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V161 Study Guide Test 1

by: Eric Gerard

V161 Study Guide Test 1 SPEA V161

Eric Gerard
GPA 2.8
Urban Problems & Solutions

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About this Document

Urban Problems & Solutions
Study Guide
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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Eric Gerard on Tuesday February 10, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to SPEA V161 at Indiana University taught by Powell in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 286 views. For similar materials see Urban Problems & Solutions in Linguistics and Speech Pathology at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 02/10/15
0 How long did this country rule under the Articles of Confederation 0 8 years 0 What were the driving forces at this time in our country s history which caused the adoption of the Constitution rather then staying with the Articles of Confederation 0 Lack of Strong Government 0 Paying off War Debts Shay s Rebellion 0 Reacting to Spanish Blockade 0 Enforcing treaties with the Indians 0 Piracy of the Barbary States on American vessels Hurting our economy 0 How did the powers and structure of federalstate governments differ under Articles of Confederation and Constitution 0 Weak Central Government 0 Presiding Officer Only a Figurehead 0 One house Congress 0 One vote per state 9 votes to pass anything 0 No treasury 0 No power to tax 0 Central Government subordinate to 13 states 9 states had own Navies 0 7 printed non interchangeable paper money 0 Several states imposed tariffs on neighboring states 0 Amendments 0 Bill of Rights 0 First 10 Amendments L5 Rights L Right to Keep and Bear Arms LQuartering of Troops L Limiting the Right of Search L No person shall be held to answer for a capital or otherwise infamous crime unless on a presentation of indictment of a grand jury L Rights of Accused LRules of the Common Law 8 Cruel and Unusual Punishment Prohibited LMghts Retained by the People Powers Reserved to States I Reconstruction Amendments 13 Slavery Abolished 14 Citizenship Defined 15 Right of Suffrage I Other Amendments 16 Income TaX National Prohibition Woman Suffrage A Repeal of Prohibition 2 6 18 Year Olds Right to Vote I What is the Importance of 14th Amendment 0 Most important amendment outside Bill of Rights 0 Added all protection of Bill of Rights to state laws as well 0 What is unique about the 9th Amendment 0 It does not spell out any rights that the people have The Developing Nation 0 Immigration past and present 0 18th Century I Life Simple I Small Villages I Only London approached 1 mill Paris with 550000 NY with 60000 I American cities few small isolated 0 19th Century I 12 city dwellers lived in 5 cities I 1820 1919 335 mill immigrants I Irish and German led the way I Country changed from rural to urban and industrial culture 0 Immigration I Irish and Germans set off 1St big surge I Irish escape poverty and disease IA of Ireland s peasants starved to death during period I Irish encountered intense hostilities I Irish could hardly read I Irish and Italians competed for lowest paid lowest skilled jobs I German and British entered middle class occupations I RussianEastern European Jews suffered discrimination able to create own small businesses 0 New Wave of Immigrants I More diverse nation I Hispanics and Asians make up 80 of new immigrants I By end of decade whites aren t majority 0 Who led the first wave of immigrates in the 1800 s early 1900 s 0 Ireland and Germany 0 Why did they come 0 Escape poverty and disease 0 What were the Coffin Ships 0 Ships that carried Irish Immigrants over 0 What conditions did they find here 0 Horrible conditions used as little food water etc as legally possible 0 Who is leading today s new wave of immigration 0 Hispanics and Asians 0 Immigration History 0 What was the US policy on immigration before 1921 O No such thing as illegal immigrants 0 Why did the US Congress pass the Immigration Act of 1921 What effect did this Act have on immigration 0 They had great concern about number of Immigrants 0 It limited number of immigrants allowed in country 0 Why was the 1986 Immigration Act passed Which President signed the Act into law Why was this Act not successful in solving the immigration problem once and for all 0 It declared amnesty and allowed 4mill illegal immigrants in the country to become citizens 0 Created penalties for US businesses that knowingly hired undocumented workers 0 President Reagan I What is today s problem with illegal immigration 0 Now 12 million Illegal immigrants I What was President Bush s proposal to solve the illegal immigrate problem 0 Provide pathway to citizenship 0 Establish guest worker program I What is President s proposal to solve the problem 0 He supports Bush proposal I What is the population of the US today What is the estimated population for 2050 O 315 million 0 419 million I What is meant by chain migration How does it work 0 When immigrant becomes citizens they have legal right to bring their family members Political Machines I Why and how did political machines develop How did they operate How did they stay in power 0Why I Industrialization and Mass electorate I Millions of immigrants poured into cities as soon as they became citizens they could vote I New breed of Politician appeared on the scene 0 A stable organization that depends primarily or entirely on material incentives to build and maintain political support 0 The four Bosses Tweed Jim amp Tom Pendergast Daley 0 William Marcy Tweed I 1St Political boss I Fire engine 6 I Never mayor I CommissionerPublic Works I Heads Tammany Hall I Steals Millions I He wasn t safe arrested in 1871 12 years in jail got out 4 years later on Bond Fled to Cuba Crew Member Ship to Spain Turned over to US Law Enforcement returned to jail Died in jail in 1878 0 Jim Pendergast Kansas City Missouri Irishman to KC at age 20 Held jobs in packinghouses and Iron Foundry then purchased a hotel saloon He had big heart was charitable and liberal Gambling and liquor Elected Alderman in 1892 Champion of working class Opened 2 saloon in 2nd ward 1900 he dominated named Mayor Died in 1914 0 Tom Pendergast Jim s brother Opposite of Jim ruled by bribes intimidation and violence Thrown out of office in 1936 by the reform movement 0 Ricth Daley The last Big City Boss Mayor started as a committeeman Formed a coalition of black voters and the business community Had 30000 jobs to pass out 0 What were the factors that caused the political machines downfall O Happen over long period 0 Flow of immigrants reduced Great DepressionWelfare State Economic Prosperity After WWII Immigrants move to the suburbs City Jobs became less attractive Corruption eXposed by muchrakers Class tensions during civil rights movement The Hurricane Forms of Local Government 0 What is Dillon s Rule How does it differ from the 10th Amendment 0 Cities can perform only those duties and exercise only those powers granted to them by the states 0 USA to states and states to cities 0 What powers did the Constitution give city governments O Dillon s rule 0 What are the four most popular forms of local government How do they operate ie role of the mayor in each form OCommission form of Government OCommissioner serves dual role Legislator and Administrator 0 One commissioner selected to chair the meetings 0 All commissioners formulate policy but individual commissioners implement policy 0 The Council Manager Form OMayorCouncil hires professional Manager 0 Manager has no fixed term of office serves At the pleasure of council 0 Manager is non political OHiresFires most department heads 0 Prepares and submits annual budget to council 0 Prepares council agenda 0 Responsible for day to day operations of city services financial well being of city and short to long range planning 0 Weak Mayor Form 0 Citizens elect council members 0 Council selects one among them to be Mayor 1 year term 0 Council normally elected to 2 or 4 year staggered terms 0 Mayor has no formal powers beyond other council members An equal among equals 0 Mayor presides over council meetings acts as spokesperson for city performs ceremonial duties 0 Mayor has a vote on all matters before council cannot veto legislation can t hire or fire staff 0 Council as a whole hiresfires department heads that are not elected 0 Popular in small towns and a few mid size cities OStrong Mayor Plan Mayor is like the president City council like the congress 0The mayor is not a member of city council and does not meet with the council again like the president and congress Mayor elected as mayor Mayor both administrative and policy leader Spokesperson for city focal point for everything happening in community Ceremonial head of city OAppoints department heads and other high level staff positions Prepares and submits budget to council Can veto council legislations 0 What was the first reform government What city Why 0 Commission Form of Government 0 Galveston Texas 0 Because of the Hurricane 0 Which major city was the first to adopt the Council Manager form of government Why 0 Dayton 0 Because of a major ood 0 Which form of government is most popular in a small towns b middle sized cities and c large cities 0 Weak Mayor Form OCouncil Manager Form 0 Strong Mayor Form Lecture Notes That Will Be helpful 0 The Constitution 0 Articles of Confederation Bill of Rights and other Amendments 0 Political machines 0 The Developing Nation 0 Forms of Government 0 Assigned readings from 0 Urban SocietyJ 6 th Edition 0 Why Cities Matter 0 To Catch Cairo 0ver ow2 Megacities Rise in Sand 0 Demolishing Delhi 0 Reinventing Rio From OnCoarse Segregation in New York under a Di erent Name The Black Family 40 Years of Lies 0 Back to the Fortress of Brooklyn and the Millions of Destroyed Men Who Are My Brothers 0 My LA 0 From Gang Leaderfor a Day 0 Chapters lthrough 6 See notes posted on Oncourse Gang Leader for a Day to assist you study for this reading assignment There Will be multiple choice questions taken from each of the above mentioned reading assignments There may also be an essay question from Gang Leader for a Day Videos There Will be multiple choice questions and perhaps essay questions taken from the videos listed below these videos are on reserve and available for viewing in the SPEA Library under V16l Powell 0 The Promised Land voll At the River I Stand


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