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/ Psychology / PSY 100 / What is subliminal perception in psychology?

What is subliminal perception in psychology?

What is subliminal perception in psychology?


School: 1 MDSS-SGSLM-Langley AFB Advanced Education in General Dentistry 12 Months
Department: Psychology
Course: Intro to Psychologic
Professor: Perkins
Term: Winter 2016
Tags: psych 100
Cost: 50
Name: Psychology Test 3 Study Guide
Description: Study guide completed from blackboard. Look through notes, power-point, etc to fully understand test materials.
Uploaded: 02/24/2016
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Yes YES!! Thank you for these. I'm such a bad notetaker :/ will definitely be looking forward to these


What is subliminal perception in psychology?





Subliminal Perception - detection occurs below "absolute" threshold (forming impressions); psychologist place little importance for unconscious communication

Circadian Phythms - generated internally (suprachiasmatic nucle:) + "regulated externally (bright lights, hibernation); clears brain of waste products Theories of Dreaming: Biological - Cactivation Synthesis), brain is doing its best to synthesize meaning out of random garbled signals Cognitive-(problem solving), dreams are re-evocations of sights, sounds, and other stimuli from mental life Psychoanalytic-dreams provide partial, temporary fufillment of unconscious sexual and aggressive impulses Physiology of Drug Actions behavior is caused by chemical interactions between neurons: body's equillibrium to responding Ichanges with chronic drug use; 1-Tolerances increased amount required to get the same effect |-Dependence: body requires drug to function normally

What is opiates?

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Alcohol-metabolized by the liver, relaxes inhibitions against antisocial behavior, continued drinking affects motor areas of brain stimulants-cuphoria, alertness, energy; cocaine initially. legal substance

Opiates - CNS depressants that relieves pain & induce sleep ti as tolerance increases the effective dose approaches

What is the difference between pavlovian and operant conditioning?

Don't forget about the age old question of What is the major provisions of the u.s. bankruptcy law and the principle of absolute priority ?

lethal dose

w We also discuss several other topics like What are his concerns?

INO) IN VI 10 7 nad

... mera ---- Use .... / Unconditioned Stimulus (UCS) - stimulus that automatically produces L las observable response Cro learning required) Don't forget about the age old question of Has anyone changed their mind about being a liberal after going through this reasoning?

Unconditioned Response (UCRJ- response that occurs automatically following a us Conditioned Stimulus. (CS) - neutral stimulus paired with Jus during training Calways product in ad) Conditioned Response (CR) - learned response produced following CS Extinction-weakening of (S-CR.connection with repeated labsence of us. Spontaneous Recovery reapperance of CR in pressence of lis, after extinction

Generalization - LR occurs in response to a stimulus that is similar to CS Discrimination - distinguishing between CS and similar stimuli that are irrelevant We also discuss several other topics like What is international security studies?

- -Law of Effect (Thorndike)-behavior that is followed

[by positive consequences is more likely to be performed Lagain; if followed by negative consequences will be less likeby to be performed again Shaping process of reinforcing successive approximations to desired response (ex. train circus animals). Secondary Reinforcement-reinforcers meet learned needs

Negative Reinforcement - response or behavior is I strengthed by removing a stimulus

Punishment consequence that reduces a targeted behavior




















Schedules of Reinforcementi Fixed Ratio CFR)-every Nth Response (5 th 20th.etc) is freinforced (ex. sales comission) tovaciable Ratio (VR)- ON THE AVERAGE every Nth

response is reinforced (ex. gambling devices) 1. Fixed Interval CF I) - first response made after a laiven time interval is reinforced lex paycheck) to variable Interval (VI)-elapsed time prior to reinforcement

is, ON THE AVERAGE a given length(ex. pop quiz Sensory Memory- part of memory system which is first | contact for stimuli, received through senses

Episodic Memory- for events & occasions you experienced is the past Semantic Memory for knowledge Procedural Memory- for well-practiced skills (shaping & reinforcement) Short-term Memory-information held briefly, unless

e hearsed: capacity = 7 items + 2 "chunks" - Long-term Memory-information held for life time

Mnenomic Devices techniques that can be used to help limprove ability to remember something

- Chunking: organizing information into familiar

groupings, enhances memory & retention |- Serial Position - tendency to recall information

that is showed first & last better than in the middle Clike things on a list)






- Forgetting:

1. Older - decay of memory trace

Newer-retrieval failure + - Proactive Intereference: previous learning intefeces.

with new information 1 - Retroactive Intéference: new learning inteferes with (previous information

Constructive memory - utilization of basic linsights retained from memory to build a more

thorough report of an experience L-some info dropped out lif illogical)

- details are added to make more sense out of original story



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