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BC / History / His 1093 / In what year did robert of ketton go to spain to learn arabic?

In what year did robert of ketton go to spain to learn arabic?

In what year did robert of ketton go to spain to learn arabic?


41000 - Ancutan Rey

In what year did robert of ketton go to spain to learn arabic?


Def of solf and other

trade + Tachange Production/transmit of knowledge imperial Parion


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VW wwe m (recoland. A case study in pre-modern European Expansion If you want to learn more check out What is f-test?

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the Nut in firtenland: A cart study in pre-modern Europran Exportion

What are the four crusades states?

Vikings - Nurse (trhnicity) comten Ney POT OF terroriid Europe, rawiny munafant and Utit

urth findeniui ongins - Atti - end of north stiemci



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Origins and tconomy - During Norre began to expand

Why in 1215 does the pope/church begin to lay down the law?

Don't forget about the age old question of Why diploidy is an adaptation?

Want 'on raiding expedition in the summer in weer to return to family

• Brgan to stay in donirs that they had PITWY raided + bring families there to crite and fem. Serhed in Ireland Duband, Normany Colonized North Atlanto 370 reached ctiand Don't forget about the age old question of Define indifference curve.


2980 3 Saules blown off course au covered land (Butenand)

Ehk the Red Oxired and av covert (utenland (nandit) - returned to tland and convinced other Norte to sette in grecand - Major achievement at the time Don't forget about the age old question of How families manage their resources to meet their needs?

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Nurso did not have compass or maps - civigated by landmarks and stars. (North Star) - Duration quero very genera instruction Chips of did not make it to the land Motivation Land for farming in a preshgows; The more you have a coronzo non of decond had FH ir bart and archwird: Don't forget about the age old question of Define social control.


1990:- 930.climate, was sich Hylomer (meditva

climatt anoma/4)


. When Jetters are ved they stabluhed E n settlement and written fetamente - divided land amongst the

2013 -

• Itand and frenland and Norway converted to chriffanry (Prr силу рауап) If you want to learn more check out Earth consists of how many layers?

• Faming remained that in (TTT) dind card cartit, Shtep, and goat - kept animals in hom b/c of climato in un - Animais CIC LUTOK - Hunted for Huh ano

• Tried to continut expanding and rodina, didn't Qork out in L'Ant aux Meadows

Wallis nidu and TWIKS wilt very important for TOPC and DJKO BOY where wairul would settle in summer

• south western part of tenunc actually belonged to another The NOHC mct thc Dorset and Thuit propio

Ukracings - Luraning

Juggot that they thought their proplo Superior


my hare ben noduled to Eurohan dute.

DOC+ PCOPIC ngincted from Aaka arab 4* contact with NOITE LUCU SPOTIFIC

Noud and DOSCH pcopic mot cit DISKO Bay bunting ground: ./100 l when Douch peopic beau to disappear - FTS+ From Northern (recn/cind


Thule ProPIC : Matter to them C Eskimos j around

• hunter and Luha/c

AKO Ally On NOC had more conto + Luith thuilt - 1300 began to Settin fjords Droir the WT/07 sortement

Hod tehnology that could have helped Nors Became dependent on hunting seal with Harpoons * NOC hunted, sais with clubs, so they could only huint cu inspring

250 - began to 9ct colder ** HOLIC refuled to adopt Thurd ways of life, although

Thult was could have helped Nutit could havt ltd to the domi/t of No



Dus appeared why? (NO) #dramase in cimato braCMC to bard To SLEVY Lhu/ maintaining their way of life - Former hunting ground becamc IceCAD/C contact with Europe through black market YOLINGO propic began to migrant Pup declined

NOSC sertlement of Action FAILED VIC IT SURVIVT for Sob cons and did nt molt son much

. Lts advanced than the Europeans in he's but Still trosed Atlantic

Quibert oF NIG

Mother frared Cod

• EVS to prdhe/ Deutched the Father - NACHO Thank (id for a fav mother

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Frioul +7 db = Church The Meaning of Medical ELICOPC word

ovemo od tho ICIDA - entourage d Uttern Europe engagement with the

+ of the word Frioul of Deng BOP into poborty - ROT-1492 death -important role in De Biany

century being lord machintirit to bear aims and wi nter having control of land and Other forms of property -gave them the night to govem people who lived on 6 lund genaatod wraith, which chanced


controlled Property for FOTOS OF DODOU churches

Ime way for Lord to show

A hus Hotu. Reyrnut litrami

o nimp. de route + coud impost Tomt/ and foot on the land thty own - reasants would pay to live on the land by giving

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tho Lord a portion - HC Charged toils/fred to anyone poing throuch hu tada roditt (Goods incrudo: SALT) - Charged asas tax on the market and Four + Pattén of the Church

Monastim -church of monks and puni poytda Yery important role

- gave up their und Practiced (clibacy - Nobly formed bond orth the monks by g/DO GH

gave the abbru of Marmoutier dumail priory - The Way FTIOLI could havo afron munks in near horas Document recorded hW OL from


lailed sometime. to EuropO


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Sotian Hitcrarchutinhoitted hobutu h

harural order war on a 60 giving me with poluer and samo curfhout different standards belonged to different peoplo:

If someona feit b thon their Lora luas aching unfar they would go foment higher DC wound not questioni tho idea of havine a Lord


out that held together Pulical anu


hern Europc was fullu



. FOLK pellet or pre-thrutian benen

Frioul lage donction wc cvidence OF EUROPC cons

growth + Popoldnion grouth in and out of otherury

90 mwen to uomioonbr 60-1200 - Mire famino in thronu b/G OF POP expansin. Food expan7 OTT, INTCL heavy PIOLU PLIITd by On

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+ Intensification of Lad/hip

cencines of ITVOUC; Faxts, Short of CTOPS Colchon Of The A mact them rither than thoir andators

• In Tcrtiated factors

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3 Kry ID

internal con anon: PPL big dicinto POP Pir / 01 land

impulle tu tek out land may hartu nord Me impune to tipad in murim land - Ulbanization.marko cercoped for thort that dicin't makt food The M ITS

(10 and minor round IKT Dongd made money , wany LHd to pro n s b/c they did not have to grow food, buit Shll had to pay the Lord.

• RCVIYOL OF long diitcinio trade - ppt had a lot more money, counted to spend it. Church Krom

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. Fr a ction toward monkJ t Church - Out of monasticism

Monast monks and nuin rached out to this such as Friburgard oppor tiny that way

7cp cour de noble to bc more ndio and


in the Anps of ruling famui (Roman) - Electronic PORG 49 Konanged as hul Partouung dimilica

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UI 4

Clergy and i Horul Nic In Europe

U U hawl Guy 2 11H2) HAD44/3] 24 pmour VAUD P

dnosapnis ♡

4 Prech( Of mong (tling Church on

- Making church inclopencher from



2/pau aurr e


MW. h140 // - DUNIDO) 40 7.0L - IPUI 244 hiuo p221/24 fuumwUVUNJU.

p on at 1120121201 hruo y rom Woron DU


Mums believe mohammed to be the prophet 177 4 Mint Of ProphcH, but m 4 A

mata - Particularly w PODUS the thibity - ACLIST

d'old' fiul

) from hod 24 O lupu

124 lupiny).


Examploor thru hon Mwim on +Crusader army showed up outside of jardiem castle

- Capture of judicm - Julgist captured CHY

נמוכענן ווז גוטמן px0





drining cent for cuador @timo

arcand city of muslim uit * 70 ytor ofter erwachts (Aptura/crualem

* 1113 latin 0 merchant made deas with Saladin, - Egupt was the strongest . Of cruised furr OAK

con ognuulture 94 - Sdrading woudon necessary for Shipbuilding

• Jay attacked Aliandrid, Dhu/ped against Sly attack

pisa - Zahn chru and hipra Musims against other Latin . Popo said to not give a tu MLM / 11 TXOM I

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+ 30 - Robert & KT Hon Quent to Spain to Iran


- began tariation of Koran ,showed he had great knowledge of ardh1c languuge

- Far Cohr cid, hot literCI/ - J0 bác trang 100n. - Quite close to what muslims of the Koran belit ved the Koran mtant

du Sour

PROTS O Litino in ravninti


Study Son


- Latin-c: txpand around 1000.

• Levant - Art Of Carton mediterranean; urea..

Trading rights were a SPCCI Pavelog, people couc root' trade

voice, (10noa, pa begin to c+ trading nights - durendent of Norte Viking began to buwd thi


Normans i conquered England, showed up in Hary Jouncin Halians hitd Normans cum cyctales NOTONS TOOK OYC and conquited SICHY.

-armed pilgrimage to take land from rullri in Fugitive pilanmuide a way to pdy for the hou

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K ot g3d0d . H JAJPP TOM Lupisu u mom til hun. W WW.ARMI 0 D burn OND UI 79 A l wat odamuda WKUOJA 100.48.JUS #VV914.12.



julu pun Cum ne

de barazab pa/JUL no pud Jun 2 pud


Ctenoa and Pia gain trading nqht


./mportant in development of mediterranean


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- Monreale Cathedral - Thou tho Norman and



) U14 phd

47171717 PEPPP

Slanin C. - switched thu around, Jiran musiims

412/ 07741 0


Y174 17

od 1144 D Dun

- Chiang + TWJ Lucre allowed to prole thor

I hop dopo pud U12/04 pp


of another religion.

had no experience (OTAE Hng quith PAY

• Norman


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* KTSLITmada sily a major comum

I bol



- Began carving our a kingdom for themsches

hino Abuo) -

to pay for their lifelong

sin Urban hed a deep ITI/DOLU hred


* Crwade capture /crualcm and maart the inhabitan -Murim obtiver caned for hibution --CTLiQdCi had arrived at a timo DF political din grain

3 pornica) cachon had recently died.

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4 Cuader/at -faced - throwhero they ruled (clown divoje PCOPIC - murum ve hours and cywader 1101 Juin mitory forces @ times - multimi and Chunon formed tone, 109,


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Roading on Christians + Mariscoth, iron, and timber" #Argument on "othemesr": Medieval christian muslim white referred to the other religion ar airg'alien -Context and Structure of the thema' was not the samo in all periods # A codifted imagery of otherned war charging in the Chroman imagination, they began to come in contact with mwlim 'everyday

became increasingly harder to Hell difference btw christian Muslim becadre they began to share interatst values

What are some sourcer she wcd7 most influential? "pictures of beard- about boarding Muslims

Bringing in jours trom both sides -show Contros on both sides

Study Sour

What are comic contact the capai 7 cronomic Contact bchucen trade cinc comperio thate wo unicuion, intermarriage, Jobabic

13th (ent Why in 1215 ddej the Pope/Church begin to lay down The low!

there were other ways for muslim Chiu ant to Oct what they want

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Std S

Mongol and - Nomadic propic from tappetoo harsh for agriculture (hunt anima) mored auth the canon (nacle paltoalum) 70+ much JOCUCI STUFurcint/speechten Jame pcoplo wro nobicnot a big gap btw. Poor/rich

Fru Peopic W/ APCCC trd job (men/women for are not SPCC//ed All mongol mon bad military training, all redc on hurts UJIT (/) (hunted/fought with bows and arrowr.)

pwerful bows up to 200 yds Shot - Organized into mbel (women would go in montibru)

chefrat another main and invite them into your tbc

needed to gire mon Jomt where to fight and be rewarded.

Cieng his Kahn - e uron did membu of Tarand murdered hy father follower deserted he family

The medical cuoriderim

Sapansion Pran cuonomy and growth revived trade btw

other part


V1200-1350 7 Medieval world istim height

Alord to plug into the rit of the worlds Hodt system

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2 draining chararteri 72: * How much of the it connected and the VOUMT OF trade. - thu timc Tiny compared to what it would be dich - System of world truda Luo haemuny, no sindicate wou domini

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* 3 april: How it worked TO MONTT y good from Kinds or good/ tudod Incrcultural contact within y/tem.

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HOLU Tous bookTd

Jubsystems trades happened in TagTS: +K ane goud tracked very important for datur, religion JUNK worms meid dim, warm, gute home and only cat

Muy Deny leaves 4 required anfire Lhindre families

JIK Road - Beijing and others said their dik to - POCK animal donkeys - Groupe Gt foder torced together for safety

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w/ hq puddiut. +12) Ippud 01 +ndy) IN /HU H/p nul Up -pold -uluq pulu).

(priani FILDIN) 210min purwap ubiu un pur aww 9 putu u pimpold huo.

-) huonD ubil.

A TUDI padd

h au pad # HIND

. 4), 12 V Lush uw) hans Lubnu WLL #Ildiupli pinan hout OWL HUD 24+ Luyt w 1 100 90 MIL GUN I POJNI


Nu hn Dino M (Sun ) Jou ou. WOLF Tubpw huo.


dy Sous


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au voyong USD huu 2014 tur. SUPO/10 1/24/ 2 1 24L S'Y7019 244 UHd


hun bun ISO DIV 240/ JUOD IULID NII Met hun hou.

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ATTin Telugu Egypt and the Lant Dulh thered through sea OUT ng dance trade wou only for hejh Volo qad/ *RTITITI Want Light

017en minutiturrd god/ H H mind them and cred for com from the cau

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LATO chriftian in tcrurna woth mu TCC Pravided machine around bilo. Chcian tid agov. Ismerd oon nido in china I to Shiyin Anto)

- Kt Pt fortion tradus conta Mongol trád allowed to stay in Beijing "Viam Predd to Mdad - Trading 2717/ provided physical part for Physical condit

The Black death and Medieval world Jystehool

Mora - where bidik d70 Avrd v4 Vip 1320 piague outbreak - Kurd 15. Mwmann ppi

spread middle east, turope, North Africa

af plaque #Ling through the plague * Religion Respond to progut

back to mesina and mongoll got nirred buinging the decine Europe city of Coifa was under thgc @ the time

- 100յմO /ԱՍ ՄԱռամով (100 գ pour bainom hout QUDE DU 24 / 12/ 200 -

suih24 anbud 34174/upunk -038/

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thought to be undo



incted room south tastatur

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TEAM Luiop , udhuru hint p)

LIV Swaro Duway T

ULSI LIMIT 4 40 10p Li Jim Pup bbd141 40 4 y PDAM Duodu JTD en boid dybuiubnopup's '12

ni pidhurunguduti pogru nd bag (0974) round Ihr -

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Stomach an lymph nidis in groin and armpits, headaches)

dirtery from bite of ficus ST day cabanced


fund u nu

o vou FUOLIUI -

• Bit Of Chan tranored thc pagua

y Soul

- Pauc spread through they are they buc


Get this plaget for

people / thc bibenie pregut

knoun today

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O and of the wond bic Of putut in reron on


Top 100 I Danh Du upound on Old Pumun y 12 mm pour lui bu boip DAVID pun T4 to 4 h ou op 2100


Dal UN JOUDUD 319 pueddou fauny SULIT D OUT


amount or ctruth

• People did not furre proper burial b/c of the CONOMIC of local orderconomic book canon

on Oud 94% VINILIWY

birds, clear, camorromého

(กกา 03 474


217 |

26 สเวน 10 ที่

Study SOU

understood that it 000 conto


+ PEDIC did not understand cudit co




EUROPE. - Some arra hit up to


UV / 944/

1Wun' 071 217U U VU DUYU41 Dud 27.

Stacy Sou

to the TK

96 henge lagut reached GUPTA

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once wdl many states (any stars) (



hinil Jo 7460.019 uth pijom Vuupuu pur 1241 HP DUDAS hu pul "MULLIN BURU

U NDU 24000 + moman pihom 4744 + 240 210 , D

ECISIVU! Naophu901 anonid och budap tuhna 4 Hals buidan

tudy sou

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PO TU D ENT MTUNZO 2014 hunda burun 2212112744

ddb 01 HONDUP 134 P2M2129 TDM03 TDA222 ur buruna 94

204 buisumu 70M LUULETA Moth 174 24 101 1220

104 TLS WILDU). wheru LAJUL 2AUD) QL 1200 12mm non ten on olanlarda nar Harun Nyhouny ALL TH


ht 24 142 bunu Unirip YHT. B

UTI@YAHOW pridad Pdaad 41 20 HU211. . 17 2 .1.70 UU PA2/WOLLP2d drugi

WD .161 din 1744 UD4 [VO -

210uod 70 HP R**22214 - LAS 16.12. Ota hund

pawnu -- LINE 110 MINUWARU) HUD but


Bank - Jankiold war in other videos

DOUDO 200124 Of Furun

hutan moll

- Cod Florin (high-walut currenty)


70 312 ppp of thrim puno sul

venict wed thus to nie to trading power

4+1M dulu.LV/2) buip 120 ou umani? Of Hav Tuo40 W0L NA PLAVI WALL NIKOLA

wut PIUDYnm poy 42pm TN huo! tnbg pun hyn.

2000-he wі рилош рuр Пут рu0) hipnih NAMI UWE HO VULV - pow 101 -

anhold so zult zuos pung IV ONV LA PIPHD fild -020 ? Wh Puno -

SYITS Po Duhul ou un XII Hod


HP14 YI0 huipull 1100 120 Nis. рро

10 zu u ruhunuo 4

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y Soup

10 JUL 12uun pur umOWI

H0 / V Onit."

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were more vulgarable to plague 9 dturhi of many merchant - diarray Plaqut Hd to short rlong term Effect

Sedy Sour

wun Onc owner, and stopped in many PIATTI

417 cargo ship held muitig Goods, may have mort WODI, ATXIT, 'bouchun the north (PIT) aling mediteranean

To work creatively in order to reIVt sources ing for control over trace mivary.

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dy SO

M4nnng for

ở Hà hộ.

Uudu n

ad pul NY2 fod pip 1212

dr power

Uuno jorgerac

Rite is no

*(Tnta) Italy run



hp\ Ар Үра рung du p2.jid yop OG WUT Soup VVT DUO

Sonu) IN SOU HV0 440 m2

(IMOC wwe plynoux 1440N) +, 10b pue vemod 1300 NO Qf 1.811 -

MOLO otull youido Jul and eroded 1212MOLH U bou ULOH 3000 ohol opnu u BUHO


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() StudySoup

TETTE - TLITE tino w ould 3110 N 1 bd

in tinab sut uim SJAD SWOU FAQAVI Pinous W oud 2140120DW SHJAU '. f01d loom b unul DASU PINTO

dood point DOHODHU074 TISTU +, NOBYO VOLOWJOJNO OL 31 ( 1030) 010d0d 4


HWIN) putin 40+ of pabunyi uh uolonp3. Tapaliny puu lint141 1401 hi eppu duw.

Jon 2 puu 2X 201410 11 17 02-024d 14 136 14 131 Pug 2017 || . 204 202 +0 ebid 244 vagu nad -

Manalo i hirss to hund 2440 / pirhuun wol club/wwi 2004

Планирһа) и huu yo22 0 4 ца E DELLIT humpul Obuluh W014


UOD PUU pind. burnunun yer un

p UI TANT141 +0 von

Std So




T /4/AID 171172172U LI ZAIDAUJ.




* Became part of the gorahmen L


- a tmoucre power behind govt

gradually tOK OVCA control in For Medici Family

Obdobund, ul 7440 -Fumown but упраг p1n01

h i j yOM poop Иbnow. pip һим . 1111 wey tungun SU 101.40 bundy tudd - hund -

- YIDUD ULANADI JADI Pinam h47 thy Da of popupWUDM -doid

лингЛщ 14 Jam roh hule un Jua/a/ua/ 0


Study Sour

huuраnу pap buurhun my JOJ Puld 2XU24111 por pulvin 4 414) napp1940 + 2ab - WOWHUNT) 24 40 uur 2110qwhy Upm74.

TU N 147 40 huund.

MA 210d - Juul. w h uis Two Thobi11.A

uds Soup


"smaltr taidemu Zontinued to take VM

and represion

After Black death .. sadnt


on pup w

2014 dyb buimob.

"Jomt oF the dtmandí were granted, not all tu to a represion, gov't didn't like the radical-of ultiling unskilled Dorkers demanded ren mure


OVT Hornit for Swetk builtquids + lower

• took over forenia

jpnb ump

lowtr call u


demanded the opp. to create air worker 401+i wanitd to fakt port


upruing-previouny Cxcluded from g


Study SOL

„Skuld worker POPDD


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