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Spanish Study Guide Elementary Aline Vaicunas

by: Lauren Jones

Spanish Study Guide Elementary Aline Vaicunas SPAN 112 001

Marketplace > University of Tennessee - Knoxville > Spanish > SPAN 112 001 > Spanish Study Guide Elementary Aline Vaicunas
Lauren Jones
GPA 3.88

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About this Document

This is my pretty inclusive study guide for test 2!
Elementary Spanish
Aline Vaiciunas
Study Guide
Spanish 112, spanish
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Lauren Jones on Thursday February 25, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to SPAN 112 001 at University of Tennessee - Knoxville taught by Aline Vaiciunas in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Elementary Spanish in Spanish at University of Tennessee - Knoxville.

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Date Created: 02/25/16
Spanish Study Guide!  Page 306-Botero o Es un pintor y escultor o Famoso por los colores intensos, la suspension de movimiento, y las redondadas y corpulentas figuras o Pinta escenas de celbraciones y vida diara o Obseidad en los fotos se interpreta como simbolo de una vida rica  Partes del Cuerpo o Here is a link to my vocab cards. The password is boteroisfat o  Expresiones Utiles o Al fondo  In the background o En el primer plano  In the foreground o En la parte superior  In/at the top o En la parte inferior  In/at the bottom  Atencion! o Capa  Not a cap, but a cloak or cape o Largo  Not large, but long or lengthy o Anciano  Means old, not ancient o Actual  Does not mean actual but present, current, or modern  Real or verdadero means actual in the way we think of it.  Reflexive and Reciprocal o Something that someone does to or for himself is reflexive  Any action that one can do for oneself is reflected by reflexive constructions  For example o Lorena se bana o Lorena bana al nino  In the second example, it is not reflexive because she is not doing it to herself, but to the chil o Pronouns to use  Me, te, se, nos, os, or se  Position of pronouns o Before a conjugated verb o When the verb phrase is a conjugated verb and an infinitive…  The reflexive can be attached to the infinitive or precede the conjugated verb  Necesito levantarme temprano OR Me necesito levantr temprano o When using a direct object pronoun, the reflexive goes before the direct object pronoun  Quiero lavarme la cara. Can be  Quiero lavármela. Or. Me la quiero lavar.  Juan o Gorman o o There wasn’t much text on him in the book, but just in case, he painted this, entitled, Autorretrato.  Reciprocal o Wherein subjects perform action on each other  Nos saludamos (we greet each other)  Ellos se hablan (they talk to each other)  Enlaces o A Través de  Through, by means of o Además de  In addition to o Por otro lado  On the other hand  Norman Rockwell o Painter, journalist, illustrator  . Popular designs and idealized images of a working American society and traditional values.  Through his paintings, everything everyday (ordinary) is idealized.  His works create a nostalgic feeling of tradition and folk customs of the early twentieth century. Through the use of soft colors and typically common characters, it presents a serene and peaceful reality. In addition, it captured by a variety of activities. Bathe, they shave, hug, look in the mirror, go to work, cry (they cry), dance, lunch, study and play sports.  He paints elderly and young people, parents, workers and housewives (homemakers) and all the faces expressed a variety of emotions. Walt Disney and painter have much in common: both create fantasy worlds and offer an escape from the actual reality.  Swanson o From Los Angeles  His mom is Mexican, father is Swedish  Retells legends that his mom told him as a child, and the stories from his dad’s memories from immigrating to the united states  He is catholic  Paints with brilliant colors and many details  Picasso o Born 1881-19973  Born in Malaga Espana  His dad was a professor  1901-1904 o Blue period  Pink period o After blue period  These have themes of mundo delzoos, circus, harlequins, clowns  Then saw influence in African art o Cubism  1907-1914 o Cubism  Distorts faces  Paint about the first world war  End of the second world war, more optimistic o Pacificist  Diego Rivera o 1886-1957  Possibly the most famous painter of the twentieth century  Painted big murals on the side of important buildings  Use own stule of indigenous cultures  Mexican revolution ideas o Married to Frida kahlo  Present Progressive o Used to convey what happens  Progressive contsructions  Estar + present participle o Ando is for ar ends o Iendo is for –er/ir verbs  Irregulars  Decir o Diciendo  Dormer o Durmiendo  Pedir o Pideindo  Crer o Creyendo  Leer o Leyndo  Oir o Oyendo o Present progressive is used less frequently in Spanish, the present tense conveys an action in progress  Present progressive is reserved for emphasizing the importance of the ongoing nature of an action  Edward Hopper o Nightlife (Nighthawks) is a scene in a cafe in New York City. It is one of the most famous pictorial images of the twentieth century, a visual icon at the height of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol. Hopper painted this work in 1942, a few weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor caused the US entry into World War II, but in the box Hopper nothing violence or expressing alarm. Instead, Hopper's characters inhabit a personal world that is distanced from the events of his time and which lacks (lack) of social criticism. In addition, the characters are always fi gures dressed as in 1940 As in Hitchcock's films, Hopper also creates a tension with routine and innocent images, but it seems that soon something will break (break with ) the harmony of the scene. And the waiting continues, the greater the suspense. o How do you create tension? First, create the characters. Hopper is a voyeur 'spy' to their characters without any particular reason. It does so for the simple pleasure of capturing trivial details of their existence. Choose people and individuals and portrays them in situations that cause discomfort. Second, Hopper creates tension through the scenarios. Hopper is always out of the scene, watching people through windows or peeping from a close distance. He's just a silent witness of loneliness and despair of the individuals portrayed. o For example, look carefully at the scene Nightlife. The waiter in the cafeteria washing dishes and apparently talking to a man wearing a hat and a red-haired woman. (Incidentally, it is interesting to note that the model in all Hopper's paintings is his wife Josephine). There is a feeling of warmth. The third man is back, therefore faceless. This detail and the darkness of the shadows help create suspense and lack of connection to the characters. That is, through the dark and confined spaces, and characters without facial expressions without dialogue a feeling of loneliness is evoked.  Investigacion B o Heres my link to my vocab words for investigacion b. the password is hopperbunny o


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