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MUSIC 105 Test 2

by: Michael Meric

MUSIC 105 Test 2 MUS 105

Michael Meric
University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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About this Document

Test 2 Spring 2016
Music Appreciation - Survey of Styles ONLINE
Dr. Catherine Roche-Wallace
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Michael Meric on Wednesday April 13, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to MUS 105 at University of Louisiana at Lafayette taught by Dr. Catherine Roche-Wallace in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see Music Appreciation - Survey of Styles ONLINE in Music at University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

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Date Created: 04/13/16
TEST 2: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­        Question        ­­       Answer 1.The italian Madrigal­­Renaissance  2.Music notation was invented­­Middle Ages  3.Which of the following is not­­Waltz  4.Gregory 1 was the reining pope  5.Which city had first public opera house­­Venice  6.Josquin Desperez­­Renaissance  7.Which instrument typifies baroque sound­­harpsichord  8.Gregorian Chant is most closely associated with­­middle ages  9.Leonin & Perotin worked at­­Notre Dame Cathedral  10.Troubadors come from­­middle ages  11.Which of the following best describes original performance of gregorian  chant­­catholic mass  12."the messiah"­­oratorio  13.which was the most common form for 1st movment of baroque­­ritornello 14.Florentine camerate­­was a late 16th century group of intellects 15. Renaissance motets like Josquin's Ave Maria­­were a'capella vocal works  with latin text 16."the four seasons"­­solo concerto 17.earliest form of sacred polyphony­­doubles a gregorian chant 18.Which was the most common form of individual movements of baroque dance  suite­­binary (AABB) 19.Twelth century secular poet composers in Germany­­minnesingers 20."Dido & Aeneas"­­baroque 21.In opera, recitative­­active, narrative text 22."When I am laid in earth"­­opera aria 23.REd­headed baroque composer w/500+ concertos­­vivaldi 24.courtly love­­middle ages 25.Fugue­­subject 26.2 countries for Madrigals in the 16th and 17th century­­Italy and England 27.Fugue era­­baroque 28.First composer to become famous because of printing press­­Desprez 29.Concerto grosso­­multiple instrumental soloiests contrasted w/an orchestra 30.Perotin's music contains the earliest type of rhythmic notation­­rhythmic  modes 31.Basso continuo is the chief feature of­­baroque 32.Music printing (on the printing press) was invented in­­Renaissance 33.Antonio vivaldi belongs to­­baroque 34.baroque style flourished in music during­­1600­1750 35.Johann S. Bach­­Baroque 36.During middle ages, most of music that survived came from­­the church 37.When did polyphony first appear in sacred music­­middle ages 38.the first public operas were presented in­­baroque Test 2­­Listening Portion: Example 1:  ­Gregorian Chant  ­Around 900AD  ­Monophonic Example 2:  ­English Madrigal  ­1601  ­word painting  ­middle­upper class homes Example 3:  ­1725  ­Concerto  ­Ritornello  ­virtuosity Example 4:  ­Lutheran Church 


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