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by: Alexandra Morales

Notes1 FIN410

Alexandra Morales
GPA 3.9
Financial Institutions and Markets

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About this Document

Financial Institutions and Markets
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Alexandra Morales on Monday February 9, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to FIN410 at University of Miami taught by Sanders in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 193 views. For similar materials see Financial Institutions and Markets in Finance at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 02/09/15
Alexandra Morales Section D Hard to get data for certain positions outfield Solution break down out eld into a grid and track movement within that grid Problems 1 overcoming great resistance in industry scouts 2 advancing technology to include areas that were more challenging to measure 1 mgt of peopleprocesses for acquisition of datainfoknowledge for effectiveness 2 mgt of hardwaresoftwarenetworksprocesses for acquisition of datainfo for ef ciency Also processing for calculating stats Transaction Processing Systems Source data automation automate getting the data barcode and RFID Transaction processing Batch processing individual ordering Online transaction processing 0LTP group shipping processed as soon as occurs Business Transaction h pg HDSS event or I processing I O rgvan39zallo 5 4B transeCtion system database moashboards l ES FAIS Functional area information 7 system Damned D88 Decision support system reports Bl Busmess Intelligence ES 2 Expert system Transaction processing system TPS most basic IS in org provides information to database and then FAIS DSS BI and ES get info from database not directly from TPS Functional Area Information Systems i ii Iii I it r39 I I i re 5 3 1 y Pm eluer i 39 Er ill lt39 F39l nf39 39 Life Cycle fr srae reeie iE Ianriirgg Planning Management u we sweetie I iialittir lmmtrrieint i39 Conlrnl p Management ll39l ti39Ef39lt W TACTIcAL Management Payroll at Maintain Fu m seeming i inriniinze Payable F lF39n39iplrirjy39ee quotGa 1 39 DPEHATIEINAL aoounta Fleoeiuahle quotmm Flemrda 1 39339 Customers Tierreactions Pamair g GDDUNTINIG FIlM HCE Il39Uhli i39H FHQDUCTIGW MAFIIKEHIHG HESDLIHCEE DF39EATHDHE Strategi long term a lot of impact on org Tactical short term activity Operational day2day FAIS provides info that one can make decisions from but it doesn39t provide the decision knowledge Activities supported by FAIS Accounting and nance financial planning availability and cost of money budgeting allocates resources among participants and activities capital budgeting financing of asset acquisitions managing financial transactions handling multiple currencies virtual close ability to close books at any time on short notice investment management managing org investments in stocks bonds real estate and other investment vehicles budgetary control monitoring expenditures and comparing against budget auditing ensuring accuracy and condition of nancial health of org payroll HR Mgt recruitment finding employees testing them and deciding which to hire performance evaluation periodic evaluation by superiors training employee records benefits administration medical retirement disability unemployment ProductionOperations and Logistics inventopy mgt how much inventory to order how much to keep and when to order new quality control controlling for defects in incoming material and defects in goods produced materials requirements planning MRP planning process that integrates production purchasing and inventory mgt of interdependent items Manufacturing resource planning MRP II planning process that integrates an enterprise s production inventory mgt purchasing financing and labor activities Justintime systems J IT principle of production and inventory control in which materials and parts arrive precisely when and where they are needed for production Computer integrated manufacturing manufacturing approach that integrates several computerized systems such as CAD CAM MRP and HT product life cycle mgt business strategy that enables manufacturers to collaborate on product design and development efforts using the Web inventory mgt for cycling teams needed system that could be accessed all over the world and tell home base what was needed problem mgt of processes for processing of datainfo for effectivenessefficiency cost Solution mgt of softwarenetworksprocesses BPR for processing of datainfo for effectivenessefficiency ERP Systems integrate the functional areas of the org by enabling seamless info ows across them ERP database is centralized supports master data mgt Examples Oracle PeopleSoft basis of CaneLink amp SAP Benefits amp Limitations of ERP Systems Benefits orgs are more exible agile and adaptive improves managers ability to make better more timely decisions improve customer service production and distributionl streamline effective increased performance info always available Limitations requires orgs to change existing business processes to t predefined business processes of ERP system complex expensive and time consuming to implementl in SR ERP implementation isn t an efficient process ERP Modules Core ERP modules financials support accounting financial reporting performance mgt and corporate governance human resources support personnel administration time accounting payroll compensation benefits accounting and regulatory requirements operations mgt manage various aspects of production planning and execution Extended ERP modules customer relationship mgt support all aspects of a customer s relationship with org supplier relationship mgt product lifecycle supply chain mgt manage the info ows between and among stages in a supply chain to maximize supply chain efficiency and effectiveness business intelligence collect info used through the org organize it Reports main part of ERP Routine generated regularly produced at scheduled intervals Ad hoc on demand when want to check something Drilldown reports open and contract Keyindicator reports most important part of org Comparative reports Exception include only info that falls outside certain threshold standards eg who is spending more than supposed to Probleml in exibilityl businesses make customizations and can t update must revert to basic and adjust processes Problem mgt of software for processing of info for effectiveness Solution mgt of processes for processing of info for ef ciency Problem 2 high maintenance fees Mgt of processespolicies for processing of info for efficiency Taste profiling know about you and personalize suggested products Persuasion profiling personalize advertising strategy know how you think Problems orgs can sell your profile to other orgs many orgs targeting your psychological weak points microprofiling can lead to encasing customer into small bubble that isolates from making new discovering not directly aligned with usual tastes All part of CRM 999 De ning CRM ulation of perem 16 33 9013 ta 0 3 s C mammal3 Lost cus to rnels churni it 1 Jep talcusr P la 0W9 v G I Mquot I Customer Highvalue Relationship repeat Management crusioniers Lowvalue repeat customers High value buy a lot and frequently Low value buy little and infrequently have chance of becoming less loyal and being lost churn The Need for CRM Easier to keep current customers happy than get new ones cheaper Dissatisfied customers will spread their dissatisfaction Alexandra Morales Section D Increasing customer retention 5 will increase profits 85 Customers who are upset will be loyal if problem is solved Customer Touch Points different physicalonline points where you can interact smart phone web computer physical store sales rep field service technician direct mail e mail service center call center Operational amp Analytical CRM Systems 1 Operational CRM support frontof ce business processes getting in touch with customers Customer facing a lot of interaction initiated by company Customer touching interaction between customer and computer little interaction customer starts interaction and helps self 2 Analytical CRM analyze customer behavior and perceptions engine behind CRM back office behind the scenes providing support to others peratlenal CHM Analytical CHM Sales Marketing Cliatnrner semina anli aunt39stn management Search anel eampariaen Data mining Custemized pre ucts Taniimpel infarmetinn D mmn Swim Pem n iz d Eb pag e Business intelligence FAD name Emailiaule respense LWEM pregame Other CRM Systems OnDemand softwareasaservice or cloud computing Mobile using mobile devices and apps in improving customer rel OpenSource free to download but no support tweet about how good meal wasl rewarded by restaurant Supply Chains INTERNAL 4quot Il TierB Tier2 Tier 1 suppliers suppliers suppliers Disirihl l39 r Retailer A Cusmmer whuileaaler 39 alen Tier 3 raw material Tier 2 assembled parts Tier 1 major components Manufacturer nished product Upstream customer to supplier Information sharing is most important part of supply chain Vertical integration manufacturer buys supplier or viceversa Supply ChainInterorganizational IS Benefits Reduce cost of transactions improve quality of info ow by reducing or eliminating errors compress cycle time involved in fulfilling transactions eliminate paper processing and associated inefficiencies and costs transfer and processing of info easier for users makes business more effective and efficient Supply Chain Models Push maketostock production begins with a forecast of customer demand make sure things always in stockljstandardized products Pull maketoorder production begins with actual customer orderl personalizedcustomization Most orgs are a mix of both Problems Along Supply Chain Two main sources 1 uncertainties from demand forecast 2 lack of coordination among multiple activities internal units and business partners Bullwhip effect tend to over buy bad because supplygtgtdemand so at end must write off or sell at discount Solutions to Supply Chain Problems Using inventories Building inventories or safety stock solution to push expensive Optimize and control inventory using justintime inventory solution to pull order as needed less ef cient in transportation Information sharing Improve demand forecast Use of electronic data interchange and extranets IT Support for SCM Electronic Data Interchange EDI comm standard that enables business partners to exchange routine documents electronically Extranets link business partners over the intranet by providing them access to certain areas of each other s corporate intranet Portal and exchanges single point of access to critical business info Types amp Structure of Extranet Connection of public intranets from many orgs extranet VPN virtual private network safe electronic data interchange Problem mgt of processes for processing of datainfo for effectivenessefficiency Solution mgt of softwareprocessing for all of datainfo for effectivenessefficiency a lot of data everywhere info silos and no single source of data AQUA BI data mining put all data together 999 Manager s Job amp Decision Making IS supports all roles of mangers interpersonal informational decisional BI Decision making process 1 Intelligence Phase examination what is the problem collect info IS 2 Design Phase validation of model what are options model creation 3 Choice Phase verification testing of proposed solution pick option and decide how to implement made decision Why Managers Need IT Support Number of alternative constantly increasing time pressure complexity people in different locations IT Support for Decision Making Mature e l Decision Operational Management Strategic Suppert Beninell central Plain r11an Needed Structured Amounle reeeh39able crazier antrry39 MIS management science meclels nancial anti statistical medele Budget analysis shertterm 39recaating 39 re lF39reduetien screaming iiiemit sees Semiletructured Eredii evaluation bungal preparatlen anti Type rel neeiieien V a a a planning unstructured Megaliallng DES recruiting an executive new technelcgy E5 buying hardware papal quot neural nstwerks Ephem a quot Suppart Needed Mia Management EIIS ES maragernent science science D33 EIS ES neural palaces Types of decisions problem structure Operational day2day Management short term Strategic long term Structured use well de ned model Unstructured no model Semistructured in bw Blue less support from IS yellow more support from IS Business Intelligence analysis based on data in data warehouses and data marts information company BI software applied on existing data and make more money for effectiveness BI Applications for Data Analysis Online Analytical Processing OLAP aka multidimensional analysis slicing and dicing data drilling down to details aggregating Data mining getting something hidden in data creating and evaluating trends searching for valuable business information in a large database warehouse or mart Decision Support Systems DSS 2 applying models to data to analyze semi structured and unstructured problems sensitivity analysis whatif analysis put in inputs and see results goalseeking put in goal and see what inputs needed BI Applications for Presenting Results Dashboards key indicators in one place easy access to timely info and direct access to mgt reports Data visualization tech geographic info systems GIS info on map Realtime BI using BI on realtime data instead of historical data using business analytics to uncover business opps that can take advantage of NC state s intellectual properties use software to uncover and rank companiesl save time efficiency and make money effectiveness mgt of software for processing of datainfo for effectivenessefficiency h mgt of processes for processing of datainfo for effectiveness Alexandra Morales Section D


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