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Bio 106 Exam 1: Study Guide

by: Sheridan Lantz

Bio 106 Exam 1: Study Guide 2570

Marketplace > Washington State University > 2570 > Bio 106 Exam 1 Study Guide
Sheridan Lantz
GPA 3.89
Bio 106- Organismal Biology
Asaph Cousins & Raymond Lee

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About this Document

This study guide is a mixture of all the i-clicker questions that will help with what type of questions the professor may ask and what areas in the chapters to study.
Bio 106- Organismal Biology
Asaph Cousins & Raymond Lee
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Sheridan Lantz on Saturday February 7, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 2570 at Washington State University taught by Asaph Cousins & Raymond Lee in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 167 views.


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Date Created: 02/07/15
Biology 106 Study Guide Exam 1 A phylogenic tree is 09069 A hypothesis depicting evolutionary relationships Developed on the principle of maximum parsimony Inferred from homologous and analogous character state All of the above None of the above Which species are most closely and distantly related to the badger a b C d Wolf amp leopard Otter amp coyote Otter amp leopard Coyote amp leopard Order Family Genus Species Panthera Tquot gayssf pardus leopard el9PI9l Taxidea taxus badge r 21 0A w 23 aepuatsnw EJJn39 eaplxel Ejaqwed Lutra lutra a otter quot 7 Li IA Canis 1 v Iatrans coyote J 39 24 aepguea swag Canis 4 lupus r 2 I gray wolf In a comparison of birds and mammals having four limbs is 906 A shared ancestral character A shared derived character A character useful for distinguishing birds from mammals A character useful for sorting bird characteristics DNA Sequences in many human genes are very similar to the sequences of corresponding genes in chimpanzees The most likely explanation for this result is that FIDO Humans evolved from chimpanzees Chimpanzees evolved from humans Humans and chimpanzees are not closely related Humans and chimpanzees share a relatively recent common ancestor None of the above Natural selection is A B C Humans selecting individuals with desired traits to breed The principle that events in the past occurred suddenly and were caused by mechanisms different for those operating today Principle that states that mechanisms of change are constant over time D A process in which individuals with certain inherited traits tend to survive E and reproduce at higher rates than others Similarities resulting from common ancestry Which of the following is not an observation on which natural section is based A B TIFHUO Members of a population often vary in their traits Species tend to produce more offspring than their environment can suppo Poorly adapted individuals never produce offspring Many offspring fail to survive and reproduce Many of the traits within a population are heritable None of the above Which of the following must exist in a population before natural selection can act upon that population WUOWFD Genetic variation among individuals Variation among individuals caused by environmental factors Sexual reproduction Asexual reproduction Change in environmental conditions In terms of evolution place the following in a logical order DOW Q 0 039 m vvvvv CD Individuals in a population vary in their heritable characteristics Over time favorable traits accumulate in the population Organisms produce more offspring than the environment can support Individuals that are well suited to their environment tend to leave more offspring than other individuals ABCD ACBD BDCA CADB ACDB What would potentially happen to the average beak length of the central Florida insects if they were only provide the green fruit for many generations WUOWFD No change in length Length would decrease Length would increase They all would starve None of the above Which of the following statements is incorrect Natural selection is differential success in reproduction Acquired characteristics are inherited Individuals do not evolve a population is the smallest group that can evolve over time Natural selection can act only on heritable traits A trait that is favorable in one environment may be useless or even detrimental in another environment WU 0W In a diploid cell how many alleles for a single gene 100m meM x ls genetic variation within a population important for evolution A Yes B No Consider a population of wildflower that is incompletely dominant for color 300 red flowers cRcR 100 pink flowers CRch 50 white flowers CWC Calculate the number of copies of each allele A 300 red and 50 white B 400 red and 150 white C 700 red and 150 white D 700 red and 200 white E 400 red and 200 white Which of the following is a requirement for a non evolving population Small population size No gene flow no migrations High rate of mutations Nonrandom mating sexual selection Natural selection WUOWFD Which of the following is not a major factor in altering allele frequencies and bringing about evolutionary change Nonrandom mating Gene Flow Bottle Neck effect Founder effect Natural selection WUOWFD Which are components of the biological species concept mpowgt Be able to produce viable off spring Potential to breed in nature Not able to reproduce with other populations A and B are correct A B and C are correct If p 05 and q 05 calculate frequency of the homozygous dominate heterozygous and homozygous recessive genotypes A 035 02 025 B 05 05 05 C 025 025 025 D 010 010 010 E 025 05 025 In flowering plants pollen is released from the 01000 Anther Stigma Carpel Filament Pollen tube Which part of a plant absorbs most of the water and minerals taken up from the soil mpowgt Taproot Root hairs The thick parts of the roots near the base of the stem Storage roots The root apical meristem One important difference between the anatomy of roots and the anatomy of leaves is that 01000 Only leaves have phloem and only roots have xylem Root cells have cell walls and leaf cells do not A waxy cuticle covers leaves but is absent from root Vascular tissue is found in roots but is absent from leaves Leaves have epidermal tissue but roots do not Active transport of various materials in plants at the cellular level requires all of the following expect 01000 A proton gradient ATP Membrane potential Transport proteins Plasmodesmata The value for W in root tissue was found to be 015 MPa If you take the root tissue and place it in a solution that has W 023 MPa the net water flow would A Be from the tissue into the sucrose solution B Be from the sucrose solution into the tissue C Be net flow in both directions and the concentrations would remain D Occur only as ATP was hydrolyzed in the tissue Be impossible to determine from the values given her


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