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Exam 4 Review

by: Casey McConnell

Exam 4 Review 231

Casey McConnell

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About this Document

This is a copy of last years exam and is very similar to what this year's exam will cover.
Intro to Organic Chemistry
Dr. Jeffries
Study Guide
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This 9 page Study Guide was uploaded by Casey McConnell on Saturday April 16, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to 231 at Iowa State University taught by Dr. Jeffries in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see Intro to Organic Chemistry in Chemistry at Iowa State University.


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Date Created: 04/16/16
LAST NAME :________________________________________ FIRST NAME :__________________________________ (Please print your name on next page also – If you do this you get 1 EC pt!!) Total Pages: 9 Questions: 12 CHEMISTRY 231 EXAM IV Spring 2015 (4/24/15) Dr. Kingston There are 9 pages to this exam. Check to make sure you have a complete exam. During tests and quizzes, all electronic devices (e.g., cell phones, iPods, laptops etc) and papers other than your test sheets must be put away and completely out of sight. All book bags, books, etc., as well as jackets, coats and hats, etc., are to be on the floor UNDER your seat. Please refrain from conversation until you leave and are outside the door. Thank you. “The Cheat Sheet” You can have your green periodic table. There should NOT be any pencil writings on the periodic table. If there is any pencil marks, it will be removed from your possession and you will NOT be allowed to use the periodic table for any future exams. “Use of Molecular Models” If you bring your own molecular model kit, it needs to be in a transparent (Ziploc) bag. All note-cards/flash-cards including the box containing the model kit should be kept away from your testing area. Any kind of academic misconducts will have serious consequences. Read the syllabus for more details. 1 LAST NAME :__________________________________ FIRST NAME :__________________________________ CHEMISTRY 231 EXAM IV Spring 2015 (4/24/15) Dr. Kingston Page Points Score 3 17 pts ________ 4 28 pts ________ 5 18 pts ________ 6 22 pts ________ 7 17 pts ________ Total 102 pts ________ 2 1. (9 pts) Circle the most acidic hydrogens in each of the following set. [Choose one molecule in each set and in that molecule circle the acidic hydrogens] 2. (4 pts) Using the provided ring skeleton, complete the structure for -D-galactose by adding appropriate substituents. It is not necessary to show hydrogen on the ring. [Axial and equatorial positions should be shown correctly] 3. (4 pts) Using the provided Fischer projection skeleton, complete the structure for D-Mannose by adding appropriate substituents/groups on the skeletal structure. The Haworth structure of -D-Mannose is given in the box. 3 4. (6 pts) Draw two resonance structures for the enolate ion shown below. 5. (10 pts) Circle the 5 terms provided in the table that are true for the Fischer projection structure of the carbohydrate shown below. reactive toward Tollens’ Enantiomer of acetal glycoside reagent [Ag(NH )3 2 + D-Fructose Enantiomer of reducing sugar ketopentose hexose D-glucose Enantiomer of pyranose aldohexose ketose D-galactose 6. (6 pts) What are the monomers needed to make the polymer Dacron which is the most common thermoplastic polymer used in fibers for clothing, containers for food and liquids and other applications. 7. (6 pts) Using the structures of amino acids given at the end of this exam, draw the complete structure of a tripeptide Gly-Ala-Cys. Clearly show the peptide bonds. 4 8. (18 pts) Complete ANY SIX of the following reactions. If there won’t be any reaction, write “No Reaction”. Cross out the ones that you don’t want to be graded. Otherwise, first six will be graded. 5 9. (19 pts) Complete the following reaction scheme with missing reagents or products in the intermediate steps. 10. (3 pts) The isoelectric point of Isoleucine is 6.0. Toward which electrode does Isoleucine migrate during electrophoresis at pH = 8.0? The zwitterionic form of isoleucine is given in the box. a) Toward the positive electrode b) Toward the negative electrode c) It will not move to any electrode since the pH is neutral. d) It will not move to any electrode since the amino acid is in the zwitterionic form. 6 e) It will not move to any electrode since the amino acid is a solid. 11. (14 pts) Use the table of molecules to answer each questions below. Provide the letter of the appropriate molecule for your answer. Each answer is used only once. a) Which molecule is a L-galactose? ___________ b) Which molecule is hemiacetal? ___________ c) Which molecule is a furanose? ___________ d) Which molecule is a aldopentose? ___________ e) Which molecule is a -ketoester? ___________ f) Which molecule is a -hydroxyketone? ___________ g) Which molecule is a Lactose? ___________ 12. (3 pts) Draw the Fischer projection of the amino acid D-Valine in the zwitterionic form. The structures of all the amino acids are given in neutral form at the end of this exam. 7 This page is left blank. 8 The following 20 amino acids are drawn as neutral molecules. Know that they exist in ionized form at pH = pI 9


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