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by: Stephanie Marie


Marketplace > University of Massachusetts > Comm 288 > COMM 288 SUT JHALLY EXAM 3 STUDY GUIDE
Stephanie Marie
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Sut Jhally

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About this Document

Sut Jhally
Study Guide
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This 20 page Study Guide was uploaded by Stephanie Marie on Sunday February 8, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Comm 288 at University of Massachusetts taught by Sut Jhally in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 279 views.




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Date Created: 02/08/15
COMM 288 STUDY GUIDE EXAM 3 Readings Pamela PaulquotYou and Me and Pornography How Porn Affects Relationshipsquot Jessica Valenti Introduction and quotThe Blame and Shame Gamequot Lynn Phillips quotMirror Mirror on the Wallquot Susan Douglas quotFantasies of Powerquot Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha quotSex at Dawnquot Pamela Paul quotYou and Me and Pornography How Porn Affects Relationshipsquot from Porni ed Why did Kara think Rob used pornography p 138139 as a way to get himself off without having to deal with a woman s vulnerabilities or confront his own insecurities For Eliot what does fantasy do p 140 lls that empty space According to Mark Scwartz what is the distinction between free ow fantasy and porninduced fantasy p 141 fantasy is an individual s prerogative pornography is an industry s prescription In pornography what does partnered life do p 141 hampers sexual pleasure What does pornography have a signi cant role in with regard to a couple s relationship p 142 not only in sex but in the couple s sense of trust security and delity What do media messages often encourage women to do with regard to porn p 142 encourages women to try porn themselves and use it together What is re ected in Katie Couric s reaction to the the advice of Dr Gail Saltz p 142143 she has mixed feelings about using porn in her relationship discrepancies between whats urged by porn advocates and sex therapists and what average american wants in sex life Which generation is more likely to believe that pornography improves ones sex life p 143 people in their thirties Generation X According to some sex therapists and couples counselors what is a woman s discomfort with porn a re ection if p 145 discomfort with her sexuality 10What does Aline Zoldbrod say has to be in place before a couple introduces pornography into their sex life as a couple s activity Close emotional foundation 11What is most men s view of erotica p 146 boring pointless stupid 12What happened to spoil the relationship between Nathalie and her boyfriend p 146 her boyfriend started watching porn alone while she was at his place as if he didn t need her 13What do women often assume when they use pornography with their partner p 146 that they are satisfying all his sexual needs 14What wrecked the relationship between Leigh and Max p 146147 max refused to stop looking at pornography on his own so porn created a wedge in their relationship 15What is the view of the vast majority of women towards men looking at pornography p 147 they do not like it 16Under what conditions do some therapist think a man s use of pornography on his own would work in a relationship p 148 the woman doesn t object to porn the man uses it in moderation and he is always emotionally and physically available for his wife 17What is one of the major attractions of pornography for men p 148 it is disassociated from real life pressures 18According to Jonah what is absent in using pornography p 149 performance anxiety 19According to Jessica what is her boyfriend s pornography use about p 150 her boyfriend avoiding his own insecurities 20What do many women remark about men who watch a lot of pornography p 151 lack of foreplay 21According to Aaliyah what is the problem in pornography p 151 women are always servicing men 22How does Aline Zoldbrod describe men and women s sexuality p 151 women are crock pots and men are microwaves 23What are habitual male users of mainstream pornography at greater risk of becoming p 152 sexually callous toward female sexuality and concerns 24According to Naomi Wolf what inability do young women worry about p 152 to be porn worthy 25n the EIIeMSNBC po what did 45 of men who used pornography for ve or more hours a week say p 153 they were masterbating too much 26n the EIIeMSNBC poll what did one in ve men confess to p 153 having less sex with their partners 27What does it mean thatJonah is con ning his desires around bondage to pornography rather than with Stephanie p 154 he is getting sexual satisfaction from someone else 28For many men what does pornography take away from p 154 something else he could be doing 3 29What male sentiments does prolonged exposure to pornography foster Male sentiments against having a family at all 30According to Mark Schwartz what is pornography always a sign of p 155 disconnection 31What did Bridget feel like when she found that Marc had been looking at porn p 157 got butter ies didn t know how to handle it 32What truth does Evan admit about his girlfriend p 156157 his girlfriend was not good enough 33How does Mia analyze her boyfriend wanting to watch porn while having sex p 157158 he needed this objecti cation of a woman to turn him on 34What is the result for Ashley of her peers open usage of pornography p 158 major insecurity 35What do many women feel upon discovering their mate s pornography preferences p 159 pressure to deHver 36What did Jessica do atJoe s suggestion p 160 got breast implants 37According to Diane Russell what happens to men who look at pornography repeatedly p 160 they come to think that unusual sex acts are more frequently performed in relationships 38Because what rarely transpires in real life is especially appealing as a fantasy what does pornography do p 161 glori es the practices that women are least likely to accommodate 39What is the wordless pact that boys sign p 162 their rst pornography together 40What is the inevitable sideeffect of men s secrecy around porn p162 women nding out and thinking there is a reason for hiding it 41What do onethird of women married to a cyberspace user consider their partner s onine activities akin to what p 163 adultery 42For Trey what sexual experience does pornography provide for him p 164 cope with the reality he hasn t slept with as many women as he would have liked 43What do women typically feel who discover their partner s porn use p 165 back and forth of strong emotions hurt angry betrayed 44According to ltering company WiseChoicenet what do more than half its adult customers use it for p 166 keep others and themselves from looking 45According to attorney s what is pornography increasingly connected to p 166167 divorces 46According to Marcia Maddox what is pornography like adultery 47What do media and therapists do to women who blame themselves when their partners stray into pornography p 168169 reinforced in self blame 48What did Jonah s therapist tell him about his use of pornography p 170 there is nothing wrong not to be guilty 49How does Jonah think pornography is an enhancement to his sex life with his ance p 170 he thinks about pron while having sex with his anc 50What conclusion do women reach that is reinforced by a porni ed culture p 171 porn is inevitable and there is nothing they can do jessica Valenti quotIntroquot amp quotThe Blame and Shame Gamequot from FullFrontal Feminism Intro Why did Jessica Vaelnti write Full Frontal Feminism She was confused why more young women couldn t embrace something that was so great What is feminism to most young women Ugly unpopular not cool According to Valenti how does feminism make women s lives better Make better decision have better sex you understand BlameShame Game What scares Valenti most about rapists Theyre otherwise regular guys who don t know what they are doing is wrong or don t care friend relative What have young men in the US been brought up to think They have open access to women s body and sexuality What happens once violence against women is normalized We accept it as an inevitable fact of life rather than an epidemic What is living by a quotrape schedulequot like Constant fear of rape Why is living by a rape schedulequot not that effective 23 of rapes are committed by someone the victim knows Why are young women less likely to report a rape Some don t even know they ve been raped 10What is the hardest thing to understand about rape and sexual assault It still happens and we are so quick to excuse it women are still blamed for it 11What some of the common rapeblaming techniques Wearing a skirt girls just want to have fun no hyman no rape women should know better 120n what basis did a supreme court in Italy overturn a rape conviction The woman was wearing jeans 13According to Bill Napoli who is the only woman who should be able to get an abortion The sodomized virgin 14What is the real danger of the quotwomen should know betterquot blaming tactic Plays on the guilt that rape victims feel 15How is the culture of rape not about random acts of violence It is about young men being brought up to look at women as less than human 16What does living in a rape culture do to how we think of rape Essentially condones rape 17What is the problem with too many solutions to rape It becomes the women who take precaution not telling men to stop 18Who do 40 of teenagers know Someone their age who has been hit by a boyfriend 19What are the different parts of the cycle of intimate partner violence Tension building phase honeymoon then repeats 20How do a lot of potentially abusive men initiay come of asthe perfect guy 21What are some of the sign of a potentially abusive partner Isolation jealousy control 22What characterizes violent relationships Enforcing traditional gender roles verbal abuse using sex cruelty to animals or kids 23For what reasons might a victim stay in an abusive relationship Poverty isolation fear of increased violence death culturalreligious beliefs 24What are the results if a culture that teaches men that women exist solely for them their desires Sexual harassment 25ln the media who is often shown as a victim of domestic or sexual violence White middle class women 26What in uences how violence affects women Media 27What is probably the most important piece of legislation concerning violence against women VAWA violence against women act 28ln Ohio what have judges ruled concerning domestic violence laws Unmarried couples do not apply 29What does Holla Back encourage women to do Take pictures of these men who sexually harass them and put it online 7 Lynn Phillips quotMirror Mirror on the Wallquot from Flirting with Danger Young Women s Re ections on Sexuality and Domination What stares back at women as they stare into the psychological mirror p80 someone both personally satisfying and also acceptable to those around them collage of people each with competing messages on who she should be What is absent from the re ection in the mirror p80 any whispers of a discourse of male accountability and a discourse of female pleasure without penalties In addition to positioning women socially and historically what else must we consider p81 how they are positioned developmentally What are the dominant aspects of female identity in Western cultures p82 sexist and adult centered What makes sense in a culture so con icted about sex and female adolescent desire p823 that sexuality would emerge as a primary vehicle for negotiating among discourses as young women struggle with gendered power and adult identity What do heterorelations challenge young women to do p83 negotiate continuously across multiple dimensions of power to experience themselves as actor and acted upon What potential do young women often see in hetero sexual involvement p83 a path toward liberation away from childish babies What does quotlosingquot virginity represent for some young women p84 shredding of childhood identities What discourse did Gloria lack when she though she was mean for stopping during intercourse p85 male accountability 10What is a marker for womanhood for many adolescent girls p85 receiving general sexualized attention from males 11What is the proud badge of adulthood represented by being quotsexually activequot tainted with p86 the stigma associated with young women s sexuality 12What was Heidi aware of as she negotiated virginity p867 being sexually active and sweet are mutually exclusive 13What other imperative overlaps the need to be quotsexually togetherquot and quotnot too sexualquot p87 the need to be sexually accommodating in order to please men 14What did Melissa s analysis of her refusal of a man s desire leave little room for p88 seeing the refusal of a man s desire when they con icted with her own as an empowered or together choice 8 15What double bind was Henna caught in p89 the need to straddle her Korean and American cultures 16What stereotypes also undermine women s sexual pleasure p91 race and class 17According to bell hooks how have African American women been historically perceived by the dominant white culture p92 sexual savages 18As well as being a transition into adulthood what else does sexuality represent p93 a transition into being a complex arena of potential danger and female victimization 19How did many women who welcomed it as a marker of adult status experience the loss of their virginity p934 frightening physically or emotionally painful or explosive 20What would Frances acknowledging herself as a victim have meant for her p95 that she was a dumb little girl 21Why do young women feel the need to exclude themselves from the category of victim p96 an admission of failure see themselves as na39I39ve taken advantage of 22How do women who get attention from male supervisors feel p96 excitement and danger interwoven 23What do women often experience simultaneously p99 pleasure and potential danger power of powerlessness attery and humiliation 24What is the third challenge that women have to negotiate p100 tension between the enormous ambivalence and a strong sense that if they were truly mature they would experience no confusion 25What did many women interpret their own change of mind during a sexual encounter p101 losing face in front of a partner as well as believing they are not as mature as they thought 26Why do some women go through with losing their virginity when they do not feel ready p101 they fear appearing as frigid uptight or uncool 27What does the need to appear together in a sexual encounter result in for many women p103a constant monitoring of themselves 28What is rare in women s experiences of sexual encounters p104 for women not to experience some degree of ambivalence 29What is the overall challenge of living amongst these tensions for women Manage the tension 30What were the three major common themes that Phillips found in her study p105110 an extraordinary focus on audiences a splitting of mind and body tendencies to lose their voices in the face of unpleasant heterorelationship encounters 31What do the narrations reveal p110 the translation of pervasive and contradictory hetero relational discourses into a series of social and developmental challenges for giving women transitioning form childhood to adulthood Susan Douglas quotFantasies of Powerquot from Enlightened Sexism What were the top ve jobs for women in 2007 Secretaries retail and personal sales workers managers and administraters elementary school teachers and registered nurses How do the earnings of women compare with men one year out of college 80 percent of what men make How do earnings of women compare with men 10 years out of college 69 percent of what men make If you immerse yourself in the media fare of the past ten years what do you see Large gap between how women live their lives and what they see in the media What is the current media illusion That equality for girls and women is accomplished but it isn t What are the fantasies of power that the media give us That women have achieved economic professional sexual and political equality with men What emerged as the dominant way for women to empower themselves Buying stuff What are the seductive fantasies of power directed at young women Being decorative is highest form of power What message are we getting under the guise of escapism and pleasure It is erasing how much still remains to be done for girls and women feminism is pointless even bad for you 10How are the appeals to older women different than the ones to younger women Sexual display and rampant consumerism is alleged source for power and control 11How are the different fantasies of power for older and younger women actually the same They both contribute to the false assumption that for women all has been won 12What two forces does Douglas identify as contributing to the current media environment Girls and women s desires as well as marketing 13What is enlightened sexism a response deliberate or not to the perceived threat of a new gender regime 14According to enlightened sexism where does women s power come from Their faces bodies attire and sexuality 15How is the appearance of enlightened sexism different than its intent Appearance you can do or be anything you want intent hold on girls only up to a certain point and in no way that discomforts men or puts feminism goals any further 16What is enlightened sexism dedicated to The undoing of feminism 17What does enlightened sexism crucially rest upon An ageism on severing young women from their elders 18Who does enlightened sexism ignore Girls and women who are not middle to upperclassmen and white 19What does enlightened sexism make pleasurable for women Patriarchy 20According to Rosalind Gill what is the extreme sexism of Maxim often used as evidence of The extremeness of the sexism is evidence that there is no sexism 21What is the nal key component of enlightened sexism Irony the cultivation of the ironic knowing viewer of the deployment of ironic sexism 22What does irony mean That you can look as if you are absolutely not seduced by the mass media while being seduced and wearing a knowing smile 23How do embedded feminism and enlightened sexism reinforce each other They both overstate women s gains and accomplishments and both render feminism obsolete 24What does quotcan doquot feminism substitute for Our own individual efforts and our own responsibility to succeed 25What does the war between embedded feminism and enlightened sexism act as A powerful choke leash letting women venture out of offering us fantasies of power control and love and then pull us back in 26For what was there no social movement needed To allow pudgy unattractive men access to the top 27What kinds of mirror are media Fun house mirrors 28According to Douglas where are most of us located in relation to media images In the complicated and contradictory terrain of negotiation 29What does Douglas not want us to forget women are assaulted each year imsiest support network for mothers and children rape won t make as much money 30 What is the happy illusion that media convey There are no longer any barriers to women or advances in the workplace 30When do you matter in America When you are in a market 31What does Douglas think may be the most empowering act of all Laughter especially derisive laughter 12 Christopher Ryan amp Cacilda Jetha quotSex at Dawnquot Why are we like bonobos and chimps We are the randy descendents of hypersexual ancestors Why has the true story of human sexuality been silenced pathologized ignored and covered up It is so subversive and threatening What have many couples had to do to stay together Resign themselves to sacri cing their eroticism on the alter of 3 of life s irreplaceable joys family stability companionship and emotional sexual intimacy Where do Americans spend more of their money than at Broadway off Broadway theaters the opera the ballet jazz and classical music combined Strip clubs What do Ryan and Jetha think the denial of a sexual life to priests has led to The number of sex crimes that priests committ What are many scientists blinded by Their emotional resistance to any account of human sexual evolution that doesn t revolve around monogamous family unit How has American society responded to the crisis of marriage Developing couples therapy pharmaceautical hardons sex advice colloms father daughter What becomes inexplicable if we adhere to the traditional models of sexuality The frantic sexual hypoc sy What are we at war with With our eroticism 10What do Ryan and Jetha think the culture misrepresents The link between love and sex 11ln the standard narrative of boy meets girl what does he look for Signs of youth fertilityhealth absence of previous sexual experience and likelihood of future sexual delity 12 In the standard narrative of boy meets girl what does she look for Signs of wealth social status physical health and likelihood that he will stick around for her and her children 13What do Ryan and Jetha think of the basic patterns of the standard narrative They mate forming a long term pair bond the fundamental condition of human species 14Before the advent of agriculture to what did women typically have equal access to Food protection and social support 15ln forager groups what was the most effective way to minimize risk 16What does Jared Diamond call quotthe catastrophe from which we have never recoveredquot the shift to agriculture 17What have Ryan and Jetha found overwhelming evidence for Decidedly casual friendly prehistory of human sexuality echoed in our own bodies 18What have anthropologists discovered about immediatereturn hunter gatherer societies They were ercley egalitarian example considered deeply shameful to hide your food 19What does research from primatology anthropology anatomy and psychology point to Human beings and our hominoid ancestors have spent almost all of past million years having several sexual relationships at a time 20What will you see if you spend time with primates like chimps and bonobos They have sex multiple times a day all different people and all are relaxed and maintain intricate social circles 21How do our bodies tell the story of our hypersexual ancestors The lust for porn or trouble with long term monogamous relationships 22Who was the biggest loser aside from slaves in the agricultural revolution Human female 23When does paternity become crucial for human societies private property 24When do men tend to be relatively unconcerned about women s sexual delity When paternity is important 25Why do Ryan and Jetha say we should quotremember the Yucatanquot 26According to Joseph Campbell what is an essential rst step in discerning the cultural from the human Detribalization we have to recognize the various tribes we belong to and begin extricating ourselves from the unexamined assumptions of each of them mistakes for the truth


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