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A&P I Ch5 Bone

by: Jisun Ban

A&P I Ch5 Bone BSC 2085C

Jisun Ban
GPA 3.5

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Human Anatomy and Physiology
Study Guide
A&P1 Quizlet 5
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jisun Ban on Monday February 22, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to BSC 2085C at University of North Florida taught by in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 58 views. For similar materials see Human Anatomy and Physiology in Biology at University of North Florida.


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Date Created: 02/22/16
Quiz 5 Study 1.Acne isadisorder associated with ________. C 6. Eyebrow hairsare alwaysshorter than hairson your B head because ________. A) Meibomian glands B) sweat glands A) the vascular supply ofthe eyebrow follicle isone- C) sebaceousglands tenth that ofthe head hair follicle D) ceruminousglands B) eyebrow folliclesare only active for afew months C) they grow much slower 2.Although the integument isacovering, it isby no A D) hormonesin the eyebrow follicle switch the growth meanssimple, and some ofitsfunctionsinclude ________. offafter it hasreached apredetermined length 7. In addition to protection (physical and chemical C A) resident macrophage-like cellswhose function isto barrier), the skin servesother functions. Which ofthe ingest antigenic invadersand present them to the following isanother vital function ofthe skin? immune system B) epidermal blood vesselsserving asablood reservoir A) It absorbsvitamin C so that the skin will not be C) cooling the body by increasing the action of subject to diseases. sebaceousglandsduring high-temperature conditions B) It aidsin the transport ofmaterialsthroughout the D) the dermisproviding the major mechanical barrier body. to chemicals, water, and other external substances C) It convertsmodified epidermal cholesterol to a 3. vitamin D precursor important to calcium Apocrine glands, which begin to function at puberty A metabolism. under hormonal influence, seem to play little role in D) The cellsofthe epidermisstore glucose asglycogen thermoregulation. Where would we find these glandsin the human body? for energy. 8. ________ isan inherited condition that affectsthe heme B A) in the axillary and anogenital area pathway; it leavesthe skin scarred and gums B) beneath the flexure linesin the body degenerated, and may have led to the folklore about C) in the palmsofthe handsand solesofthe feet vampires. D) in all body regionsand buried deep in the dermis 4.Burnsare devastating and debilitating because oflossof D A) Rosacea B) Porphyria fluidsand electrolytesfrom the body. How do physiciansestimate the extent ofburn damage C) Decubitusulcer D) Impetigo associated with such dangerousfluid loss? 9. A needle would pierce the epidermal layersofthe D A) by observing the tissuesthat are usually moist forearm in which order? B) by measuring urinary output and fluid intake C) through blood analysis A) basale, spinosum, granulosum, lucidum, corneum D) by using the "rule ofnines" B) granulosum, basale, spinosum, corneum C) basale, spinosum, granulosum, corneum 5.The composition ofthe secretionsofthe eccrine glands A D) corneum, granulosum, spinosum, basale is________. 10.The papillary layer ofthe dermisisconnective tissue A A) 99% water, sodium chloride, trace amountsof heavily invested with blood vessels. The superficial wastes, and vitamin C surface hasstructurescalled: B) primarily uric acid C) fatty substances, proteins, antibodies, and trace A) dermal papillae. amountsofmineralsand vitamins B) reticular papillae. D) metabolic wastes C) hair follicles. D) ceruminousglands. 11.The sebaceousglandsare simple alveolar glandsthat B 17.What isthe most important role ofthe arrector pili B secrete asubstance known assebum. The secretion of musclesin humans? sebum isstimulated ________. A) Help retain heat A) by high temperatures B) Force sebum out ofthe hair follicle to the skin B) by hormones, especially androgens surface C) asaprotective coating when one isswimming C) Cause the hair follicle to stand erect D) when the air temperature drops D) Defense 12.Select the most correct statement concerning skin C 18.Which glandsproduce ear wax? A cancer. A) Ceruminousglands A) Basal cell carcinomasare the least common but B) Eccrine Glands most malignant. C) Merocrine glands B) Squamouscell carcinomasarise from the stratum D) Apocrine glands corneum. 19.Which ofthe following isaskin sensory receptor for D C) Melanomasare rare but must be removed quickly to touch? prevent them from metastasizing. D) Most tumorsthat arise on the skin are malignant. A) Ruffini body 13.The single most important risk for skin cancer is A B) free nerve ending ________ C) Pacinian corpuscle D) tactile corpuscle A) overexposure to UV radiation 20. Which ofthe following statementsindicatesthe way in B B) genetics which the body'snatural defensesprotect the skin C) race from the effectsofUV damage? D) use offarm chemicals 14.Vernix caseosaisa________. D A) Carotene, which accumulatesin the stratum corneum and hypodermal adipose tissue, is A) substance contributing to acne during adolescence synthesized in large amountsin the presence of B) coat offine, downy hair on the headsofbalding men sunlight. C) cheesy-looking sudoriferoussecretion on the skin of B) Prolonged exposure to the sun inducesmelanin newborns dispersion, which in turn actsasanatural sunscreen. D) whitish material produced by fetal sebaceous C) The skin isprotected by the synthesisofthree glands pigmentsthat contribute to the skin'scolor. 15.Water lossthrough the epidermiscould cause aserious D D) The skin isprotected by increasing the number of epidermal dendritic cells, which help to activate the threat to health and well-being. Which ofthe following protectsusagainst excessive water loss immune system. through the skin? A) Fat associated with skin preventswater loss. B) The size and shape ofthe cellsthat make up the stratum spinosum, aswell asthe thick bundlesof intermediate filaments. C) The dermisisthe thickest portion ofthe skin and water cannot passthrough it. D) Lamellar granulesofthe cellsofthe stratum granulosum, aglycolipid that issecreted into extracellular spaces. 16.What isthe first threat to life from amassive third- B degree burn? A) unbearable pain B) catastrophic fluid loss C) infection D) lossofimmune function Bones Part A Study 1. 2 groupsofskeletal bones appendicular and axial 18.cube-shaped bones(wrist and ankle), short 2. 2 typesofbone growth appositional and interstitial sesamoid bones, may vary in size and number bones in different individuals 3. 3 levelsofbone structure gross anatomy, microscopic, and chemical 19.honeycomb offlat piecesofbone trabeculae 4. 20.long axisofbody; skull, vertebral column, axial 3 typesofcartilage hyaline, elastic, and fibrocartilage and rib cage skeleton 5. 7 most important functions support, protect, move, 21.occursduring normal bone growth and calcification hardenscartilage but doesnot turn it into of cartilage ofbones mineral and growth factor bone storage, blood cell formation, triglyceride storage, and 22.outer layer ofbone periosteum hormone production 23. perichondrium in skeletal cartilage dense 6. all skeletal cartilage contains lacunae and extracellular surrounds connective (2) matrix tissue girdle 7. bonesofupper and lower appendicular skeleton limbs; gridlesattaching limbs 24.regulatesbone formation and protects osteacalcin to axial skeleton against obesity, glucose intolerance, and 8. diabetesmellitus bonesthat are longer than long bones they are wide; limbs, wrist, 25.slide number 15 ankle bones 26.thin, flat, slightly curver; sternum, scapulae, flat bones 9. bone texture with dense compact bone ribs, and most skull bones outer layer; smooth and solid number ofbones 206 10.bone texture with honecomb spongy bone 28. Water lendsresiliency and Containsno blood skeletal offlat piencesofbone called vesselsor nerves cartilage trabeculae 11.cellssecrete matrix against appositional growth external face ofexisting cartilage 12.chondrocytesdivide and interstitial growth secrete new matrix expanding cartilage from within 13.complicated shaped; irregular bones vertebrae and coxal bones 14.connective tissue type which fibrocartilage containsthick collagen fibers and hasgreat tensile strength; menisci ofknee and vertebral discs 15.connective tissue type which elastic cartilage issimilar to hyaline cartilage but containselastic fibers; external ear and epiglottis 16.connective tissue type which hyaline providessupport, flexibility, and resiliance 17.contain blood vesselsfor dense connective tissue nutrient delivery and resists girdle outward expansion


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