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MUH2019 Midterm Exam Review

by: Tara Norberg

MUH2019 Midterm Exam Review MUH2019

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Tara Norberg
GPA 3.8

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About this Document

This is everything covered in class during the review of what will be on our exam Thursday!
Modern Popular Music
Ms. Felicia Youngblood
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Tara Norberg on Tuesday February 23, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to MUH2019 at Florida State University taught by Ms. Felicia Youngblood in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 149 views. For similar materials see Modern Popular Music in Music at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 02/23/16
Midterm Exam Review 3 Major Styles Outside of Tin Pan Alley  Burlesque o Female performers  o Simple songs o Over sexualized performances  o The money from these performances went to the men who owned the club, not the female performer  Vaudeville o Variety show, celebrities get their start here  Minstrelsy o Whites dressed as black face  Jump Jim Crow Tin Pan Alley th  NYC West 28  Street  Name comes from cheap tin pianos  These songwriters wrote sheet music and in order to get performers to perform  their songs, they grabbed them and pulled them into their studio. Feed them and  gave them alcohol to convince them to sing their songs so that they made money.   Other “location”­ this sheet music was also sold to white middle class families  where the women of the family played piano with this music Rock & Roll  American Band Stand o Song that became very popular: The Twist by Chubby Checker o Popular because:  The dance was easy to do  You could do it alone  Affordable for parents to give their kids  Contemporary st  1  pop alternative   Disco­ the dancing was more important than the music o The music had simple repetitive beats that were background music for the  dancing.  o Amplified sound for dancing Late 60’s/Early 70’s  Increased sense of maturity and value  Drug and Counter culture became apparent  o Hippies! o Psychedelic rock   Ex: Jimmy Hendrix­ Purple Haze Elements of music  Melody: Combine rhythm and pitch in a logical progression order o Often Repetitive in pop music  Tempo: the speed of a piece of music  Form: Overall organization of a piece of music  Harmony: 2 or more complementary notes sounded simultaneously  Texture: combination of everything happening in the music o Thin= Simple (acoustic) Thick= Complex (multiple instruments)  Instrumentation: Choice of voices/instruments used in a performance.   Pitch: vibrations, notes that you can hear go up and down, intervals  Rhythm: the beat, the arrangement of notes without pitch  Call & response: style where a melody sung by one singer is responded to or  echoed by one or more singers o Ex: Jig­a­low Jazz  Jelly Roll Morton o Over­sexualized his songs to reinforce masculinity because he played the  piano  1960’s­ 2  Wave Feminism  Important figures: o Dolly Parton­ Jolene o Helen Reddy­ I Am Woman   Riot Girl Punk o Qualities:   Yelling  Thick Texture  Antiestablishment 90’s Female MC’s  Queen Latifa  Missy Elliot  Lauren Hill o These MC’s discussed gender equality, similar to Beyoncé today with her  song Flawless.   Monologue by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi  Dip Hop o Deaf Hip Hop o Wawa­ Vendetta, eventually gets his own label o Originates in early 90’s, becomes popular in mid 2000’s o Sean Forbes:   Created DPAN some help from Eminem o Characteristics:  Big words  Bass amplified to feel it  ASL­ used with some slanguage Making Music Videos  Important videos: o Thriller  o Here It Goes Again o Video Killed The Radio Star  First music video on MTV o Take On Me  Pictures and sketches Bounce  Subgenre of Hip Hop o Big Frieda o Inspiration for twerking  2 decades after bounce­ Miley Cyrus uses it in performance  Musical Characteristics: o Call & Response o Shouting to queue breaks o Quick strong beats o Shout out to location o Sampling, ex: triggaman beat Hip Hop  4 Main Pillars: 1. DJ 2. MC­ rapping 3. Graffiti 4. Break Dancing Jumpbandstusic  1  successful R&B after World War II Doo­wop   Vocal Harmonies  Base of band group Communal dance  Electric slide  YMCA  Wobble (not as easy because the lyrics don’t tell you what to do)  Cha Cha Slide  Cotton Eye Joe  Importance o Can be done in a group o Brings people together o Some specifically tell you what to do Country  Simple Melody  Instrumentation is heavy in strings  Subgenres: o Bluegrass o Oldtime o Honkey tonk  Importance: Use of electric guitar, the change in sound when  country music was urbanized o Cowboy o Nashville o Texas style o Contemporary o Alternative  Ex: Cowpunk Rolling Stones  Where we talk about emotion and behavior in Rock  Song Give Me Shelter o They changed their design, style, sound, look because of the Beetles. They wanted something to set them apart  Started singing about murder/rape/war/etc. Overarching Themes  Cultural Appropriation o Taking someone else’s culture and making it your own for personal  benefit  Gender  Technology o Used to spread music  Race  Community Listening Questions  Plucking guitar sound­ Blues o Vocals: rough, gritty  Dance video­ Disco  Guitar and crazy drums­ Psychedelic Rock o Drugs make drummer very wild on the drums  o Distortion of guitar  Quick­guitar sound­ Oldtime o No lyrics  Twerking music video­ Bounce o 1980’s o Sampling o Shout out to location   I Am Woman­ 2  wave feminism   After the ball­ Charles K Harris o Elements:  Instruments­ piano & voice  Simple  Rhythm­ waltz: relates to the dance  UNITY­MC­Queen Latifa  Rebel Girl­ Bikini Girl­ Riot Girl Punk  o Rhythm­ steady driving beat


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