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by: Austin Hansen


Austin Hansen
GPA 3.5
Human Nutrition
Artis Grady

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About this Document

CLASS NOTES- March 17, 2016.. study guide about vitamins.
Human Nutrition
Artis Grady
Study Guide
NFS 1020
50 ?




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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Austin Hansen on Thursday February 25, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to NFS 1020 at Southern Utah University taught by Artis Grady in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see Human Nutrition in Nutrition and Food Sciences at Southern Utah University.

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Date Created: 02/25/16
VITAMINS Carbon based compounds organic Act as catalysts in the body Do NOT provide energy 13 Vitamins are Essential for human health Recommen V39tamm Vitamer ded dietar Upper generic Solubilit Deficiency Intake Overdose chemica allowances descript 1 disease Level disease 5 or name I name male age ULda gl 19 70I 1 y Liv ora yel Retinol Night lea nal and blindness ve Vitamin A four caroten Fat 900 quotg ygerkeratOSI 3000 g HygerVItami ca cids s n03is A w including be and Kerato E l ta carotene malaciaig1 q spi fisl mil Drowsiness P0 Beriberi m oa1 rnicke or mUSCIe brc Vitamin B1 Thiamine Water 12 mg NDim1 relaxation Korsakoff veg s ndrome W39th large 01 y doses l IIVE Acnelike 9W rash m M Megaloblasti causalit is Me Vitamin B2 xocobalami Water 24 pg m1 ND y oth n methylco C anem39a net prc B alamin conclusively established Vitamin 32 Riboflavin Water 13 mg Ariboflavino ND Da g Glossitis prc Angular bai stomatitis poi gre be as Liver damag Me Niacin niac 9 doses gt egg Vitamin B Water 160 mg Pellagra 350 mg 2gdayE1 an veg Inamide d hi mu problems trei Diarrhea Pantothenic possibly Me Vitamin B Water 50 mgl l Paresthesia ND brc acrd nausea and aw heartburnM1 Impairment Vitamin B Water 13 17 mg ripheral 100 mg p m pyridox euro ath damage trei al p 39 doses gt bar 100 mgday Ra yol Vitamin B7 Biotin Water 300 pg Derrnatltls ND pe nterItIs lea veg Megaloblasti c m and Deficiency May mask L during symptoms of 9 FOIiC pregnancy is vitamin veg W9 m water 400 quot9 associated 1 000 9 B12deficienc pa acrd bre WIth m y Gilli Ger defits m such as m tubedefects Ascorbic W 2 M acid Water 900 me My 2000 mg mm W e live m March 17 2016 NFS class notes erol RiCketS and Hypervitami Vitamin D Fat 10 ugl l Osteomalaci 50 pg D3Ergocalc nosns D a IferolD2 Deficiency is raerrel39 sterility Increased congestive In males Tocopherol and abortion heart failure Vitamin E g tocotrien Fat 150 mg 1000 mg seen in one s In females OIS mild hemolyt large ic anemia in randomized studyJ 1 newborn infantsE1 Increases phylloguino coagulation Vitamin K m menagu Fat 120 pg Meal ND in patients m Inones taking warfa rin1 Fat soluble Vitamins Not excreted in Urine extensive storage can be toxic in EXCESS Vitamin A Retinol Carrots fish milk leafy vegtables helps form and maintain healthy skin teeth skeletal and soft tissue mucus membranes and skin known as retinol because it produces the pigments in the retina of the eye promotes good vision especially in low light Vitamin D Sunlight Milk Fish Egg yolks D3 Cholecalci ferol CHOLE cholestrol CALCI calci cation of bones ROL Alcohol form Helps in calcium absorption Vitamin E Tocopherols Vegetable oils whole grains Fis live mu Ma anlt veg nu1 see Le veg sult spi yol Antioxidant that protects body tissue from damage caused by substances called free radicals Vitamin K Phylloquinone Dark Green vegetables GI tract synthesizes this in the body Helps with blood clotting


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