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OU / Health & Exercise Science / HES 1823 / What triggers lactation during pregnancy?

What triggers lactation during pregnancy?

What triggers lactation during pregnancy?


School: University of Oklahoma
Department: Health & Exercise Science
Course: Scientific Principal of Health and Disease
Professor: John farrel
Term: Winter 2016
Cost: 50
Name: Exam 3
Description: notes over bones, joints, and STD's
Uploaded: 04/13/2016
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what is a hormone?

What triggers lactation during pregnancy?

a chemical substance secreted by a specialized gland


hormonal- release of a hormone in response to another hormone humeral- control of hormone release in response to extra cellular fluids  (glucose level in blood = pancreas release insulin)

Neural- when the nervous system directly = release of hormones (endocrine  system)

Functions of a hormone- chemical messages produced by cells to bind to  receptors on plasma membrane of other cells and altar metabolic functions  of cells

types of hormones

amino acid derivative



lock and key method

synergism- work together

antagonism- one works against

permissivness- a must be present for b to be fully effective what does iodine do: needed in order to make thyroid hormones types of hormones:

What hormone stimulates lh production?

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prolactin-stimulates milk when pregnant

growth hormone- tissue growth

thyroid stimulating-t3 and t4

adrenocorticotpic hormone- cortisol release

follicle stimulating- hair growth

luteinizing- testosterone production/ovulation and estrogen production hypothyroisim-lacking

hyerthyroidism- too much

Acromegaly- body organs enlarged and thick coarse oily skin and  disproportionate body measurements and skin tags

Addisons- hypotension, intolerance to fasting and increased skin  pigmentation increased acth levels and vomiting

Gigantism- big people

dwarfism- small people, hypo growth in pituitary gland growth hormone Cushings syndrome- excess cortisol by hyper secretion of ACTH, uncontrolled catabolism, buffalo hump, and obesity

What causes buffalo hump in cushing's?

Cortical bone- compact

Trabecular bone- spongy

different kinds- long, flat, short, irregular, sesamoid

functions of bone: support, protection, red blood cell production , stores  calcium and provides levers for movement

osteoporosis- brittle, more hollow weak bones that in crease in loss of bone  mass because of reabsorption and or reformation, loss of estrogen treatments- pharmaceutical aids, calcium or estrogen supplements, vitamin  D, working out increasingly If you want to learn more check out How do electron configurations fill orbitals?

Bone cells in order of remodeling:

1.osteoclasts- bone cutting cells

2.osteoblasts- bone building cells

3.osteocytes- mature osteoblasts that become calcified and part of the bone Remodling- happens one part at a time over the span of life rather than all at once We also discuss several other topics like What is the demand for money?
Don't forget about the age old question of What triggers signaling to begin in a target cell?

kinds of joints:

Fibrous- don’t move in the skull

cartilaginous- limited movement vertebrae

synovial- constant movement like fingers and wrist

synovial is most commonly affected by arthritis

Osteoarthritis- due to over use, wearing down of cartilage

Treatment- lowering excursive,Pharmacy agents

Rheumatoid arthritis- inflammation of synovial fluid, lining , membrane. gets  worse with age. Joints become red, swollen and painful. excessive fluid  production

Diagnosis with blood tests or x-rays

Treatments- reducing physical activity, braces, activity modifications,  pharmacological agents

HPV- Human Papillomavirus- viral infection transmitted by contact. genital  warts Don't forget about the age old question of When is the birth of alcoholism?
We also discuss several other topics like What is the meaning of the ovary?

Treatment- surgery of vaccine

Herpes or HSV- type 1 and 2, one is more common, no cure Treatment- antiviral creams or pills

syphilis- organism named trepanoma palladium that affect every organ. ulcer or sore, skin lesions, remission, neurosyphilis death

treatment: penicillin G shot

Gonorrhea- neisseria gonorreah burning or milky discharge, PID in females  and infertility, could lead to infant blindness

Treated with: antibiotics

Chlamydia- bacterium c. trachomatis, less pain and discharge, for females  can cause cervicitis, pid or salpingitis, causes infant blindness

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