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Who is Pachakuti?

Who is Pachakuti?


School: California State University - Fullerton
Department: History
Course: World Civilization to 16th Century
Professor: Stefan chrissanthos
Term: Winter 2016
Tags: history, united states, world, france, french, religion, Religious, 110B, 16th, century, christian. unity, wars, and War
Cost: 25
Name: Hist110B Colonial Empire/End of Christian Unity/French Religious Wars
Description: Sorry for the delay, my art classes were taking up a chunk of my time lately. But these notes continue on about the Colonial Empire, cover a part of the End of Christian Unity in the West, and cover the religious wars in France back in the 16th century.
Uploaded: 02/24/2016
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Colonial EmpireDon't forget about the age old question of What is meant by coevolution?

  • Territorial Empire: directly occupied with armies and rulers are replaced and land is annexed and made a part of that empire.

  • Hegemonic empire: internal affairs of conquered areas remain in hands of original rulers who essentially become vassals
  • Inexpensive to maintain since original local rulers incur cost of administration
  • Can be less stable

  • Pachacuti gave command of the military to his son Thypa Inka in 1463 and turned his attention to rebuilding Qosqo in Imperial style.

  • Aukaypata (652’ x 550’) at heart on new Qosqo
  • Across stone building facades ran enormous plates of polished gold
  • When the sun filled the plaza, the space “exalted light”
  • Pachacuti designed Aukaypata as the center of the empire and the cosmos.

  • From the great plaza radiated four highways that demarcate the four asymmetrical sectors into which he divided the empire - Tawamtomsiya, “the land of four quarters”
  • To the Inka, the quarters echoed the heavenly order

  • Pahacuti decreed all land and property belonged to the state
  • Peasant worked as farmers, herders, weavers, masons, artisans, miners, or soldiers periodically
  • Crews spend months away from home and while on the road they were fed, clothed, and housed from goods supplied by other work crews.
  • Conscripts built dams, terraces and irrigation canals and grew crops on state land
  • Raised herds on statures
  • Also paved highways
  • Pachacuti died peacefully in 1471
  • His son Thupa Inka took imperial crown
  • Carried around on gold litter as Inka did not walk in public
  • Spat in hand of courtier because ground too dirty to receive Inka’s spit
  • Used special cloth, stored in safekeeping
  • Everything touched by the Inka, every year, would be ceremoniously burned
  • Thupa Inka inaugurated Inka custom of marrying his sister
  • Believed to have married two of his sisters
  • Only close relatives of the Inka were viewed as of sufficient purity to produce on heir

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  • By the time of his death in 1493, Thupa Inka doubled the size of Tawantinsuyu by expanding deep into modern-day Ecuador and Chile.
  • Same league as Alexander the Great
  • Death caused great fight
  • Tawantinsuyu did not have strict succession rules, instead the Inka selected the son he thought most qualified
  • Thyra Inka selected one son, but on death bed change his mind and selected another
  • Factions formed
  • First son was banished or killed and the second son took the name Wayna Qhapag and became the Inka.
  • Still young, two of his uncles served as regents.
  • One uncle attempted to take power, second uncle kills him
  • Eventually Wayna Qhapag took reins and first killed two brothers to avoid family problems
  • Married sister
  • (1520) Wayna Qhapag led army to Ecuador intending to expand empire
  • “Journey of return”
  • Brought along teen son Atahualpa
  • Inka commanded that place be build in birthplace
  • Stayed in North Ecuador and eventually died in 1529
  • Dies of smallpox, spanish haven’t arrived yet
  • Succession contested
  • Inka did not select Atahualpa, instead picked another son who remained in Qosqo.
  • New Inka took name Washtar Inka (Golden Chair Inka)
  • Atahualpa remained in Ecuador
  • Probably out of embarrassment

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