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MH3 Final Reveiw

by: Whitney Robinson

MH3 Final Reveiw MUSI3364

Marketplace > University of Houston > Music > MUSI3364 > MH3 Final Reveiw
Whitney Robinson
GPA 3.4
Music History 3
Howard Pollack

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About this Document

Music History 3
Howard Pollack
Study Guide
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This 52 page Study Guide was uploaded by Whitney Robinson on Monday February 9, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MUSI3364 at University of Houston taught by Howard Pollack in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see Music History 3 in Music at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 02/09/15
History 11 Lab and Lecture 32415 Civil Rights 1950s 39 Brown v Board of Education 1954 o Desegregate schools quotwith all deliberate speedquot What does this mean NAACP files Court rules that schools should be desegregated OOO 39 No time limit so schools take forever 39 Rosa Parks 8 Montgomery Bus Boycott 1955 o Boycott lasted 381 days integration of buses 39 Little Rock AK 1957 0 Governor uses National Guard to prevent integration 0 President Eisenhower sends army 39 To protect students 39 Speeds up process of desegregation 39 Starts busing Civil Rights 1960 s Sitins 1960 o Greensboro NC Woolworth lunch counter o SNCC Student Nonviolent coordinating Committee 0 Many times it was African American workers were the ones denying lunch 39 Attempt to keep younger generation from stirring things up Freedom Rides 1961 0 Washington DC To Alabama amp Mississippi Birmingham AL 1963 0 March amp boycott o Boycott of businesses not serving or not hiring African Americans 0 The southern Christian leadership conference arranged for children to march 39 Thinking that they would get farther 39 Fire hoses turned on the protesters who were mostly children 39 Caused public outrage pictures in life magazine Church Bomb 1963 O Kills 4 African American girls Civil Rights 49605 39 March on Washington 1963 0 Martin Luther King Jr quotI have a dreamquot speech 39 Mississippi Freedom Summer 1964 Register African American voters CORE Freedom Schools 3 organizers murdered by KKK Worst state for voting rights OOOOO Convictions were not harsh but they were the first convictions for murders of civil rights workers in Mississippi Civil Rights 1960s 39 Civil Rights Act 1964 o Prohibits discrimination in employment amp public facilities 0 PROBLEM not protecting voting rights 39 Voting Rights Act 1965 o Outlaws poll tax regulations to prevent discrimination in voting practices 0 Bloody Sunday Selma AL 39 March from Selma to Montgomery planned 0 Barley made outside of Selma 39 Police stopped them with clubs tear gas 39 25000 involved Civil rights Chicano a Cesar Chavez o Went to 30 different schools 0 Dropped out by 8th grade United Farm Workers 0 Seasonal and Migrant work 39 Makeshift style housing 39 Poor education 0 Sprayed with DDT 39 No protective equipment 0 No bathrooms Strikes 8 boycotts 1960519705 Taking things that work from African American civil rights movements CIVIL RIGHTS O Stonewall Inn Riot June 1969 NYC 39 Gay bar NYC 39 Police came in making arrests 39 Turning point for gay communities 0 Gay Liberation Front 39 American Psychiatric Association removes classification of homosexuality as a mental disease 39 No national chapter 0 YMCA movement 39 Feminist Movement 0 Joiningtransforming their role in the workforce o Suffrage 0 Birth control 0 Roe v Wade 1973 legalizes abortion BACKLASH Lecture Complications and limitations to the 19th amendment 39 It is not enacted immediately 39 Does the 19th amendment extend to African American women Margaret Mead 1946 American society had contradictory expectations for women Continued to enter labor force for variety of reasons Many worked because they were family s sole source of income they had to work Women entered the labor force during WWII 0 Out of necessity o Proving themselves Women were more susceptible to disease and the work force would make them sick 39 Domestic Sphere 39 Women took jobs to supplement family Female labor Force 1945 1970 39 Rose from 193 million to 316 million Women and Combat Prohibited from engaging in combat 350000 women joined the armed forces and worked in non combat jobs Transport pilots and nurses directly behind enemy lines Negative attitudes toward women workers eased during the war Millions of married middle class women many of the over 45 took jobs in war industries Economic necessity Patriotic obligation Whatever motivation paying jobs brought women financial independence and enhanced self esteem that many were reluctant to give up Gendered Environmentalism George Stewart39s Novel entitled Storm published in 1941 put a new spin on hurricanes The main character is a young meteorologist that names low pressure storm systems after women Constructions of gender During WWII the military began using female names to identify typhoon in the Pacific In 1949 the US Weather Bureau labeled a storm that smashed into Sou In 1950 the Weather Bureau Between 19531979 all hurricanes were named after women The process of feminizing hurricanes was the product of the sexual politics of the postwar period Evils of liberated womanhood Destructive and un controllable force of nature 39 Transforming what had once been known as quot Florida Hurricanesquot into female storms served to further naturalize the destructiveness of these calamities for the city boosters 39 Female hurricanes were routinely described in the 19505 as wild capricious fickle whimsical and erratic providing a constructed illusion that both nature and women were out of control Charles Hamilton Houston 39 African American Man 39 Dean of the Law School at Howard University The Road to Brown 39 Segregations chipped away at the school systems 39 Start at the higher education to plant the seed 39 Focused on segregation The Road to Brown Missiouri ex Rel Gaines v Canada 1938 O Said that they would pay for Gaines to go to law school outside Missouri 0 Violated Gaines 14th amendment rights Sipuel v Oklahoma State Board of Regents 1948 O Violated 14th amendment rights Sweatt v Painter 1950 O Built new law school for Sweatt to attend O Argue that this was inherently unequal 0 Only 2325 students 0 Less faculty 0 Not enough intellectual communication Mclaurin v Oklahoma 1950 O Admitted but had to sit outside the classroom Briggs v Elliott 1950 Brown v Board of Education of Topeka 1954 Montgomery 39 Capital coty of AL 39 Wellorganized education religious and church institutions 39 45000 Black Residents Strong Local COmmunities CRE Protest Alabama State College Women s Political Council WPC Founded in 1946 by Mary France Burks chair of Alabama State College English Dept NAACP 39 Local chapter was led by ED Nixon 39 Pullman train porter and head of the Alabama chapter 39 On March 21955 a 15 year old girl Claudette Colvin was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on the bus 39 NAACP decided to not use this as a test case Rosa Parks Trouble maker Part of the NAACP Secretary of the Montgomery NAACP Member of local AME Church 1940 participated in voter registration Dec 1 1955 39 Montgomery bus boycott 39 Origins of quotmodernquot civil rights movement Montgomery bus boycott 39 Lasted 381 days 39 Nearly all black men and women refused to ride public transportation to work Boycott continued Efficient carpool of 200 Mass meetings held nightly in local churches Bake sales and door to door solicitations to raise the 2000 per week needed for carpools Gayle V Browder 11131956 Expressly ovterned the 1896 Plessy v Ferguson decision Forced an end to segregation On the morning of Dec 21 1956 black citizens sat where ever they wanted Lecture 32615 Civil Rights and Envimnmentalism DDT DichlorDiphenylTrichlorethylene DDT Paul Hermann Muller Discovered the chemical was lethal to insects in 1939 Marketed as quotDoomsdayquot for pests Most people believed that the body was closed in that toxic materials could not enter the bodyWRONG 1962 39 quotSilent Springquot by Rachel Carson o Illuminates environmentalism Argued that when you have DDT in the environment it makes its way into the water that humans drink and food that humans eat 0 Ground breaking O t is not my contention that chemical insecticides must never be used do contend that we have put poisonous and biologically p0 tent chemicals indiscrimina tey in to the hands of persons largey or Wholly ignorant of their potentials for harm Rachel Carson Environmental Rights Not too live in extreme conditions Right to clean water Right to clean air Noise pollution Pollution End Of DDT 39 DDT banned by EPA 1972 39 Cited scientific evidence of DDT39s adverse effects on wildlife and increased insect resistance to the chemical Japanese Beetle Accidently imported into the US on nursery stock sometime before 1912 Discovered in New Jersey in 1916 Metallic Green Color Correlated with Japanese immigration 0 Unwanted immigrants Japanese invasion of lice Unwanted Japanese immigrants Love Canal 1978 39 Love Canal Homeowners Association LCHA Hooker Chemical Company 39 19421953 39 Chemical Waste Dump 39 2100 tons of toxic waste Hooker Chemical Company 1953 Capped 16acre hazardous waste site Sells property to Niagara Falls School District Schools and Community Built on toxic Dump Asthma Migraines Birth Defects Miscarriages Cancer Vomiting Nausea Chemical burns Cleft palates Effects 1970 s 39 Community activists began investigation 39 Heavy rain revealed toxic waste August 1978 New York Government Hugh Carey announces the state will purchase the homes of those affected by chemicals President Jimmy Carter approves financial aid for those affected Washington Post Editorial quotMarriage of Environmental Concerns with Civil Rights Activismquot quotProtest galvanized environmental justicequot 0 Robert Bullard Environmental Milestones 39 Early 1960s Cesar Chavez organizes workers against toxic pesticides in CA 39 1962 Rachel Carson published Silent Spring 39 1964 Congress passes the Civil Rights Act Title VI Environmental Milestones 39 1967 students in Houston TX protest the death of 2 children at a local dump 39 1970 United States Environmental Protect agency is established 39 1970 Clean air act 39 1971 President39s Council on Environmental Quality Environmental Milestones 39 1972 Toxic pesticide DDT is banned 39 1972 Clean Water Act 39 1978 Love Canal 39 1979 African American community in Houston opposes placement of landfill Environmental Milestones 39 1980 Jimmy Carter signs into law the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act C E RC LA 39 Superfund Legislation


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