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Class Discussion Study Guide Test 1

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by: Shana Matchett

Class Discussion Study Guide Test 1 Poverty 3306

Marketplace > Ohio State University > Sociology > Poverty 3306 > Class Discussion Study Guide Test 1
Shana Matchett

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About this Document

These are the class discussion notes on the videos and documentaries watched in class
Study Guide
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1 review
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"Great notes!!! Thanks so much for doing this..."
Darian Bogisich

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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Shana Matchett on Wednesday February 24, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Poverty 3306 at Ohio State University taught by in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see Poverty in Sociology at Ohio State University.


Reviews for Class Discussion Study Guide Test 1

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Great notes!!! Thanks so much for doing this...

-Darian Bogisich


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Date Created: 02/24/16
Study Guide: Test 1 Tammy Story Over view- A documentary about a single mother named Tammy who resides with her three children in rural Ohio. This documentary shows the poverty in rural areas. Also captures her and family living in a small run down trailer. • Rural Poverty- Ohio • Generational Poverty- Sons are wearing no shirts, and seemingly uneducated and uninformed, her father was poor and feels she is doing well for herself • Geographical Poverty- Isolated, no car and walks 10 miles to her job at Burger King, no public Transportation • Structural Poverty- no raises at her job, government assistance American Winter - 2008-2011 The family is the most endangered species Over view- A documentary following 6 families struggle with poverty during the Great Recession in Washington State. All families have contacted 211, a phone service that helps needy families to receive and find resources with employment, housing, utility payments, and food. This Documentary exudes the vulnerability of the middle-class. Causes of poverty • Death of Family member…..Gunner and his mom • Illness….Mother of daughter with stomach ulcer couldn’t work as much due to daughter's illness which led to high medical bills • Loss of Job….4 families experienced head of households (husbands) who lost job due to the economy • Discrimination…. Husband was fired from job because of racial remarks from customer/ Aging out exemplified with father and son with down syndrome,, Also with Gunner and his mother. Bother were unable to find work due to their age Types of Poverty • Relative Poverty- most families were in poverty compared to the national level of income • Absolute Poverty- One family had no electric nor running water • Situational Poverty- most families experienced a situation that placed them into poverty via death, illness or loss of job • Structural Poverty- Recession…All wanted to work but couldn’t due to recession • Feminization of Poverty- Mostly single headed house holds were women Stratification • Race- TJ losses job because of racial remarks • Class- Income- families experienced layoffs and reduced income • Gender- 3 families with women being Head of Household Coping • Side jobs (scrapping), borrowing utilities from neighbors, shelters, family support, networking, social services, Panera(pay what you want), • Agencies- 211, shelters, pantries, welfare, TANF, Human Solution(utility Assistance) Factual Take Away • It cost $3300 to take care of a family in a shelter but only cost $200 to prevent it. • More than 90% of government spending goes to elderly • Less than 1% goes to government assistance programs • Government- 400 billion on tax breaks-On average the Top 5% received $95,000 on tax breaks yet the bottom 60% received $5 for tax breaks NBC's 30 Rock- A look into Urban Camden, NJ and Suburban Suffolk County Poverty Camden NJ-Most crime ridden city in America(A cry for help) • 77,000 residents, 6700 homicides per yr, 266 shooting per yr, = 1 every three hrs • Police out numbered and Under-armed • Desolate because of past race riots, white flight, corruption, and bad mayors • People stay inside to stay alive • Crime and drug infested…. So much so that drug dealers sell in the open • Kids hear gunshots every night • Significant minorities are in poverty mostly women…Ex. Of Feminization • Water Tower- a community program to help offer aid to at risk youth • Father Michael- A priest at a local church help aid the community • Hardships in finding work with decent wage Suffolk County- One of wealthiest counties in America • Single mother living with family to make ends meet- Feminization • Cost of living is too high creating excess poverty • Lack of transportation • Suburbs have no accumulation of safety network for the poor • People who are experiencing poverty isn't noticeable • Food pantries are increasing • Middle class are struggling • 20% of population is in poverty • 185% increase in food stamps in 6 years Matthew Desmond- Eviction in Milwaukee • Eviction mostly impacts- Single minority Women- Female headed household • Children • Process of Eviction is not always formal- Court usually but sometime through sheriff • Eviction has a negative impact on mothers and children • Kids are often seen as a liability Consequences of an Eviction • Lose your ability to secure a home • Mental health issues, stress and worry • More material hardship, having to pay for storage and moving


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