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Arkansas Tech University - For 4703 - Class Notes - Week 8

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> > > > Arkansas Tech University - For 4703 - Class Notes - Week 8

Arkansas Tech University - For 4703 - Class Notes - Week 8

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background image Chapter 11: Task-Based Language Teaching     Lends itself naturally to a cooperative approach to L2 learning.    o  Students work in groups to accomplish an assigned task; hence, they are  required to work together and practice various linguistic and social skills.      Among the most popular applications of task‐based instruction are  culturally related tasks:  for example:     If you’re teaching a unit about American customs of celebrating 
Christmas (or Hanukah or Kwanza or all of the above),  
o  One group can be assigned the task of decorating the  classroom,   o  Another could be put in charge of entertainment (e. g.,  writing a Christmas skit or teaching the class Christmas 
o  While another could be responsible for preparing  traditional refreshments.    Similar cultural‐related tasks can be assigned for all  major holidays, including purely secular ones, such 
as the Fourth of July. 
  Other tasks suitable for this approach include the creation of an English‐room 
enterprise, with various groups (or a group of the whole) planning the nature 
of the business, sources for merchandise or marketable skills, price scale for 
merchandise/services, and the possible uses for whatever funds the class 
succeeds in raising through its entrepreneurial endeavors, for example:  
o  Contributing to charity  
o  Or a school fund, throwing a pizza party for the class  
o  Or whatever else seems appropriate.  
   Community‐service projects offer another set of options for  task‐based TESL.      Just use your imagination, and encourage your students to  use theirs. 

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School: Arkansas Tech University
Department: Foreign Language
Course: Teaching English as a Second Language
Professor: Stanley Lombardo
Term: Winter 2016
Tags: english, ESL, and TESL
Name: ENGL 4703: Chapter 11 Task-Based Language Learning
Description: Here are the notes over Chapter 11 of the Techniques & Principles in Language Teaching 3rd Edition.
Uploaded: 04/15/2016
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