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Chapter Seven Outline

by: Alexandra Grese

Chapter Seven Outline Sociology 1101: Introductory Sociology

Alexandra Grese
GPA 3.0
Introductory Sociology
J. Craig Jenkins

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About this Document

A complete outline of Chapter Seven.
Introductory Sociology
J. Craig Jenkins
Study Guide
sociology, Study Guide, outline, chapter seven
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Alexandra Grese on Monday February 9, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Sociology 1101: Introductory Sociology at Ohio State University taught by J. Craig Jenkins in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 166 views. For similar materials see Introductory Sociology in Sociology at Ohio State University.

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Date Created: 02/09/15
Alexandra Grese Chapter Seven Outline Deviance and Control 0 Sumner deviance violation of established contextual cultural social norms I Depends on location audience indiv I Sanction enforce social rules Positive reward Neg being arrested Formal and informal Theoretical Perspectives on Devience o Functionalism I How different elements contribute to the whole Three Main Theories o Durkheim Essential Nature of Deviance I Deviance challenges present views I Punishment leads to a reinforcement of the established norm 0 Merton Strain Theory I Access to social goals contributes to a person s decision to conform or deviate I People respond one of five ways to a socially acceptable goal with no socially acceptable way to pursue it Conformity stay within social lines Ritualism lower goals until they can reach them in socially acceptable fashion Focus on conformity instead of dream Retreatism retreat and reject society s goals and means Rebellion replace society s goals and means with their own I Social Disorganization Theory Crime most likely to occur in places with weak social ties and the absence of social contract 0 Shaw and McKay Cultural Deviance Theory I Conformity to prevailing lower class norms causes crime Where there is poverty ethnic diversity and disruption there is crime Con ict theory Social and economic factors cause crime and devience 0 Evidence of equality 0 Interested in relation of gender and race to wealth and crime Karl Marx 0 Those with the money make the rules C Wright Mills The Power Elite 0 Small group of wealthy people at top hold all power and resources I Roles in society stacked in these people s favor Crime and Social Class 0 Wealthy crimes much more often go unpunished Symbolic Interactionism Labeling theory differential association theory social disorganization theory and control theory 0 Labeling I Examines ascribing deviant behavior to another person by members of society What s deviant is determined by reaction of other s 0 Primary violation of norms that doesn t affect image in longrun 0 Secondary does 0 Master status describes chief characteristic of an indiv 0 Differential Association Sutherland I Learn deviant behavior from those who provide model and opportunity for deviance Explains why crime is multigenerational 0 Control Theory Hirshi I Social control directly affected by strength of social bond of indiv to society if the person feels connected they are less likely to deviate Attachment measures the connection Commitment how much socially do we have to lose What have we socially invested in Involvement participation lower chance of deviance Belief if you agree with society s values you are less likely to deviate Crime and The Law 0 Crime violates official law and is punishable through formal sanction 0 Legal code system within societal norms that maintain formal social control through laws I Violate and get sanction I Punishment relevant to degree of crime 0 Types of Crime I Violent Crimes against a personquot threat or use of force I Nonviolent no threat or use of force I Corporate white collar worker in business environment I Victimless no one is explicitly harmed 0 Crime Statistics I UCR Uniform Crime Reports FBI Based on police reports Not reliable due to human error and the number of crimes that go unreported I NCVS Nation Crime Victimization survey voluntary response Reports higher crime rate and shows a connection to crime and demographic factors 0 The United States Criminal Justice System I Organization that exists to enforce legal code Police courts correction systems I Police Civil force officially in charge of enforcing laws and public order 0 Fed can only deal with fed matters I Courts Have authority to make decisions based on laws 0 There are fed and state courts 0 Criminal cases are solved by a trial in a court under the specific jurisdiction I Corrections Supervises charged offenders Jail 0 Temporary confinement people awaiting trial or parole Prison 0 Serving sentence of over a year Parole temporary release need official to sign off Probation supervised time used as an alternative to prison


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