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IC / Cinema And Media Studies / CTCS 24000 / Who is the director of the fsa?

Who is the director of the fsa?

Who is the director of the fsa?


School: Ithaca College
Department: Cinema And Media Studies
Course: History of Photography
Professor: Rhonda vanover
Term: Winter 2016
Tags: history and Photography
Cost: 25
Name: History of Photography: Week 9
Description: Notes on social documentary photography.
Uploaded: 04/11/2016
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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Who is the director of the fsa?

History of Photography

Week 9: Social Documentary in The USA

- Goldberg

• Maholly Nagy

- talks a lot about mark making

- Doing a lot of the photograms

- be familiar with the writings on him

• Charles Cathin (for) opposed to Joseph Punnell (against)

- know which one is which and the argument they present

• The Decisive moment

- What going on?

• 1929: Wall street crash If you want to learn more check out Why is journalism special?

• US cotton plummets 6cents a pund

• Roosevelt begins the New Deal

• Dust Bowl across southern and central plains

Who is one of the 1st hired and the 1st hired in the fsa?

• 1937: The Resettlement Act folds into the FSA

• 1942: the FSA’s photographic unit transfers to the Office of War information - FSA (Farm Security Administration)

• Sought to bring attention to those who were suffering We also discuss several other topics like What are the four options for increasing line production?

• est. 1935

• Aimed to counteract the effects of the Great Depression (1929-1940) • took 270,000 photos If you want to learn more check out What is halogenation?

- The feel, taste, and smell of the 30’s

• Roy Stryker

- Director of the FSA


Thursday, March 31, 2016

- Defined the FSA and jumpstarted many people’s careers

Who is margaret burke white?

• Photographers

- Dorothea Lang

• Gets noticed by Stryker because she is working along Ansel Adams and  because of her work documenting the Depression in the 1930’s We also discuss several other topics like Compare pluralist & elitist explanations of agenda-setting.

• Child living in Oklahoma City Shack-Town

• Series: Migrant Mother, 1936

- She has 7 hungry children

- Mother is 32 and Father is unemployed because of a failed crop and they  sold their tires to buy food

- Takes 6 images of this women in different situations

- using the religious iconography of mother and child

- Walker Evans

• One of the 1st hired and the 1st hired in the FSA

- didn’t play by the rules

• uses large 8x10 camera

• huge fan of Eugene Atget

- known for observation and street photography

• Untitled, From Land of the Free, 1937

- looked for things that told a story or acted as a metaphor for life

- released to the press and shows what t is really like to live in the USA • James Agee

- writer

- Creates a book (let us now praise famous men) with Evans which is one of  the first to have a complete collaboration of writer and photographer

- Allie Mae Buroughs, 1936 If you want to learn more check out Who was the prime ministers' in 1951-53?

• She starts to blend in with her surrounding


Thursday, March 31, 2016

• line of mouth starts to mimic line son the house

- Arthur Rothstein

• One of the First hires to the FSA

• Fleeting a Dust Storm, 1936

- Big dust storm coming, lack of vanishing point

- foreground elements are bleeding into the sky

- ominous and bleek

- Showing the absent markings of the horizon line give way to distortion and  sympathy  

- Controversial because it is set up

• though some bit of this photograph holds some truth

- Russell Lee

- Ben Shahn

- Gordon Parks

• Civil rights photographer  

• Working for FSA and as a photographer for LIFE

• photographing in BW and Color

• Directed Shaft

• Ella Watson (American Gothic), 1942

- cleaned the agency offices and he took pictures of her working and at her  home

- Margaret Burke White Don't forget about the age old question of How did dissident movements contribute to the cold war’s end?

• she was a celebrity in her own right

- because she is a women photographer and takes lots of risks allowing her to  go into places that many others could not

• noted for her documentary work

• 1st female war photojournalist, 1st female photographer for LIFE 3

Thursday, March 31, 2016

• 1st cover of Life Magazine  

• Goes to Russia to photograph their industrial sites

• Have you Seen their Faces

- book where images are factual and words are more about poetry • Photographed religious figures and celebrities  

- Bernice Abbott

• pushed Eugene Atget work into the public

• Darkroom assistant to Man Ray

• Known for photographing New York City buildings

- heavy on perspective and using vantage point

- drastic angles

• Bill Brandt

- British photographer known for his photos of British society

- published books f his work

- Parlormaid and Under-Parlormaid Ready to Serve Dinnen

• The Workers Film and Photo League

- NY 1930

- committed to capturing urban life

- groups splits

- W. Eugene Smith is a member  

- group offers lectures, classes, collaborative ventures

- Margaret Burke White and Bernie Abbott

- Aaron Siskind

• worked on a project called the Harlem Document

- middle of Depression and Harlem Renaissance

- white guy accepted into the society


Thursday, March 31, 2016

- Reflection of a Man in a Dresser Mirror, 1938



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