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AU / Geography / GEO 1010 / What is the second largest religion?

What is the second largest religion?

What is the second largest religion?


School: Auburn University
Department: Geography
Course: Global Geography
Professor: Brysch
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Global Geography, South Asia, and Cultural
Cost: 25
Name: South Asia: Cultural Geography
Description: These notes cover what's going to be on EXAM #2.
Uploaded: 02/24/2016
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Delia Gusikowski PhD (Rating: )

I had to miss class because of a doctors appointment and these notes were a LIFESAVER

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What is the second largest religion?

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South Asia

February 18, 2016

Cultural Geography 'Early Settlement didn't Xoss mountains

Indes River Valley first settled, later moved. on and found Ganges River Volley

Caste System - 1. Brahmins (priests), 2. Khsatriyas (warriors, princely), 3. Voushyas. (merchants, landowners, artisans), 4. Sudrăs (servants peasants), 5. Untouchables (less than human) - 1-3 are twice-born groups-believed that everyone was first born into Sudras and then reincarnated into first Boroups. very rigid System, once you're barre into a

What country has the largest muslim population?

Don't forget about the age old question of ­what measures potential difference?

group you're stuck there not a Hindu thing predates it Today - illegal in India, but socially still

there / used "reservation-low caste people are helped more by

the govn't (get into big universities)

•Islam is 2nd largest religion. , India has largest

Define jainism.

Muslim population Sikhism - present in Punjab, India, 5th largest religion in world, influenced by Islom/ Hinduism, universalizing religion (tries to seek converts), middle ground of Islam Hinduism, Baptism comes from India, beards and turbans, Young siks. carry sword, Golden temple holy site, confused If you want to learn more check out What is the difference between working memory and declarative memory?




wl Muslims


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South Asia

February 18,201.0

. Cultural Geography - Jainism - believe in respect for all living things

don't want to kill even tiny bugs, highly devoted, carry brooms to sweep away bugs on the presund to not kill them, vegetarians-but mly If you want to learn more check out Why in 1215 does the pope/church begin to lay down the law?

eat fruits /veggies that won't kill entire plant, .8th largest religion on

• Hinduism - ethnic religion, don't seek converts,

very difficult to convert, 3rd largest religion, 90% of Hindis live in South Asia, not one a unikying decreesphilosophy, collection of ancient South Asian religions, sometimes mono or poly bound mainly in India and Nepal , Brahma - considered to be supreme creator, Vishw-helps maintain the world, Shiva destroyer (not negative, keeps balance), Hindus follow 1 of these - Path of knowledge, Renunciation, Devotion, and Don't forget about the age old question of What are the steps in a test for a zero population correlation?

Action (karma) these are known as yogas , people o can choose their own paths

Kels-unfriendly deity, pic, shows her dancing on dead Shiva, followers (thugs) Killed the "bad"

people who followed Shiva, not

•Mt. Kailas-considered to be earthly home of Shiva, holiest place in Hinduism, off limits, never been climbed, source of Ganges River Contact w/ Islam - Mughal expanded and tried to Push out Hinduism, Maratha came to power stopped Mughals We also discuss several other topics like What is the right amount of variation?






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South Asia

Tebriany 18, 2016

cultural Geography

• Languages. - Hindi: indo-european, hab.own We also discuss several other topics like What are the two determining concepts for consumption choice?

alphabet, under influenced by arabic script found in Pakistani Both are essentially the source language just different script a India - Hindi and English are the 2 main federal Languages, much more language variation among States (English is not a state language), state lines are based on ethnic groups in that area (Known as ethnic lines), states are still being created due to constantly changing ethnicities Status of Women-rape culture second class

citizens in India, not treated well in India

•Socialist Reform:

( Sri Lanka - universal education, inexpensive

3 health care, but good at s i tet.


(Kerala State-dominated by socialist parties,

well-educated despite being poor 9. West Bengal-socialist but not successful Tamil Nadu- successful but not socialist

Thelp due S.South = better educated, wealthier, progressives to renew divide of Co North = poorer, less educated, backwards

Silicon Plateau - South India, promotes high tech which leads to more jobs and more people making money

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