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Study Guide- Midterm 1

by: Abby Romero

Study Guide- Midterm 1 HST 100

Abby Romero
GPA 3.73
Global History to 1500
Charlotte Cartwright

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About this Document

Terms for Midterm 1
Global History to 1500
Charlotte Cartwright
Study Guide
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This 1 page Study Guide was uploaded by Abby Romero on Sunday February 8, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HST 100 at Arizona State University taught by Charlotte Cartwright in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 226 views. For similar materials see Global History to 1500 in Liberal Arts at Arizona State University.


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Date Created: 02/08/15
HST 100 Study Guide Midterm 1 Terms to know 0 Bantu People Absorbed displace the Khoisan people of Africa over many centuries they ve expanded and shared their culture and language with others and moved communities into bigger groups and new places 0 Khoisan People HunterGatherers used stone tools Had amazing rock art 0 Chariot IndoEuropeans were the ones who brought the horse chariot armies to Mesopotamia the Hittites conquered the Babylonians in 1595 BC o Hyksos invaded Egypt in between 16501535 BC with their horses chariots I Leads Mesopotamians Egyptians to get horses and chariots o Hyksos bring the following to Egypt I New armor weapons spinningweaving instruments olives and pomegranate 0 Eu Hao Wife of King Wu Ding Shang Dynasty was a military general and a high priestess was buried with many luxuries 0 Most powerful military leader of her time o MohenjoDaro Archeological site built around 2600 BC in Sindh Pakistan 0 Existed during Egypt amp Mesopotamia 0 Used by the Harappans was a community and very advanced in the way that it was built 0 Abandoned in 1900 BC found in 1922 0 Queen Puduhepa Hittite queen who was married to King Hattusili 111 one of the most powerful female leaders 1300 BC 0 Great Pyramids Inspired by the Mesopotamians made to be tombs o Largest pyramid Pyramid of Giza is a tomb for Pharaoh Khufu o Fertile Crescent A geographic location stretching in a crescent shape from Mesopotamia to Egypt 0 Super fertile land in the Middle East 0 The Cradle of Civilization 0 Irrigation is developed here civilizations take advantage of the amazing land 0 Nile River Life line for the Egyptians longest river in the world 0 Flows North 0 The river will ood the water will recede and the land will dry out o Iericho City by the Jordan River 0 Remains of 20 communities have been found here by archaeologists I Early settlement by Iericho has around 200 people Parts 2 amp 3 are to be thought out and answered individually Good Luck


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