman Republic to the Empire 10 points Terms auctoritas Actium princeps PaX Augusta 27 BCE Eclogues The Romans Quiz 5 Name Match each character to his or her description 1 Dido a Model of Pietas 2 Anchises b Proves that Greeks are brutal and impious 3 Ascanius c Messenger of Juno 4 Aeneas d Dies on an altar 5 Sinon e Dies in Sicily 6 Neoptolemus f Prophesies about Hannibal 7 Priam g Trojan priest 8 Venus h Son of Aeneas 9 Iris i Proves that Greeks are liars 10 Laocoon j Mother of Aeneas We will also have to write an essay 35 paragraphs on one of the following questions We will be graded on if your paper has a clear outline a debatable thesis evidence to support your thesis good arguments stylelength grammar and structure and a conclusion supporting your thesis Pick one to focus on so you will be prepared for the midterm 1 Was Vergil pro or antiAugustus Using at least 5 pieces of evidence and at least 2 different primary sources make an argument as to whether you believe that Vergil was pro or antiAugustus Be specific in your citation of evidence and connect each piece of evidence clearly to your overall argument 2 What is the connection between myth and history in the texts of the early Roman empire In answering this question compare and contrast at least two different texts that give an account of the same event e g the death of Cleopatra the battle of Actium the Romulus and Remus myth Analyze each account and discuss how these accounts combine myth and history Do they privilege one over the other What lessons do we get about the morality and culture of Rome from each account 3 Consider the following quotation From that time I surpassed all others in in uence yet my official powers were no greater than those of my colleague in office Identify the author text and historical and archaeological context of this quotation Then make an argument about the concept of power in first century Rome how is power gained lost and utilized in this century What are the expectations limitations and responsibilities of seizing and wielding power and what state of mind is ideal for powerful people when they take action Your essay should use at least 3 pieces of evidence from 2 different texts to prove your points 4 Is Aeneas the ideal protoRoman Does he consistently display the Roman ideals of virtus auctoritas gravitas and pietas Make an argument about whether or not Aeneas is the ideal protoRoman and whether or not he provides a direct mythical model for Augustus in his morals leadership respect for the gods other cultural institutions etc Your essay should draw upon at least two different authorstexts and utilize at least 5 specific moments in total to prove your claims


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