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Exam 1 Terms

by: Houston McCullough

Exam 1 Terms 20523

Houston McCullough

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About this Document

This studyguide outlines the terms with their definitions for the first exam.
Business of Media
Kimberly Owczarski
Study Guide
Business of Media, Film, tcu
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Houston McCullough on Tuesday February 23, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to 20523 at Texas Christian University taught by Kimberly Owczarski in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see Business of Media in Film at Texas Christian University.


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Date Created: 02/23/16
Business of Media Exam #1 Terms Study 1. Affiliate local stations that have contracted with a 13.Compensation networks compensated affiliated specific network that carry that network's stations for access totheir locally specific content, produce their own local licensed spectrum.Networks were content (news), and air syndicated paying ostensibly for access tolocal programs audiences during certain dayparts (morning news, mid-day soap 2. Audience the networks guarantee a certain audience operas, prime time, and late night) guarantee size for each program when advertisers purchase ad time that they could then, in turn, "sell" to national advertisers 3. Basic cable a channel offered as part of a bundle by a 14.Conglomeration other companies under one large channel cable system for a basic monthly fee media conglomerate helping to revenue comes from advertising and subscription fees finance a production 4. 15.Contextual ads when the ads themselves have a Block schedule similar shows or target audiences programming together direct connection tothe program and/or its content 5. Blunting minimizing the competitor's opportunity to 16.Co-production business arrangement between 2 or be sampled with strong explosive episodes more companies with marquee guest stars, or a special program that combines celebrities with 17.Cord-cutting getting rid of a cable subscription other high-appeal elements 18. Cord nevers people whohave never subscribed 6. Branded a company produces its own programming tocable or satellite entertainment topromote itself or a specific product 19.Counterprogramming scheduling opposite genres toreach 7. Branding promoting the experience or lifestyle as a a different target audience commodity i.e:Superbowl and Puppy Bowl used todifferentiate each network from 20.CPM Cost per thousand others, gain footholds in a busy advertisers purchase ad time based entertainment culture, maximize commercial on CPM gain across multiple iterations of a product, 21.Deficit financing production company produces a a and ensure consumer loyalty loss 8. Bridging scheduling a show tobegin before the start 22.Demographics gender, age, race, location of a powerful opposing show viewers whohave invested a full hour in a 23. DMA's "Designated Market Areas" program are unlikely tobreak away for organized intofive primary market something else categories:the largest, major metropolitan markets (1~25), the 9. Busted pilot A pilot that is picked up by a network but never airs mid-range markets (26~50;51-100; 101~150), and the smallest markets 10.C3 ratings commercial ratings within 3 days of a show (151-210). live, live+same day, and live+3 viewings 24. where commercials weren't skipped over Double Run particularly on Friday or Saturday nights, running a show twice in the 11.C7 ratings commercial ratings within 3 days of a show same day that it airs live, live+same day, live+3, and live+7 viewings where commercials weren't 25.Duopoly Multiple O&O stations in the same skipped over market, but can't own 2 of the top 4 stations 12.Churn the addition and subtraction of subscribers 26. at any given time. Flow moving the audience from one show tothe next in order tokeep them on i.e:HBO wants tominimize people cancelling, in particular, sothe subscriber base remains the network stable 27.Guerrillamarketing unconventional and innovate marketing campaigns low budget, locally focused, specific, and unique 28.Hammocking a weak show sandwiched between 2 strong 45. Product the product becomes a part of the show's shows integration narrative, a central part of the experience, 29.Horizontal controlling one part of the process for and/or doesn't seem like an ad integration everyone 46. Product actually placing a product onscreen or in i.e:Disney having access toalmost all placement dialogue industries can be basic or advanced and organic or 30.Indecency depicting or describing offensive sexual inorganic activities, terms, symbols, etc. 47. Profanity highly offensive language that amounts toa only regulated on broadcast "nuisance" in legal terms 31.Lead-in putting a strong show before a new/weak 48. Ratings estimate of the size of the audience relative to show tohelp boost ratings point every household in the nation 32.Lead-off the program that starts prime time 49. Real-time live marketing tied tospecific events at a marketing specific time 33.Lead-out putting a strong show after a new/weak i.e:The Oscars, Superbowl, or Olympics show tohelp boost ratings 50. Repurposing within a media conglomerate, temporarily 34.Live+3 ratings for a show including ratings 3 days running a show on another network after it aired 51. Runaway a film/TV production that takes place in a 35.Live+7 ratings for a show including ratings 7 days after it aired production location other than Hollywood 52. Safe harbor Between 10pm and 6am 36.Make-goods what a network offers in return if guaranteed audience isn't reached safe hours toair more profane content ad time else where tomake up for audience 53. Set meter Nielsen recording device that measures what not reached channel in on but has nointeractive capability used in local markets sizes 26-56 37.Narrowcasting strategy of cable networks more target audience 54. Share percentage of all televisions which are on that are turned toa specific channel at a specific 38.Nielsen diary Nielsen measurement technique in which viewers log what shows they watch time used in the rest of TV markets aside from 55. Showrunner coordinator that manages the production national and top 56 local markets process of a show from concept tocontinuing series 39.Obscenity hardcore pornography regulated on both cable and broadcast high-level writers and/or producers with track records of creating and running successful 40.Oligopoly a limited number of companies rule an series industry 56. Signature the show that has the most attention or focus i.e:automobile industry series on a network 41.O&Os a local television station that is owned and i.e:Spike Lip Sync Battle operated by a major network 57. Situ-mercial ads which extend the show's situation outside 42.People meter Nielsen recording device that measures of its context what channel is on and whois watching i.e:characters outside the show (Ron used in the national sample and the top 25 Burgundy in car commercials), other people in local markets the show's universe 43.Pod deal a studioagrees topay a producer or 58. Sponsorship a single company backs something, like an production company a specific amount of episode, premiere episode, or a specific part of money over a specific period of time in a show exchange for exclusive rights toanything i.e:reality shows:challenges, specific spaces, that a producer develops etc. the producer gets funding and the studio 59. Stripping late night or day time TV strategy in which a gets product and creativity show airs at the same time everyday 44.Premium additional channels offered by a cable 60. Synergy 2 companies work together topromote each cable channel system for a separate monthly fee other i.e:The Flash (DC Comics) and The CW 61. Tentpole a strong show that will bring people toa network towatch other programming 62. Timeshifting recording a show and watching it a later time (DVR) 63. Vertical integration a company that controls all aspects of an industry 64. Viral marketing strategy in which consumers willingly pass on the marketing material toothers poses as primary entertainment content consumer volunteerism


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