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Study Guide for Delinquency I Spring 2014

by: Shayla Pulliam

Study Guide for Delinquency I Spring 2014 SOC 327

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Shayla Pulliam
GPA 3.5
Crime Deviance in the Media
Dr. Jack Spencer

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About this Document

Crime Deviance in the Media
Dr. Jack Spencer
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Shayla Pulliam on Monday February 9, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to SOC 327 at Purdue University taught by Dr. Jack Spencer in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 146 views. For similar materials see Crime Deviance in the Media in Sociology at Purdue University.


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Date Created: 02/09/15
SOCIOLOGY 327 Crime Deviance and Mass Media SPRING 2014 Study Guide forJuvenile Delinquency I 1 Legally speaking quotdelinquencyquot constitutes what two types of offenses Be able to identify and brie y talk about the correlates of delinquency presented in the lecture a Criminal offenses behavior that would be illegal for adults as well b Status offenses illegal for juveniles but NOT for adults CORRELATES OF DELINOUENCY c Gender very strong correlate 80 male gender ration 41 malefemale d Race depends on the offense not as strong a correlate e Family size parental con ict abuseneglect the more kids in the home the higher the odds for having a delinquent child f Education academic performance strong correlation g Broken home not nearly as strong as people assume i Less about the divorce more about the con ict h Delinquent peers BEST PREDICTOR 2 Discuss the basic assumptions that underlie Hirschi39s social control theory Identify each of the 4 elements of the social bond and discuss how each controls orprevents delinquency In his reading Hirschi suggests that most sociological theories address the question quotwhy do we do itquot Think about this statement does rational choice theory address this question DAT How about Erickson39s theory Or Becker Hirschi goes on to say this is notthe question addressed by his theory What is the question his control theory is designed to address BASIC ASSUMPTIONS FOR HIRSCHIS SOCIAL CONTROL a Universal predisposition toward delinquency if left to own devices MOST kids MOST of the time would be delinquent b Something is holding us back from being delinquent the social boing as the control mechanism c Vs Freud where mechanism lies in the individual Vs Durkheim where it lay in society 4 ELEMENTS OF THE SOCIAL BONDHOW IT CONTROLS OR PREVENTS DELIQUENCY ACIB a Attachment the affective element our emotional connection to the convention of others b Commitment the rational element the more a kid has invested in conventional goals the less likely they are to be deviant RCT they have a lot more to lose c Involvement the temporal element the more time a kid spends in conventional activities the less delinquent they will be d Belief the normative element the more a kid subscribes to conventional ideas DAT ANTICRIMINAL IDEAS the less likely they are to get into trouble the more they respect conventional rules the less likely they are to violate them WHY DO WE DO IT a RCT we do it because the bene ts outweigh the cost b DAT we do it because it is what we have learned to do c d HIRSCHI QUESTION We want to know what makes them NOT become deviant 3 What did Shaw and McKay nd regarding the relationship between rates of delinquency and distance from the central business district What happened to this relationship over time What does it mean to say social disorganization is a quottheory of placequot rather than a theory of groups To what does the term quotnormative disorganizationquot refer when talking about high delinquency rate areas Use lecture to identify and discuss each of the elements of social disorganization of these high rate areas Be able to brie y discuss how each of these elements of social disorganization result in normative disorganization SHAW AND MCKAYRATE OF DELIQ AND BUSINESS DISTRICT a 19001906 zone 1 crime is the highest and they decline from there until zone 5 inversenegative relationship b 19171923 general trend still holds c 19271933 general trend still holds THEORY OF PLACE d Delinquency has its roots in the dynamic life of the community you are surrounded by a community that they interact with over many years and these daily experiences shapes patterns and behaviors e The demographic composition of these zones changed dramatically over these times f A lot of turnover in these areas g They could not explain deviance by the makeup of the groups h THEIR CONCLUSION it39s not the people it39s the environment NORMATIVE DISORGANIZATION i high rate areas they have competing norms SOCIAL DISORGANIZATION j social disorganization normative disorganizationlots of delinquency k ex some people think rules are good some think rules are bad there are competing values and that makes it hard to constrain kids PHYSICAL physical incivilities dilapidation graf ti homelessness DEMOGRAPHICS heterogeneity ECONOMIC legitimate vs illegitimate job market EDUCATION irrelevant curriculum distraction facilities and tools 9937 5 It is quite clear that despite growing up in the same disorganized community these three youth end up traveling very different paths visavis conformity and delinquency Use Hirschi39s social control theory to explain this That is be able to use what the movie tes or shows us about each character to examine the relative strength of each element of his social bond to conventional society There are speci c scenes that display elements of these bonds in explicit detail we39ll talk about some of these in class discussion others you39ll need to work out on your own While it is tempting to argue that Doughboy has no bonds to conventional society this would be a mistake and frankly wrong if that were true he would be a true sociopath which he is clearly not Thus examine and be able to discuss what strengths in his social bonds we see in the movie DOUGHBOY a Attachment doughboy wanted his mothers approval however he did not RICKY receive it because of his gang af liation so even though he yearned for the emotional connections to the conventions of his mother he was rejected he was also just released from prison Commitment Doughboy did not have must investment in conventional goals for himself but he did for Ricky Doughboy was about fast money and the gang life With RTC he had even less to lose after Riclq was killed Involvement Doughboy was not in school so his time spent doing conventional activities was extremely low So he had the time for delinquent activities Belief Doughboy did not believe that the conventional route was for him He did not subscribe to the conventional ideas of success He had procriminal tendencies He also did not respect conventional rules which is displayed through his gang activity and the ways he made money and sense he did not respect them it was not dif cult for him to violate them a Attachment Ricky had his mother39s support while playing football and even TRE more so when the scout came to talk to him about playing in college he was very close to his mother and did not want to disappoint her He also had a son so that was someone he was dedicated to Commitment Ricky had a lot invested in conventional goals He was a football player he had a girlfriend a wanted to go to college to play football With RTC he had a lot to lose by engaging in delinquent behavior Involvement Riclq didn39t have much time to waste on the gangs and selling drugs and getting into trouble He went to school and played football so he was immersed in conventional activities Belief Riclq subscribed to anti criminal ideology because he believed in the conventional route He had quotrespectquot for conventional rules such as what it took to stay on the football team or get into college and he didn39t want to violate them Attachment Tre often got into trouble while living with his mother but when he moved in with Furious he changed his attitude because his dad was showing him organization and how to succeed He didn39t want to disappoint him even while lying about having sex Commitment feel that Furious played a large role in this when he took the boys into the city and explained gentri cation to them and showed them that change was going to happen I believe that Tre commitment to conventional goals also increased when Ricky was killed and he ended up going to college d Belief after Tre got pulled over by the police for no reason I do believe that his respect for conventional rules went down however it also reinforced him not wanting to break the rules for fear of punishment 6 Craft an explanation for Doughboy39s involvement in crime from the perspective of RCT Do the same for Tre Use DAT to explain the quotpathsquot taken by our three major characters One way to do this is for each character begin by identifying their respective paths law abiding versus criminal assess their pro and anticriminal associates then a Criminal path b Anticriminal associates Tre Furious His mom Riclq c Procriminal associates Dookie Chris Monster RICKY a Law abiding path b AntiCriminal associates Tre Shanice his son football team school c Procriminal associates Doughboy and his friends Tre a Potential criminal however through intervention Law abiding path b Anticriminal associates Furious Reva Ricky Brandi c Procriminal associates Doughboy and his friends 7 In several scenes Furious espouses a rather critical ideology regarding race in American society In general terms what is his ideology Be able to identify speci c scenes in which he expresses elements of this ideology For example recall the scene in which Furious quotpreachesquot to Ricky and Tre and for that matter some of the local residents of that neighborhood What is the content of that quotsermonquot and how does it re ect his more general ideology regarding race Be careful here I m asking you to piece together his general ideology or belief system regarding race not what he says in any speci c scene 7 Lastly think about this movie not as a depiction of what things are quotreallyquot like in other words as a virtual case study but rather as an expression of what our culture thinks or believes about the inner city and what happens there Using what we know about our three main characters what is this movie telling us what our culture sees as the possibilities of getting out of the 39hood At the end of the day does this movie leave you with a sense of hope or hopelessness regarding this question Would this movie have made sense if it were set in a white middleclass suburb why or why not This movie leaves you with only 3 options for making it out of the hood Death jail or getting LUCKY and getting into college You feel hopeless because the most popular choices are death and jail This movie would have made no sense in middle class suburbs because there would be a multitude of options college job market marriage so many combinations of things that could work in your favor to ensure that you make it But when you39re ghting illegitimate arrest jail and death your options are surviving the night rst and making money in the morning


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