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by: Stephanie Marie


Marketplace > University of Massachusetts > Comm 288 > COMM 288 SUT JHALLY EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE
Stephanie Marie
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Sut Jhally

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About this Document

Sut Jhally
Study Guide
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This 20 page Study Guide was uploaded by Stephanie Marie on Sunday February 8, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Comm 288 at University of Massachusetts taught by Sut Jhally in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 503 views.




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Date Created: 02/08/15
COMM 288 STUDY GUIDE EXAM 1 Readings Wendy Chapkis Ueg as Sinquot Naomi Wolf quotSexquotJohn Berger quotWays of Seeingquot Jennifer PoznerquotBitches and Morons and Skanks Oh My What Reality TV Teaches Us About Womenquot Films Killing Us Softly 4 Playing Unfair Dreamworlds 3 Wendy Chapkis quotUeg as Sinquot from Beauty Secrets Women and the Politics of Appearance What do social expectations create p119 Rather than blame the mirror of social expectations what do women do to create a quotnormalquot re ection p119 What does gender mean p119 What is held to be normal and ideal in heterosexual relationships p119 What is at the heart of heterosexual masculine identity p121 Into the 19605 what did quotGayquot mean p121 When is the fear of the breakdown of the sexgender most strongly felt p122 In the Soviet Union what are men and women urged to do p123 Why is it extremely disturbing to be confronted with gender outlaws and sexual minorities p125 10What are people trying to x who attempt to reshape their anatomy to t gender ideals p125 11What does looking at sexualgender subcultures tell us about the majority culture p125 12What is the distinction between quotbutchquot and quotfemmequot style p127 13What does the quotfemmequot invite p127 14Why did black lesbians take on quotbutchquot style p128 15What do gender symbols suggest p128 16What is the most important function of gendered appearance p129 17What does the quotproofquot of women being able to wear male styles of clothing obscure p129 18What can gender like race be used to justify p130 19ln the second wave of feminism what fashion style did feminists promote p130 20What side did women39s liberation end up on in terms of sensiblefun and why p131 21What choice is each woman faced with in terms of the reality of imposed femininity p131 22Why do people who challenge the feminine dress code feel unattractive and inadequate p131 23ln what context did Chapkis rediscover the bra p133 24Pat Cali a offers two paths to eliminate gender privilege Which one focuses more on pleasure and play p133 25What is the impossible earnest demand that feminists sometimes make p134 26ln terms of objecti cation what happens to the object once real communication begins p134 27What was the problem with the Lesbian Feminist Relationship p134 28What was Lesbian Feminism peculiarly silent about p13429What is the most pertinent objection to gender play p13730What cultural commitment remains strong in the society p137 31what is the attraction to in Tootsie VictorVictoria and Yentl p137 32What can trespassing over the gender boundaries in dress and behavior do p137 33What can gender play remind us of p138 34What experience became clearer for Chapkis when she got her motorcycle and leathers p138 35What is the most important lesson of lesbian experience p138 36ln what context is dressing to signal sexual intent a dangerous act for a woman p139 37What does Chapkis claim was the hypocrisy involved in the dethroning of Vanessa Williams as Miss America p140 38What is the key to female submissiveness p140 39ln advertising for whom is passion pleasure and sunsets intended p140 40What do women have to do if they do not want to be left with social convention and political slogans p142 41When looking at heterosexual erotic images what does Chapkis nd herself demanding p143 42Why is some of the best erotic material for heterosexual women that produced for gay men p145 43Why is the Playboy centerfold problematic for lesbians p145 44What does the Playboy Bunny remind Chapkis of p145 45What is the message of the Bunny Beauty p146 46What would be central to a womanempowering pornography p146 47What will be the ultimate test of a new female erotica p146 john Berger Ways of Seeing What is a man s presence dependent upon p45 What does a woman s presence express p46 To be a born a woman is to be born into what p46 What are the two constituent elements of women s identity p 46 What do men do to women before treating them p46 How does Berger simplify the difference between men and women p47 In the story of Adam and Eve where is nakedness created p48 What is the second striking fact of the story of Adam and Eve p48 In the tradition of European oil painting what is the real function of the mirror p51 10ln The Judgment of Paris what happens to beauty p52 11What is the nakedness of Nell Gwynne an expression of p52 12How are nonEuropean art traditions different in how nakedness is portrayed p53 13What is the difference between naked and nude p54 14ln the average European oil painting who is the spectator assumed to be p54 15ln The Allegory of Time and Love whose sexuality does the picture appeal to p54 5 16What is hair associated with p55 17How does European oilpainting atter males p56 7 18ln the exceptions to the tradition of European oil painting how are naked women portrayed p578 19What is the sexual function of nakedness in reality p5860 20ln the painting by Rubens of his second wife how does her body confront us p61 21What is an indication of the banality that distinguishes voyeur and lover in the Rubens painting P61 22What contradiction around individualism did the European oil painting contain p62 23How did Durer believe the ideal nude should be constructed p62 24What unequal relationship from the artform of the European nude still structures the consciousness of many women p63 25Why are women depicted differently than men p64 Naomi Wolf Sex from The Beauty Myth 1 What was women39s sexuality nearly released by p 132 2 What does a woman understand from beauty pornography p133 3 What does a woman learn from beauty sadomasochism p133 4 Where did pornography cross over into in the 1970s p134 5 What new experience did the displayed ideal female body introduce for women p 134 6 What conventions from pornography entered women39s culture p135 7 Rather than images of female desire that cater to female desire what does beauty pornography produce p136 8 What did the upsurge in violent sexual imagery take its energy from p 137 9 Why did Master39s and Johnson refuse to comment on average penis size p138 10 What does unequal nakedness almost always express p139 11 In our culture what are the two leading actors on the sexual stage p140 12 What was the purpose of the BM of the 1980s p141 13 What effect on women does beauty pornography p141 14 According to Susan Cole how can social values be instilled p 142 15 What do ads sell if not sex p143 16 What gap does the BM create p144 17 What effect does the BM have on men p 145 18 According to Wolf what effect does the BM have on women39s sexuality p1468 19 What does the BM separate women from during the act of love p149 20 When society is best served by a population of women who are sexually available and sexually insecure what is beauty rede ned as p 151 21 In our culture what are men aroused by p152 22 In our culture what are women aroused by p152 23 When men control women39s bodies what are they safe from p153 24 According to Wolf what could women39s famous slowness of arousal be connected to p158 25 What is the general pervasive effect of the atmosphere of sexual violence and the way it is linked to women39s beauty p1612 26 What kind of sexuality are the young being imprinted with p 162 27 What has the 30year education of the young in sex as objecti cation or sadomasochism produced p 163 28 What has the cultural representation of glamorized degradation created p 167 29 Where is romantic intimate sexual love con ned in the culture of the young p 168 28 What effect does the BM have on men and what sense is highlighted p 174 29 What does the way that women regard men39s bodies sexually prove p 174 30 When beauty is de ned almost exclusively through the visual what is left out p 175 31 How are men contradicting the BM p 178 READING jennifer Pozner quotBitches and Morons and Skanks Oh My What Reality TV Teaches Us About Womenquot What is reality television a dissemination mechanism for p95 In that context reality tv is as much a dissemination mechanism for idealogical persuasion as it is a means for entertainment What does Flavor Flav think there is nothing better than p97 a good cat ght What does reality TV do best p97 gender essentialism What do producers of reality TV do in the offcamera interviews with the female participants p99 give bait to get the shit talking and drama started bribe people to cause ghts and drama How is women s antagonism toward one another portrayed p99 portrayed as innate even when a man isn t in the mix What does the editing of reality TV play up p100 plays up regional and ethnic stereotypes Why was DeShawn Snow not asked to return for Atlanta s second season p101 Bravo considered her too digni ed and she did not want to get involved in all of the drama What did the New York Times report that reality TV was like p101 Hollywood s sweatshop functioning behind the scenes like a psychological experiment that keeps contestants off balance and vulnerable What do reality TV producers rarely allow viewers to see about the relationship between female contestants p102 signs of fondness and camaderie between female contestants 10What does the depiction of women on reality TV put an entertaining spin on p103 puts a spin on decades of corporate news coverage that pits women against one another socially and economically diverting attention from true problems we could be allying to solve 11What do the stories of reality TV consistently ignore p103 consistently ignore young progressive women s activism alongside older feminist mentors in social justice movements for the rights of women people of color youth workers the LGBT community immigrants and the environment 12What do The Mommy wars sell p104 newspapers magazines TV shows and radio broadcasts 13What have all social and political gains made by women been won by p105 hard fought collective struggle with other women 14What is one way an abuser gains control over his partner p106 isolating from friends and family 15What did The Anna Nicole Show Newlyweds and The Simple Life have in common p1078 the young women played up their airhead images 16What narrative would focusing on DeShawn Snow s academic career have broken p109 that black women are gossipy idiots 17What kind of women does reality television make stars p112 not scholars high achievers and business leaders 18Why did Tyra Banks eliminate Elyse from Top Model p113 because of her intimidating intelligence 19How did Yaya DaCosta represent a double wammy p114 intellectually driven and black 20What does the culture prefer young women do p115 shut up and look pretty 21How does reality TV present working women p116 slovenly housekeepers bossy tyrants to wimpy husbands piss poor parents 22What is key to the success of women on The Apprentice p117 boob power 23lf Donald Trump acted in the real world the way he does on his show what could he expect p117 he would be setting himself up for sexual harassment lawsuits 24How did Samantha Bee spoof the way women in journalism were presented p119 NILF news id like to fuck news anchor based soley on looks 25Which tropes did Anchorwoman re ect p120 catty ditzy and incompetent 26How did Pro les from the Front Lines feature men and women p122 powerful men ght the wars nd the weapons and heal the soldiers while nurturing women 27What do casting directors shine an intentional spotlight on p123 wives who say they are happy being obedient to controlling sometimes verbally abusive husbands 28What is the difference between Mad Men and reality shows in their depiction of women in the world of work p124 29How did Joe Millionaire start with deceit p125 producers tricked a couple dozen women into agreeing to participate by telling them they were going to star in a reality based version of Sex and the City in France 30What made the joke on the women complete in Joe Millionaire p126 Evan Marriot was not a millionaire but a construction worker receiving 19 grand a year and he was deceiving them throughout the show 31What did the entertainment press use Joe Millionaire proof of p126 many real women are greedy sluts who cant be trusted to do anything other than feign affection to use men for money 32What concept has dominated dating shows since the success ofJoe Millionaire and For Love or Money p127 gold digger 33Why did Fox and NBC believe the gold digger concept PP N9915gtP had legs p128 because they constructed the shows to play on virulent cultural hostility toward women in particular the notions that men should distrust female partners women should be jealous of romantic rivals and every woman has a price 34Why are reality TV s tropes about women even more troubling when we consider younger audiences p130 if they have TVs in their home they have potentially consumed a steady diet of thousands of hours of programming in which female solidarity doesn t exist women s problems are not structural but the result of individual weakness and gender equality is a ction Film Killing Us Softly 4 What did Jean Kilbourne see in the pictures on her refrigerator What is the biggest change that Jean Kilbourne has seen during her career of looking at ads What is a quottoxic cultural environmentquot What does advertising sell in addition to products What do women learn from a very early age Why is failure to achieve the ideal inevitable For whom is the ideal image especially impossible How do the idealized images of women effect men What is objecti cation a rst step towards 10What other choices are there when clothes are not enough to shape the ideal body 11How does Jean Kilbourne use the example of breast implants to show the movement from subject to object 12Towards whom is the greatest contempt directed 13According to Jean Kilbourne what is the obsession with thinness really about 14According to model Fillipa Hamilton why was she red by Ralph Loren 15Who did Alexander Schulman accuse of pushing every thinner models into the magazines 16Why was there such a response to the picture in Glamour of a realistic looking woman 17What did Kate Winslet do concerning her photograph on the cover of GO 18Why are the solutions to obesity and the obsession with thinness related 19How has eating become a moral issue20Who is the m nagea trois with that women are made to feel ashamed of 21What did Anne Becker s study show 22How can the body language of girls and women in ads be characterized 23What is the ip side to the infantalization of women 24What are the consequences of the lack of sex education in American schools 25What is missing from the sexual emphasis in ads 26Why does Jean Kilbourne think the problem with ads is not sex 27How is sex both more important and less important than our culture makes it out to be 28How are girls encouraged to see their own sexualization29What did the 2007 American Psychological Association report conclude 30What is the double bind that girls are caught in 31According to Kilbourne what are the sexualized images in advertising designed to sell 32How is male objecti cation different than female objecti cation 33Without what is it impossible to have a successful intimate relationship 34What is the problem when human qualities are divided up and polarized and labeled masculine and feminine 35What gives Kilbourne hope 36What will change depend upon Film Playing Unfair The Media Images of the Female Athlete Why does Maryjo Kane refer to the media representation of female athletes as the quotBest of Timesquot and the quotWorst of Timesquot According to Pat Grif n what is a real challenge to the cultural norm we live in What is part of the birthright of being male in this culture What is Title IX According to Mary jo Kane what is the major impact that Title IX has had in one generation According to Michael Messner what would it be easy to conclude about women s sport if you just watched the sports news on the media What is the usual way that women peak into the frame of sports reporting In the study conducted by Messner what was one of the longest stories on women s sports that the news media covered According to Mary Jo Kane where and how are female athletes most likely to be represented 10What sports are traditionally equated with femininity 11What is the difference between how male and female athletes are referred to in playbyplay coverage 12According to Pat Grif n what is there a lot of cultural anxiety about 13What did Brandi Chastain do that got so much media coverage 14According to Mary Jo Kane what force does the sexualization and trivialization of female athletes keep at bay 15How many singles tennis tournaments did Anna Kournikova win 16What is the difference between how male and female athletes are sexualized 17What do women athletes say about why they take their clothes off 18Why does Mary Jo Kane think the sexualization of female athletes is not about empowerment 19What is in the bone marrow of women s athletics 20According to Pat Grif n how do female athletes protect themselves from being read as lesbians 21What was a disproportionate amount of the coverage of Nancy Lopez about 22What role marks female athletes as heterosexual 23What happen to lesbians the more focus there is on women athletes as heterosexual and sexy 24Who is a wedge driven between by the presence of homophobia in women s sports 25What does Pat Grif n call the phenomena whereby everyone knows about the presence of lesbians in sports but they are compelled to hide their sexuality anyway 26According to Mike Messner why would respectful coverage of women s sports be potentially good for boys as well 27What is MaryJo Kane asking the media to do when it comes to women s sports FILM Dreamworlds 3 What has happened to music videos in terms of the their place in the culture What story about women is told across the whole range of our media culture CONSTRUCTING FEMININITY How are women presented in music video with regard to sexuality What understanding does the cliche of multiple women draped over a man help construct What happens to women in music videos when men are absent What is the major activity that the women of music video are engaged in What female character has evolved into one of the major aspects of music videos THE PORNOGRAPHIC IMAGINATION What is a staple of heterosexual male fantasy What is the essence of the commercial male heterosexual pornographic imagination 10Which convention in hiphop videos shows that women are regarded with contempt 11What lm do black male images of hiphop most resemble 12ln the Snoop Dogg DVD Diary of a Pimp what is the mission that he accomplishes 13How are the worlds of music video and pornography most directly intertwined 14According to the lm what is the real question that we should ask about sexuality in media images WAYS OF LOOKING 15What lming techniques re ect the view of the person being watched as a passive thing 16How can we label the lmic techniques that accompany the pornographic imagination 17When could we say that objecti cation is not negaUve 18What does the video series Girls Gone Wild demonstrate FEMALE ARTISTSl9What is the challenge that female artists face in the male dreamworld 20What does the video career ofJewel tell us 21What is similar about the careers of Mariah Carey Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson MASCU LIN ITY amp CONTROL 22Before the quotwardrobe malfunctionquot that exposed Janet Jackson how are she and Justin Timberlake acting toward each other 23Why is the conclusion to the Superbowl incident a microcosm of the dreamworld 24What is glamorized in the Justin Timberlake s video Buy me a Riverquot 25ln the video quotEat You Alivequot what does Fred Durst do to demonstrate male control 26What happened during the 2000 Puerto Rican day parade 27What was most striking about the images from Central Park 28What is the major difference between music videos and the images from Central Park 29What is one of the most interesting questions to ask about the photograph of the sexual assault that took place during the 2001 Mardi Gras festival in Seattle 30What are the two sides of the sexual objecti cation of the female body 31What is revealed by the attitudes expressed by the men in the segment from quotKeeping Scorequot 32Why are the images of the dreamworld not innocent


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