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Study Review Question and Answer

by: Emily Guevara

Study Review Question and Answer Psy 2401

Marketplace > University of Iowa > Psychlogy > Psy 2401 > Study Review Question and Answer
Emily Guevara
GPA 3.6
Introduction to Developmental Science
Julie Gros-Louis

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About this Document

Introduction to Developmental Science
Julie Gros-Louis
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Emily Guevara on Friday February 13, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Psy 2401 at University of Iowa taught by Julie Gros-Louis in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Developmental Science in Psychlogy at University of Iowa.


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Date Created: 02/13/15
Question and Answer First Lecture Scienti c process be able to apply to a study and know it Why do we study child development human development social policy Greek Philosphers nature vs nurture lnnategenes nurtureenvironment nativistsgenes empiricistsbank slates environment sets up everything Darwingtevolution Freud and Watson know understand what they contributed to developmental psych What makes science so specialgt reliability and validity test procedures Theories and Hypothesis Scienti c Method Read Cargo Cult Science might be used to say in quotcargo cult science does this experiment what is this an example ofquot did a bunch of experiements should bend over backwards From Theory to Practicewhat do you need to do to test it Second Lecture Know the themes if something is brought up know the context Nature and Nurture not one or the other its an interaction of the two we cant separate them How do children shape their own development Continuity vs Discontinuity give an example Jenny is learning how to grab she grabs one day and doesn39t grab it the next day she reaches her ngers but doesn39t grab it the next day she nally grabs itgtContinuitymore gradual not just one or the otherheight is both Variation is important for evolution Sociocultural context why are the twins the same shenk article Welfare Public policy Research Methods Correational designsnot causation multiple problems with it Crosssectional ongitudina Experimental designs Crosssectional designs Microgenetic Designs tracking a baby from 10 months to 13 months of walking short time period Comparison of Designs Third Lecture Human genome was showing that they take it to a reductionistic model Studying prenatal development changes over time epigenesis seeing how genes are affected byt the environment How do we build a baby guring out how genes to get tapping Knowing sensitive and critical periods a teratogen what goes on in the womb get a lot with touch taste and smell sometimes sight Duck example spencer debate have an egg and can do things to the egg and it changes the developmental process of the egg environmental changes while still in the womb Habituation hearing a sound over and over again Prenata period 4th Lecture Birth Experience more environemental in uence Seep sleep a lot only awake for their needs Types of sleep changes over time lots of rem sleep active sleep goes into rem sleep REMrapid eye movement active sleep bc activating brain REM sleep changes over time Crying differntaite bw cries and age lnfant mortality and what that is associated with US is up there we don39t have good health care for the poor Low Birth have more outside in uences on them and not full development of organs if have tertagones or didn39t spend a lot of time in the womb they are still plasticity 5th Lecture know what genotype phenotype is how they in uence each other Norm of Reaction mendel genetics change What do Genes do Proteins do a lot of stud Certain diseases that are pinpoint to genes Not just one gene to certain diseases can be multiple Genes to behavior 6th Lecture 6 stages of Nervous system development be familiar with it and know what they mean Cel migration what are the three methods that lead to cell migrationgt spatial layering chemical signals and glial rail Cel differentiation Synaptogenesis when you are born you have more neurons than you will in your entire life not good when have too many synapses takes a longer route to get home synapse rearrangement Basic structure of neuron don39t need to know what each lobe does but be familiar to it kind of know Grey matter the working content know why we want that myelinwhite matter what gets myelinated first the sensory motor areas Experience expectant and Experiencedependent know the differences bw the two and know an example Experiencedependent a ballerina not born an ballerina need dance classes to become a balleneria Experienceexpectant your body expects you to get food expects you to get sun light Sensitive periods owl monkeys Imagine an infant who is given special glasses to wear from birth The glasses do not allow the infant to see any color but rather the word appears in shades of gray This will affect the child39s brain development through which types of processesgt Experience expectant Discussion Articles Shenk article heredity the likelihood you will inherit it Need to know what the debate was and the sides


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