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Exam 1 Study Guide

by: Sarah Stoess

Exam 1 Study Guide Crm_J 330

Sarah Stoess
GPA 3.5
Crime Control Policies
Duane Stanton

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About this Document

Crime Control Policies
Duane Stanton
Study Guide
50 ?




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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Sarah Stoess on Tuesday February 10, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Crm_J 330 at Washington State University taught by Duane Stanton in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 209 views.


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Date Created: 02/10/15
Exam 1 Study Guide 50 Questions What kind of crime causes the most fear in the minds of the people 0 Violent crimes What happens when crime is moved to another area 0 Displacement What is the effect when positive bene ts go to another area Diffusion Targeting crime in lowlevel areas 0 Broken windows theory Macrolevel Large areas Microlevel Small areas What is it called when somebody evades paying taxes Whitecollar crime What occurs after we deploy of cers into an area and then remove them from that area 0 Evaluation 0 Outcome evaluation 0 Process evaluation What kind of scienti c methodology do we use to determine the most effective crime control techniques Evidencebased Justice What is the most effective method of crime control Combining different tactics Does decriminalization expand or reduce the number of activities that are de ned as criminal Reduce What is three strikes legislation intended to do Deter prevent crime and incapacitation of repeat offenders Competing crime control policies 0 Crime control vs due process Funnel Model ofJustice Welloiled machine Wellfunctioning system Wedding Cake Model Dysfunction 1 Celebrity Cases 2 Serious Felonies 3 Less Serious Felonies 4 Misdemeanors Speci c Deterrence Focuses in on an offender who has already been convicted and punish them so that they will not reoffend General Deterrence Prevents the public from offending Marginal Deterrence Incremental actions and changes to discourage criminality Absolute Deterrence The collective criminal justice actions discourage criminality Forms of Crime Control Deterrence lncapacitation Retribution Rehabilitation Just Desserts Retribution LiberalConservative Perspective 0 Liberal due process Conservative crime control 0 Tough on crime Rehathann Longterm effect Due Process 0 Quality over quantity Crime Control 0 Quantity 0 Quick process Reache Police responding to calls for service Proactive Targeting speci c areas More Police May Not Reduce Crime 0 Police can39t work around the clock Court time Sickvacation leave Non Emergency Calls 0 311 Kansas City Experiment 0 1 Proactive 2 Reactive 3 Business as usual 0 Results 0 No effect Traditional Policing Random Patrol 0 Supposed to be preventing crime 0 Not effective Where does American policing place its priority Patrol The most successful detective work is accomplished by Witnesses and victims39 information COPS CommunityOriented Policing Services What are COPS funds used for 0 Building relationships with the community What happens when police go on strike 0 Crime increases Do increased arrests reduce crime a No Does a rapid response by police of cers increase the likelihood of arrest No New York39s New Managerial Format COMPSTAT 0 Computational statistics Maintains accountability Daily and weekly brie ngs Opposite of random patrol Directed Patrol When police departments use GPS to identify quothot spotsquot it is called 0 Crime mapping Relationships between police and probation or parole of cers PoliceCorrections Relations Posse Comitatus Prevents the national guard and federal military from coming into local government unless it is under state authority Fear Disorder and Crime 0 Broken Windows Theory Does the US have higher levels of serious violence a Yes Does the US have similar levels of minor violence and property crimes than other countries 0 Yes Are punitive responses to serious violent crimes similar across all nations 0 Yes Does a high level of serious violence cause a higher or lower level of incarceration rates 0 Higher Do drug related offenses affect the high incarceration rates a Yes What types of environment are affected the most Criminogenic Broken windows The subgroup of biologically vulnerable individuals are most affected by what 0 Their environment Do all offenders have marked biological vulnerabilities No When does antisocial behavior onset Cthhood How much of variation in antisocial behavior is affected by genetics 0 Half


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