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Exam 4 PSY 242 study guide

by: Maggie Creely

Exam 4 PSY 242 study guide PSY 242

Marketplace > Ohio State University > Physiology > PSY 242 > Exam 4 PSY 242 study guide
Maggie Creely
GPA 3.33
Abnormal Psychology
Dr. Luebbe

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About this Document

Abnormal Psychology
Dr. Luebbe
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Maggie Creely on Tuesday February 10, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PSY 242 at Ohio State University taught by Dr. Luebbe in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 169 views. For similar materials see Abnormal Psychology in Physiology at Ohio State University.

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Date Created: 02/10/15
whe 39 resultsz who reason tomc methodologykey details n conclu31o situation is ambiguous because people vary in people changed to n Inform tmnal the amount of motion they perceive resemble the others i I SEClal subjects were put in dark roomamp told to watch a group n fuenfte pinpoint light and report how far it moved the A tokn t Con Om y autokinetic effect is an illusion because the light resulted in private u l 9 1C t d d h doesn39t actually move but people believe it does acceptance of the grlt Effects Sherif 1936 quotS u 119 CW 1st individual subjects were put in dark room not just due to publil S t d peop Sgerih and asked to make an estimate on how far the compliance u y 11333139 Op oonser light travelled individual norms were established 26inavg range lgf leelragigiieggici next groups of 23 subjects were put into the GET roomamp asked to do agree on ajudgment noted a tendency to compromise Normative Social systematically manipulate the IVs to observe Unanimity more cox In uence effects on DVs all give wrong answe Asch S conformit subject walks into a room of confederates size more confomed Parametric Asch 1956 y told it was a visual perception taskamp that they larger majority would be judging the lengths of lines diff in wron answe to nd the factors 9 Studles that led to all confederates make wrong judgmentamp it is up other dissenter decre conformity to the subject to conform or to give the correct conformed answer Obedience participant plays quotteacherquotamp 1 confed plays nearly all gave inten quotstudent amp other plays quotexperimenterquot shocks wanted to know if room 1 student strapped to chair w electrodes people are likely to l M people would room 2 teach welectric shock generatoramp even extreme order 1 gram S engage in experim by an authority gur behaviors they learner studies list of word pairsamp teach tests obedience to authoril Obedlgnce Mllgram 1963 would normally him ingrained in us all Studles think of as experim tells teach to administer a shock every 62 full compliance unacceptable if time student makes a mistake increasing level of 35 didn t fully obej instructed by an shock each time 15450volts authority gure student protests as shock increases speci cally Nazis Social asked kids to wind up shing line on a reel the mere resence o F h p IS 1119 Tri lett 1898 Facilitation did so alone or in the presence of other kids improves performanc Reel Study p groups they were faster when other children were simple welllearned present shared Info condition all members got the same groups tend to focus Failure to info about political candidates 8 8 4 attributes common knowledge Share St Process LOSS for cand1date A 39 can be overcome 1f 1 asser 8 unshared Info cond1t10n all members got d1ff are ass1gned to be 1985 groups Unlque T1tus packets of 1nfo each person got only 28 respons1ble for certa attributes 8 same 4 attributes for candidate A of information 8 take Info DVcandidate preference discuss this info with everyone C confederates walked up to people making copies mindlessly complied opy h Langer et Mindlessness Ql Q only request after hear1ng Mac 1ne a1 1978 compliance QZQquotbc meaningful reason word because due 39 Study QBQquotbc meaningless reason automatic quotbe helpfu whe 39 results who T reason toplc methodologykey details 0mg division of labor may lead to stereotypes even in city WOW Stereot e the absence of other differences agenticamp child raiser lip gave people info about 2 groupsamp correlating more communal Formation Stereot in social roles difference was accei Social Role Hoffman amp yp g gtOrinthians more city workers 1215 when they believed tI Hurst 1990 how does the gtAckmians more child raisers 1215 groups were biologic Theory division of labor bioiogicai condition these are separate species roles lead to stereotj give rise to manbiological condition these are distinct may not be based on 9 subcultures difference in traits be StereOtypes39 had people rate the groups on how agentic the groups communal its members were subjects were shown a picture of quotIanquot a controlled very ster Stereot e skinhead stories but sat close y subjects asked to write about a day in the life of suppressed not ster 5333geszonra Ian stories but sat farthe Sklnhead Staged in 12were given no additional instructionsamp 12 were coat St t Macrae et 1994 yp g told to suppress stereotypic content people can successfl esreodype al What happens if after writing subjects were told they would meet suppress stereotypes tu quot Ian short time if they39re y oali ug ggizlslg told that Ian was in the bathroomamp to take a seat motivatedamp able to d to wait they can quotreboundquot 39 9 your StereOtypes39 measured how far away they sat from chair w bc of deliberate atte Ian s coat suppress gave blackamp white college students items from black student mea Intelllgence Stereotype an SAT intelligence became and Race Steele 8 1995 Threats some subjects told it would measure general that they would perfc S d Aronson prejudice and intelligenceamp some told it would not poorlyamp con rm a Slit tu y stereotyping led to overall poorer performance on the t difficulty of minority group members in neg feedback attrib Attribution interpreting feedback behavior of majority prejudice when blind Attributional members open higher selfes1 a1 Crocker 8 1991 Ambiguity stigmatized person sat behind oneway mirror pos feedback mistri Major prejudice and blinds were open or closed subject visible or blinds are open low stereotyping not esteem St dy received positive or negative feedback from partner SelfESteem Fein 8 1997 Social Identity subjects got or feedback about performance Jewish feedbacklt Spencer Theory on a test increase of selfestee Impllcatlon prejudice and they evaluated job applicants 1 Jewishamp 1 lowest rating stereotyping Italian girl threats to selfestee 5 Study prevalent neg quotJewish American Princessquot stereotype people to derogate a outgroup which in t1 increase selfesteem Empathyaltruism asked students to evaluate tapes of new programs for university radio station low cost will help if 1 high empathy Empathy Toi 8 1982 hypothesis listen to interview w student named Carol high cost will help II study Batson prosocial Marcy who was in a car accident high empathy but wi behavior participants asked whether or not they will help with low empathy mc Carol by sharing their psych notes with her low cost would Effects of Mood boosted mood of shoppers by leaving dimes in those who found a d Effects of on Helping the coinreturn slot of pay phones at the mall helped signi cantly r prosocial after nding dime they saw a man drop a manila than those who didn MOOd Isen 8 1972 behavior folder full of papers dime Positive Levin positive mood increE is being in a likelihood of helping MOOd mood better for helping who Whe reason tomc methodologykey details m n W Barker Frustration kids told they would play in a room of toys kids forced to wait p AttraCtlve D b amp 1941 aggression some kids were allowed to play immediately 8 more aggressively Toy Study 9121 Theory some told they would have to wait aggression type quickly or slowly 8 told quotdo NOT hit the slowcontrol had low ALT key compliance rate computer automatically crashes after 45 seconds fastfalse had high all subjects say they didn t hit ALT key but still compliance rate Confession get interrogated fastfalse had 13 of ComPUter h 1 amp th Witness IV confederate says he saw you press remember additional Crash Study psyc fig3 3 ALT details like quotI remem Compliance DV will subject sign a statement confessing Internalization DV what will subject say when they think experiment is overamp they re asked what happened nger slippingquot Mock Jury The Effect of Confessions in read a murder case without confession add lowpressure confession add highpressure confession subject in pain from handcuffs who said guilty gt19 without confes gt62 with lowpress gt50 with highpres Court even though jurors Study psycmfbgy amp the acknowledged coerci aw confession didn39t affe judgments Accuracy Confession subjects committed quotcrimequot or not nonverbal cues that Accuracy taped interrogation of participants group looked for pro StUdY psychology 8 the 12 coders trained in deception cues so more to anxiety which doe law con dent than control group not more accurate necessarily indicate g no coders were better than chance could coders pick guilty and innocent Car Eyewitness watched lm of car accident more aggressive the Loftus amp Testimony asked quotabout how fast were the cars going when used is the more agg Acc1dent Palmer 1974 psychology amp the they smashedhitcontacted each other the memory of the w Study law Realistic Con ict assigned campers to be Eagles or Rattlers competition led to l RObberS Sherif 1961 Theory groups engaged in competition football etc con ict Cave Study prejudice and stereotyping argue that the culture of honor in the South is a insulted students frc variant of a culture found worldwide among Southern states shov people who ear their living by herding animals anger in their facial all white males from North or South expression than did 5 walk down corridoramp drop off form from the North shov Regionalism confederate bumps into subjectamp insults them higher levels of testo aggression cortisol shook anoth Culture of Cohen et person s hand more i 1 1996 to examine refused to move out lt Honor a 39 participants39 way of an imposing sensitivity to slights and insults confederate 1997 some Southe employers expressed toward a potential a1 who confessed to manslaughter after d his honor


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