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Review guide

by: Casey Kampegaard

Review guide Classics 102

Casey Kampegaard
GPA 2.7
Roman Civilization
Eric Poehler

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About this Document

Hey all! I have an overall view of what to study for the exam on Friday. It is just a general basis of what you need to know. More information for each section is located in my notes that I have po...
Roman Civilization
Eric Poehler
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Casey Kampegaard on Wednesday February 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Classics 102 at University of Massachusetts taught by Eric Poehler in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 182 views.


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Date Created: 02/11/15
Roman Civilization February 11 2015 Please note this is just an overall View of what needs to be known for the exam more in depth information is contained within the notes I have been posting as well as the readings Review for exam What have the Romans ever done for us 0 Latin Language 0 Still used today in even English 0 Infrastructure 0 How we design our gridlike cities was of Roman in uence 0 Symbolism They are not who they SAY they are but they are who they are to us due to our research of them and their cu1ture 0 Rome is remade in our image 0 Media is very odd in how it depicts Rome I Very romanticized Geography 0 Culture of the Romans had spread across all of southern Europe Romans Ancestors 0 Basically were products of different cultures around them 0 ie the Greeks Etruscans Villanovans Phoenicians People 0 Count Gozzadini 1853 0 Discovery of a cemetery at Villanova 0 Hitherto unidentified material culture 0 Archaeological Culture 0 Bronze Urn from Vulci 0 Different statues 0 Even tombs could be considered works of art Rise of the Elites 0 Economic Distinction 0 Symbols of Power and Legitimacy O Tombs 0 Houses 0 Exotica 0 The Elite Funeral Social Organization Technology 0 The way we organize our society is a good instrument for how we live Etruscans 0 Bronze liver 0 Language now being able to translated and read 0 Know a lot about these people due to funerary traditions started with just the elite but now the middle class could have a better funeral Map of the Seven Hills EXTREMELY IMPORTANT know the names and locations The Kings of Rome 0 Foundation myths 0 Stock characters 0 Gapfillers


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