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Study Guide MKT 340

by: Harley Dante

Study Guide MKT 340 Mkt 340

Marketplace > University of Miami > Mkt 340 > Study Guide MKT 340
Harley Dante
GPA 3.86
Professional Selling
Ian Scharf

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About this Document

This study guide elaborates on the notes of the first three classes of Marketing 340.
Professional Selling
Ian Scharf
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Harley Dante on Saturday February 7, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Mkt 340 at University of Miami taught by Ian Scharf in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 129 views.

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Date Created: 02/07/15
U1C1 Intro to personal selling a Perceptions i 96 negative ii repeate in ZOO45 b why History amp barrier i historyconsumptionproduction 1 until stock mkt crash worldwide depression 1929 a people caught off guard no to pay for all manu Goods 2 193070 abuse in all major industry ii do a favor tell 3 people 1 something wrong te 10 people iii few barriers to entry you have people selling who never have should been c can it be changed i Yes but will take generations ii ndustriesmaigned those that do well do very well Selling amp salespeople a Why learn about it i Everyone sells 1 People never change their minds make new deicisions based on new info ii Marketing communication roe salespeople connection between client amp company 1 Face of company iii Role in marketing mix 1 Product price place promotion 2 Most expensivepersonal selling 3 Adv amp internet good at inform amp remind but struggle at persuasion b What do they do i Sell 1 Hunters mentality kill amp on to next ii Service 1 Farmers mentality live for the harvest iii Provide info c Describe salesjob i Newtell stories ii Continuingexisting iii Order taker some1 who works behind cash register uniform name tag quotcan I take your orderquot iv Order maker act like small biz owner amp runs it like a practice v Product vi Service non tangible 1 Goodbad at other a Different set of skills vii Field go to customer viii lnside cos to me ix Consumer sell to end user x Business sell to reseller d 7 characteristics of successful salespeople i motivated 1 externallymotivated by money power amp recognition 2 internallyset of standards above expectation a better in life b externals work for them ii dependable 1 workbond 2 underpromise overday iii ethical 1 by 10 or 11 ethical blueprint iv customer amp production knowledge 1 v exibility 1 functioning of maturity vi communication skills 1 good communication skills a take complex concept amp lets people know what that means 2 bad communication cant get time back vii emotionally intelligent human mobes 1 ability to anticipate before it happens 2 quotyou studied the watch while I stuied youquot a nd if he would take it b then win it e born vs made i Combination fo two but more towards made f Rewards i Independencecontrol of calendar 1 Selfemployed people who cant manage time will eventually end up working for another who can manage theirs ii Responsibilitycontrol own destiny 1 Not liability 2 Middle managers 1st to let go iii Financial 1 Top salesperson makes as much or more than ceo w ceo blessing iv Sales mgmt 1 St be salesperson 2 Toptypicaly not great 3 If you are truly greathard to translate lll Videoroerig amp Wallace a Salespersonnick parella b Do well i Product knowledge ii Time mgmt iii Stay positive iv Friendly v Hardworking vi Flexibility vii Motivated c lmprove d Monotone e Body language U1C2 Types of relationships a One time mkt exchangerelationship but don t go unles desperate b Functional attach ourselves to vendures i Ex Alienbuy again when already know ii Strategic partnershiprel so strong customer acts like on payroll for the corporation 1 Ex Buy stock advise all to buy commercials for free GOAL ll Chracteristics of successful a Trust i Dependable ii Compotent iii Customer oriented put yourself in other shoes iv Honest v Likable b Open communicationability to tell soem1 anything without fear of repercussions i Worst thing to do is liedisrespectful Common goals similar interests Commitment to mutual gain i Accomplish more together than a part ii Organizational support 1 More people believe in relationship besides 2 parties lll Evolution of personal selling an Production concept people will buy if readily available Product conceptpeple buy based on features c Sales concept people buy base don promotion that you spend i lncrease all 3 ignore customers d Marketing concept take total mkt amp divide into target markets amp provide offering for each e Partnering conceptfewer clients better service clients for life IV Company case new buyerold account amp 1 too many a 21 i 1st choicereject bC sales person cant exist for 100 years amp 100not signi cant Every1 is ii 2ncl choice iii 3rCI choicereject bC commodity same quality changed on price iv how can tanita avoid 1 Built relationship with all the whole acct a Didn t build relationship with employee that was promoted O39QJ b 22 i keep contract with new client haddock ii never client with that much power iii how handle damon 1 Next promotion give discount V How not to sell a Never closed script push aggressive b Too much talking c 8020 talk by salesperson i talk by prospect U1C2 l ethical issues in selling a salesmen represent 3 entities i company customer themselves b why the dilemma ll Relationships with customers a Deceptionomission b Bribes gifts entertainment i Given them staffset up temporary customers waiting for better office ii Tip to entertain 1 Physically present 2 Check for maximizing youre allowed ot spend 3 Use common sense don t be excessive c Special treatmentuethical for one customer to bene t at expense of another i Treat everyone well d Con dential info i Resist sharing ii Career die if ruin con dentiality e Backdoor selling i Once establish relationship with company its unethical for you to try to go around lll Relationships within the company a Forging expense accounts i Unwise because 1 Don t make money in sales by cheating company make money by helping client amp achieving goal 2 auditors look all day at expense accounts incentive to catch you 3 tell other people about itdangerous to lie about what doing


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