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cmp 151 final review

by: Sydney Kutowy

cmp 151 final review CMP151

Marketplace > Cinema And Media Studies > CMP151 > cmp 151 final review
Sydney Kutowy

GPA 3.2
Introduction to Digital Production

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About this Document

Introduction to Digital Production
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Sydney Kutowy on Wednesday February 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CMP151 at a university taught by Allegro in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 173 views.

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Date Created: 02/11/15
CMP 151 FINAL REVIEW 3 areas being tested on Depth of eld Color Lighting and exposure DOF 1 Depth of eld what is an acceptable focus relative to the point of focus in front of and behind that point lenses can only focus on one thing at a time 2 Three factors affect dof focal length subject to camera distance fstop a Longer lense more critical dof b Closermore critical dof c Smaller fstop bigger aperature so more critical 3 Exposure affects dof by fstop have a wide open so a lot of light but more critical dof could use neutral density lter or lower with gain 4 Color temperature does not affect dof COLOR 1 White balance red green blue all at 100 2 Adjust white balance camera calculates that brightness level in order to get 100 for red green blue primary colorS process called additiveadd light get more light or a certain color 3 Subtractive colors yellow cyan magenta complimentary colors subtract all get black subtract color to get new color 4 To subtract blue use yellow green is magenta red is cyan 5 Color temperaturecan measure temperature of light LIGHTING AND EXPOSURE 1 exposure can be affected by fstop neutral density lters and iso makes sensor more or less sensitive to light too high could get gain artifacts grain noise 2 3 point lighting key back and ll a keymain can measure with light incident meter since main light hitting subject measure is de ned as key l all light i incident light metermeasures light coming from light source reads light measuring intensity on subject ii re ectivemeasure light bouncing off of subjective hmc 150 b llside to avoid having too many shadows measure is de ned as ll alone c backis detail 3 2 kinds of lighting situations indirect and direct a b indirect bouncing soft effect directlight right on subject harsh 4 lighting instrumentsfresnel light 09069 h light that has glass lens on front fresnel has track so lighting can move light source way back one main key light spotight short focal length gives wide angle so more light long focal length gives telephoto or spotlight narrow amount of light can be absorbed lighting that bounce off of surface is called soft lights light is diffused 5 ways could control light a barn doors widen or narrow light controls direction metals pieces that t on light to direct light where u want to go scrims round metal screen different densities have diff meshes cuts down brightness of light like ndf i like screens but in round frame and t in front of light ii cut down exposure of light iii comes in different meshes same effect as neutral density lter iv have to handle with gloves


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