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TOWSON / Art History / ARTH 221 / What is the hall of bulls?

What is the hall of bulls?

What is the hall of bulls?


School: Towson University
Department: Art History
Course: Survey of Western Art I
Professor: Amy koch
Term: Winter 2016
Tags: Art History
Cost: 50
Name: ARHT exam 1
Description: ARTH exam 1 study guide
Uploaded: 02/25/2016
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Exam I

What is the hall of bulls?



Hall of Bulls, Lascaux caves, Dordogne, France,

C. 15,000 BCE

- paintings are loos of feet from the entrance

and away from daylight. I not all animals are bulls - represented using

Colored silhouettes like at Altamira and

What is the stonehenge?

Apollo 11 plaque others like great bull - outline alone like

Pech-Maple horses.. a basic approaches of drawing & painting

found alongside repeatedly in history y art & animals here painted at different times

• several animals of various sizes moving in different directions homs represented in a twisted/ composite perspective heads in profile but horms in frontal

What is the state of hammurabi?

We also discuss several other topics like What do reproductive strategies mean?

panter's approach - not consistently ophal. it only one hom shown incomplete defininon Don't forget about the age old question of What is an example of mere exposure effect?


Stady sou

) Study Soup

Plain, wiltshire, England

Stonehenge, salis bury

C 2900-1500 BCE.

monumental architecture in stone Megalithic - post & lintel construction. Henge circular area enclosed by stones.

bamangement of megalithic Shones in a

Circle often Sumounded by a ditch. complex of rough-cut sarsen (sandstone)

and smalles blueshnes Colcanie nooks)

concenine post & Untel undies, oute ning 100 diameter -huge sarsen

o megaliths inside- ring of blue shones If you want to learn more check out What does congress do for federal courts?

Chorseshoe) a trilithons

Di3 slone)



Standing apart to east - ned shore seems to be kind o astronomical observatory. and remarkably acciale solar calender

het really heavy megalith ~50 tones

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Study som


1 stele

from sura, Iran, de of Hammurabi. c.1792-1750 BCE. Don't forget about the age old question of What are the reasons that make you buy a product?
Don't forget about the age old question of What controls insolation?

Hammurabi & sun god Shamash.

of Hamm


hammurabi is standing & Sun God is sitting on the throne

Cboth shown to be of the same size and height)

tall black- basalt stele (741) We also discuss several other topics like What is metmyoglobin and what color is it associated with?

king raises his hand in respect

God gives him rod and ring to symbolice cuuthority

First written judicial code in Akkadian

3500 lines of cuneiform characters.

(4 Bull leaping from the palace at Knossos (Crete)

Greece, 1450-1400 BCE

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Presco, 2.81

ceremonial scene. Minoan) women- fourskin men- darker

sken powerful change of bull - represented

with elongated body

& using

sweeping lines to form

a funnel of energy

Study sou

human figures stylized shapes

with typically Mingan pinched waist


cusly hair


proud, self-confident beaning


curringunes suggest elashing of

living beings



1300-1250 BC.

Gate, Mycenae, Greece

lime shone

- Outer gateway of the stronghold at Mycenae.


great monoliths -capped with huge


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harmonizing in dignity, strength and scale



I only mud bnchy

6 white temple & Ziggurat, Unik

made by sumerians using on ut → temple structure to pray no Gol Islanting upwards with a flat sw

above. splatform made from previous s

• going up represents being lose



vious rury ag closes no God

e by eguptas

The great pyramids of giza

funenary structures made by egy s shone structures > Shaped like a pyramid-point

the top > processional complex. Au roads

lead from one place to another.

Mid-pointed at



Assurnasipall ll killing tions, Nimnid.

8 – 860 ВС — regif Chicture In the palace.

to glorify theking. Ti watching a hippopotamus hunt, neulf in the mastabad Ti, saqqara, Egypt

2450-2350 BC. - inlimestone


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