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Genetic Factors Is a generic term having a specific nucleotide sequence of the genetic information on DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) molecule is a DNA fragment having a molecular genetic effect. Gene by copying the genetic information is passed to the next generation, so that offspring with parental similar traits. There are tens of thousands of human genes is about to save a life nurtured the growth of all the information apoptosis through replication, expression, restoration, completed life reproduction, important physiological processes such as cell division and protein synthesis. Gene is the password of life, recording and transmission of genetic information. Organisms all life phenomena health, long, disease, old age, death, etc. are genetically related. It also determines the internal factors of human health is closely related to human health.

Basic Introduction

Refers to the process of sexual reproduction of organisms, genes controlling different traits regroup. Gene contains the necessary information, the nucleic acid segment of RNA produced in a manner to control the product's functions. They contain the product is under what conditions dictate regulatory regions, transcribed RNA product serial regional orders, and / or other functional sequence. Physical development and the phenotype of an organism can be thought of as a blend of genes and environment mutually product units and genes can be inherited.

The restructuring process

Is the result of the fracture and the connection of different DNA strand DNA fragments of exchange and recombination, the formation of new DNA molecule.


Genetic recombination is refers to the DNA sequence of a gene is made up of two or more than two parents DNA combined. Genetic recombination is inherited the basic phenomenon, viruses, prokaryotes and eukaryotes have genetic recombination. Meiosis may be genetic recombination. The characteristics of genetic recombination is the substance exchange between the double strand of DNA. Eukaryotes, restructuring of homologous chromosomes at meiosis, between the sister chromatid bacteria can occur in the process of transformation and transduction, often call this kind of restructuring the homologous recombination, namely as long as the two strands of DNA sequence is the same or close to, restructuring can occur in any part of this sequence. In prokaryotes, however, sometimes the genetic recombination is dependent on the small scale of homologous sequences of cib, restructuring is limited to the small scale, relate only to specific sites of the homologous region, called such restructuring site specificity restructuring (site - specific recombination), in addition there is a way of restructuring, not depend on the sequence, the homology between the insert another section of a DNA sequence, the formation of recombinant molecules depends on the DNA replication to restructure, abnormal call such restructuring restructuring, also known as replication restructuring.

Mutations in the difference between

Genetic recombination is refers to the control of different traits of gene recombination. Can produce a large number of variation types, but only to create new genotypes, does not produce new genes. Genetic recombination occurs in sexual reproduction of meiotic division for the first time in the process, namely the tetrad period, the sister chromatids of homologous chromosomes cross swaps and reduction first anaphase the alleles with the free combination of the homologous chromosomes free combination, genetic recombination is the theoretical foundation of the cross breeding.

The development of

Separation of genetic law in 1866, Austrian scholar Geraldine Jim Mendel in his pea hybridization experiment in the paper, in capital letters represent the dominant properties such as A, B, such as round, cotyledon yellow lowercase letters A, B, etc on behalf of the recessive traits such as wrinkle, cotyledons green. He did not strictly observed region branch office of character and control these properties genetic factor. But from these symbols represented he hybridization, these symbols is representing the genes, in form and in genetic analysis for convenience still continue to use them to represent genes.

Genetic diagnosis

By using gene chip analysis of the human genome, can find the disease-causing genes. Cancer, diabetes, etc., are the diseases caused by genetic defects. Medicine and biology, the researchers will be able to in a few seconds will eventually lead to cancer mutations identified. With the aid of a small test drops, doctors can predict the effect of drugs to patients, can be diagnosed with drug adverse reaction in the treatment process, also can identify patients on the spot by what kind of bacteria, viruses or other microbial infection. Using gene chip analysis, genes will make 10 years for the diagnosis of diabetes rate above 50%. People in medical examination, future by carrying gene chip diagnostic robot for client to take blood, in a twinkling examination results can be displayed on the computer screen. Using genetic diagnosis and medical treatment will be taken from the same era of "public health", progress to varies according to the individual genetic "custom medical" era.